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My Concerns about a Duterte Presidency

Updated 6/05/16

By Marcial Bonifacio

My friends and countrymen, with Congress’ proclamation of Rodrigo Duterte as the 16th president of the Philippines (clenching 16,601,997 votes), I wish to convey some of my concerns.  I have posed them based on his proposals, actions, and what he has said publicly.  Such issues should be sufficiently addressed before any of our kababayans give him our full support.

First and foremost, the president must protect and defend the Constitution and respect the rule of law.  According to Article III, Sect. 1 of the Constitution, “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws.”  Duterte’s Davao Death Squad has executed over 1,000 alleged drug lords and murderers, all of whom were denied the fundamental right to due process.  Duterte expresses no remorse and is even boastful he will continue that policy under his presidency.

He was even unapologetic for his daughter (Sara Duterte), who attacked and physically assaulted Davao City Sheriff Abe Andres a few years ago.  Ironically, both Dutertes were attorneys, reinforcing the idiom that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”  Such uncivil acts are slippery slopes to more lawless behavior, are they not?  How can we feel safe and certain that Duterte will not infringe on our own rights and liberty due to his thirst for criminal blood or impulsive temperament?

Second, several factors, including self-reliance and free enterprise, are essential to transforn the Philippines into a prosperous nation.  Unfortunately, Duterte does not seem to promote any of those principles.  On the contrary, he is a self-avowed socialist, who proposes to expand the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program.  That would only perpetuate what Sen. Dick Gordon said is “the attitude of mendicancy among our people, which we have had more than enough over the last four centuries or so.”  I would add that such handouts (derived from hardworking taxpayers) would also prolong unemployment and encourage the systematic development of a welfare state.

Even more alarming is Duterte’s sympathy towards communists.  That is apparent in his proposals to designate cabinet posts to communists, grant amnesty to NPA prisoners, and end the exile of Jose Sison, founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines.  Duterte’s campaign manager, Leoncio Evasco Jr., was even a member of the NPA (New People’s Army).

Could Duterte himself be a communist?  If not, then why is he negotiating with them and inviting them to join the national government?  For someone known for his stringent form of justice (earning him the international reputation Time Magazine branded as “The Punisher”) even to the point of proposing the return of the death penalty by hanging, is it not inconsistent for him to be so lenient with terrorists who seek to overthrow our government?

My friends, I appreciate Duterte’s forthright oratory and maverick predisposition in opposing the oligarchy.  Such can also be said of the American presidentiable Donald Trump, but I digress.  Anyway, appealing rhetoric and opposition to the ruling class alone are insufficient in determining a suitable president. If they were sufficient, then it can be argued that Vladimir Lenin (Bolshevik leader of Russia), Fidel Castro (president of Cuba), and Robert Mugabe (president of Zimbabwe) should be heralded as great public servants.  However, history indicates otherwise, and until my concerns are sufficiently addressed, I must deduce that Duterte will be no different.

Jocelle Rabulan Corpuz

Jocelle Rabulan Corpuz Let’s just watch and wait for the outcome of his leadership as The President. Give him the benefit of the doubts and consider his achievements in Davao City. May God save our Country and people for whatever consequence we may face for his actions and laws he will implement. I know he is capable to lead but my fear is his inconsistency and the people he has chosen for the cabinet position. Remember the past history my friend … the failures of great leaders lies on his men and the people whom they trusted. God have mercy.

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Jocelle, my issue with Duterte is not that I don’t trust him, but that he will continue with his extra-judicial executions, of which he is boastful.

Are you disappointed that he has denied Leni Robredo the National Anti-Poverty Commission post?

Jocelle Rabulan Corpuz

Jocelle Rabulan Corpuz I am disappointed of his inconsistency and giving way for BBM due to “utang na loob” now assigning him as being the president assistant. Proving that he recognize BBM as the VP.

Dodong Aberca


Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Jocelle, are you referring to the alliance between Rodrigo Duterte’s father and Pres. Marcos or the financial contributions BB Marcos made to the Duterte campaign for his presidential run?

Dodong Aberca

Dodong Aberca no…….it is true….so u must dbg shares

Jocelle Rabulan Corpuz

Jocelle Rabulan Corpuz Kaibigan my apology … I choose to just be silent but be vigilant in observing and watchful for the outcome of the leadership of our new elect President. Praying he will acknowldege God above all and put my people’s welfare as well our Country first. God bless him and The Philippines.

Philip Basilio

Philip Basilio God help the Philippines

Hill de Roberts

Hill de Roberts No comment–I’ll wait after his first 100 days 🙂

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Very well, my friend. Do you at least have anything to say about his insensitivity to the female missionary, who was raped and murdered, Hill?

Paul Farol

Paul Farol My friend, I’ll give him enough rope to hang himself with.

But here’s the thing, on the other side of this thing are the yellowtards who have all but proven to be much, much worse than the people they replaced.

We hit Digong, the yellowtards get stronger. We are currently at an impasse.

As much as it pains me to say this, we have to make this presidency work.

If, despite our sincere efforts to help this presidency succeed and it fails, PDiggity will have no one to blame but himself.

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Paul, I really don’t know which is worse. On the one hand, we have a president surrounded by politicians, who seem either corrupt or inept in dealing with our country’s age-old problems. On the other hand, we have another perfectly capable president-elect who may be able to finally resolve those issues. However, he would maintain peace and order by suppressing our people’s most fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution. At least, Pres. Marcos did so under martial law.

Dodong Aberca

Dodong Aberca r u freak this man hasn’t started yet!!!

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Dodong, I can only judge someone according to his track record. Perhaps Duterte seeks to revive the death penalty in order to deter current criminals and potential criminals, making the extra judicial killings obsolete. That would be a compromise I am willing to concede.

Biernes Atrece

Biernes Atrece Very well said, kaibigan

Joseph Hinds

Joseph Hinds Marcial, I share some of your concerns, but it is far too soon to tell what President-elect Duterte is going to do. He seems to be something of a chess player and a gambler when it comes to politics, so his methodology may be a bit unorthodox. At least in his case, we can see the results he achieved in Davao City. He may very well have broken some eggs, but the omelet turned out well. The extra judicial killing presents something of a conundrum because the judicial system has become so corrupt that the syndicates, oligarchs and drug lords can buy their way out of trouble even in the face of damning proof of guilt. If the system of laws no longer works for justice, then is it really an injustice when other means are used? Likewise the acceptance of the communists at the cabinet level is a novel approach. The Philippines have had a running war with the CPP for almost 50 years and have still not succeeded in getting rid of them. Perhaps by including them in the political process at the cabinet level, their position as revolutionaries can be undermined and cause them to loose some of their appeal to their followers. They may also be more willing to disavow violence in order to retain their new found political relevance. Also, I not so sure that a little socialism in the Philippines would be a bad thing. I think it would be to the benefit of the average citizens to have the power company’s monopolies either opened to foreign competition or simply nationalized. It is ridiculous that electric rates in the Philippines are three times what they are in the USA and they still get hit with regular brown-outs. Let’s let DU30 have his chance. It’s not as if his predecessors have set the benchmark very high.

Evangeline Mejia

Evangeline Mejia very well said sir!!!exactly my thoughts…may I share your comment?

Joseph Hinds

Joseph Hinds Yes Evangeline, feel free to share if you wish

Evangeline Mejia
Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Joseph, your points are well taken. However, on the issue of dealing with the communists, I think that it would be better if Duterte implement his proposals to liberalize the economy and establish a Philippine federalist system. That would serve as the basis for a long-term plan to create jobs and promote competition, which would lower prices and provide better services.

Such a successful economy would crowd out the communists without appeasement or bloodshed. Offering them cabinet posts reminds me of Pres. Obama appointing Van Jones (member of the Communist Party) as “Green Czar.”

In terms of a little socialism in RP, I think that at least on a subsistence level as food and medical services, it is reasonable for the destitute. I also appreciate Duterte’s proposal to improve internet services:


Joseph Hinds

Joseph Hinds You might be right about the communists, but Van Jones and his friends weren’t killing people on a regular basis so there is a considerable distinction between the two examples. An improving economy will help without a doubt, but it will take a while for that to reach fruition, so perhaps we can look at this as a stop-gap measure to quell the violence in the short term.

Perci Lozano Piña

Perci Lozano Piña Hindi ko po nagustuhan yung comment nya about sa Media.

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Dexter Neil Ramos

Dexter Neil Ramos Because you didnt make yourself to understand what the presidenr meant. media are always dont ynderstand the point what duterte mean. We davaoneos understand him what he said. not all media is generalize. Some media to those practicing unethical.

Jose Camano

Jose Camano its duterte who is very unethical — unfortunately he was elected President by people who want a change in the govt. without having to change themselves. vote buying was rampant from all sides..

Paul Farol
Paul Farol

Paul Farol This was the quote by gma7

Paul Farol's photo.
Jose Camano

Jose Camano Paul Farol What’s wrong with you Farol? Who says that a journalist was silenced because he was a crook, or because he was crusading? Everytime Duterte silences small time “violator” of the law, he would claim the victim was a drug pusher or snatcher. Obviously u just have to believe Duterte’s word for it. Without a process, nobody knows that the victim was a real criminal or just someone whose face Duterte doesn’t like.

Perci Lozano Piña

Perci Lozano Piña Ito na naman tayo sa “We davaoneos” stop regionalism po.

Paul Farol

Paul Farol Jose there’s nothing wrong with me, i’m just citing what was said by PDiggity and what was said by another journalist who viewed the press conference.

Thing is, I’ve met a lot of hao shao/acdc journos and I know their MOs. I also know of at least two who were involved in shady deals that were later assassinated by people they double crossed.

We can’t paint people angels and devils, it’s a much more complex situation that someone, from the outside, can comprehend.

Paul Farol

Paul Farol And yes, I am interested to know of the cases where Digong had a reporter killed based on false accusations of being a druggie or drug dealer. If there is any evidence, I would gladly confront him with it.

I never liked Duterte, btw. In fact I gave him a good bashing all through out the campaign period and even before that.

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Perci, to be fair to Duterte, he clarified that he was referring to the corrupt journalists who accepted bribes, only to later oppose the ones who gave them money. He does not advocate the murders, but he says they are to be expected from basically double crossing the ones paying the bribes.

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio However, his catcalling to the journalist Mariz Umali was certainly inappropriate and perhaps illegal. According to Davao City Ordinance No. 5004 (which he signed), whistling can be construed as sexual harassment.


Jeffry Dy

Jeffry Dy Is catcalling again an issue jeez get real this bs had been there the whole time and in the Us i believe its legal whether this is legal or not this nonsense reporting has to move on and get on the real objectives at hand like whats in store for digong since many are still doubting him for being pro china and such and Can we be venezuela(again)on his federal form of gov as what bashers still installing in our minds???Well find out and also i may suggest to have all of transpo and public hubs free wifi to have convience of passengers and also for communication and I may say he had the guts to do so and i believe this has to end on this alleged pro commie since i voted for him and has the same accomplishments of what dick did in Subic.

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Jeffry, I agree that the issues you raised are important, but if Duterte will not follow his own ordinance (which is fairly simple), how can we trust that he will respect and follow more serious laws? There is even talk of a potential Duterte dictatorship:


newsinfo.inquirer.net|By Gil C. Cabacungan
Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Gordon can address all of those issues within the restraints of the law. He can definitely be trusted.

Jeffry Dy

Jeffry Dy I don’t think so plus he’s Pro left therefore as such he may not be a patientlike dick does but he’s definitely a pro poor and he addresses his laws at hand since many are still criticized him again on this bs bias on media freedom and a former prosecutor(not a radical left)

Jeffry Dy

Jeffry Dy also he joined edsa 1 right?if he’s pro makoy then he wouln’t rallied this dictatorship had it for so long it had to be arrested for having allies w npa which aquinos are also sided on and I’m just balanced on this matter so far only some unknown politicians and a card leaning leftist are in the gov so we can no longer see them rallying in the streets anymore since every presidents have a sona every year

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Jeffry, I’m willing to give Duterte a chance. However, his leftist background and apparent coddling of communists makes me very suspicious. Also, I don’t consider policies which keep our kababayans dependent on government handouts “pro-poor”, unless you mean keeping them permanently poor. On the other hand, Sen. Gordon stresses job opportunities, which will raise people out of poverty. What can be more “pro-poor” than that?

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio On the issue of Duterte joining EDSA 1, perhaps he opposed the Marcos dictatorship because it did not conform to his own political ideology. After all, Pres. Marcos vehemently opposed the communists. Some even argue that he was the reason for the swelling of the NPA.

Also, many argue that the Marcos oligarchy was simply replaced with the Cory Aquino oligarchy. Therefore, Duterte’s participation in the first People Power Revolution doesn’t necessarily mean he opposes dictatorship; it only proves he opposed the Marcos dictatorship.

Dale Gozar
Dale Gozar Marcial Bonifacio
Duterte admitted he’s leftist but never been part of the Communist Party or rebel, and certainly don’t belong to NPA, NDF, etc. even if he has befriended them (Singson)
Duterte also think solution to our insurgency problems (Communist or Moro) is largely political and not military or use of arms – 47 years of conflict with gunbattles proved that.

Communist/Moro arms struggles occurs when there’s a Very Big gap between RICH and POOR due to corruption and exploitation by the oligarch of the common Filipino – with only the rich getting richer while the poor gets poorer.

North Korea is the only remaining communist country.
Yes he values the lessons learned from former communist and socialist countries. But it doesn’t mean he will adopt a communist government.

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio On the issue of India’s growing population, the country is becoming increasingly prosperous. According to Forbes:

India is the world’s 4th largest IT start-up hub with more than 3,100 tech startups in the past year alone. It ranks second in worldwide food production. Its auto industry churns outs 22 million cars a year, making it one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers. It boasts a $600 billion retail market and is one of the world’s fastest growing e-commerce markets.


RP is abundant in natural resources and an educated, English-speaking workforce. What it lacks are job opportunities and sufficient foreign direct investment. If Gordon were in Duterte’s presidential position, he would do precisely what he did in Subic Bay, which was all lawful and constitutional. He would also lift trade restrictions similar to India.

forbes.com|By Ed Fuller
Jeffry Dy

Jeffry Dy so by contrast du30 hasn’t have any clue on how to regulate trade restrictions and I had an Indian friend on fb who is critical of moodi because most of India’s tech he said was defective and also his Us trips as well http://www.dailyo.in/…/bjp-modi…/story/1/7763.html What i said was pro-poor because the poor themselves getting opportunities to see how he can handle things when he accomplished in Davao and many voted on him because of that even the tulfo bros the respectable tough talking journalist in media believes on his accomplishments too.Well I respect your opinion on not giving him a chance on this and thanks for having exchange of ideas in regards to du30 leadership you have yours i have my side and as such you make things balanced and constructive.

Perci Lozano Piña

Perci Lozano Piña So yung namatay sa Maguindanao nabayaran din ba yun or kurakot din?

Cha Aguilar

Cha Aguilar http://interaksyon.com/…/marie-yuvienco–first-things…

Whatever it is, I can only hope it is not grounded on settling scores or paying political debts. As he himself…
Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio That is an interesting article related to Gordon and Estrada, Cha. However, I disagree with the writer’s last point. I hope Duterte does implement some of his proposals, just not all of them. 🙂

Philip Basilio

Philip Basilio Sana unahin bitayin ang mga lumapastangan Sa bansa Sa malawakan pagnanakaw panloloko at pandaraya Sa halalan 2016

Jeffry Dy

Jeffry Dy Sana nga at etong si daldallima ay umeeksena naman hayy naku naman oh!

Oscar Saddul


Oscar Saddul
Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts Quite frankly, I have NO concerns. What the corrupt Media say is either malicious news, innuendos and scare-mongering. I will wait and observe and give my ownobservation from July 1st, in the next 100 days of his term.
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Through Perseverance, Dick Finally Penetrates Again!


Ni Marcial Bonifacio

Mga kaibigan at mga kababayan ko, ang muling pagkahalal ni Richard Gordon sa Senado noong Mayo 9, 2016 proves the impact a proactive citizenry can have sa halalan.  Sa katotohanan, panglima siya sa pagkapanalo at nagkaroon ng 16,719,322 boto (as of COMELEC’s proclamation on May 19, 2016).  Sa kanyang unang pagtakbo sa Senado noong 2004, panglima rin siya sa puwesto at nagkaroon ng 12,707,151 boto.

Kahit isa siyang mabisang lingkod bayan, Gordon ran for the presidency and lost in 2010; pang-anim siya sa bilangan noon at nagkaroon ng 989,250 boto.  In 2013, he ran for the Senate again and lost.  Panglabingtatlo siya sa puwesto at nagkaroon ng 10,159,561 boto, just a few hundred thousand votes short of reaching the “Magic 12.”

Given Gordon’s long-awaited victory, let us examine some lessons which can be learned mula sa  napakahalagang tagumpay na ito.  Unang-una, utilizing all the resources of a proactive and perseverant citizenry and netizenry can win an election, sa kabila nang mahabang pagkaliban o pagkawala ng kandidato sa paglilingkod bayan at ang sunud-sunod na pagkatalo sa mga naunang dalawang laban nito .  All of Gordon’s individual campaigners, bloggers, and Bagumbayan volunteers have done precisely that.

Pangalawa, maging ang pagliban ng mga boto galing sa apathetic pessimists (discouraged from voting and affecting social change) did not prevent Gordon from reaching the “Magic 12.”  Nor did the numerous votes of the “Wowowee Crowd” (a term I use when  referring to the intellectually and morally lazy, gullible, celebrity-worshipping electorate) hinder Gordon’s ascent to 5th place.  Sa katotohanan, kung mayroong informed intellectuals (as few as they may be) who will participate in the electoral process, hindi dapat  akalain  na ang Wowowee Crowd will automatically win.

Pangatlo, hindi pa lubhang nababahiran ng mali at hindi pa lubusang pumapanig sa  piling  iilan ang sistema ng halalan .  If that were the case, then such an anti-trapo maverick as Gordon would not have been re-elected to the Senate, much less with eight higher ranks than in 2013.

Pang-apat, napakabuti nang sapat na traditional media coverage, nguni’t hindi ito mahalaga para sa ikapagtatagumpay sa halalan.  Rep. Manny Pacquiao received far more mainstream media coverage than Gordon, nguni’t ang bantog na kampiyong boksingero ay pampito lamang na may 16,050,546 boto (as of COMELEC’s proclamation on May 19, 2016) at pumapailalim sa kanya.

2016 Magic 12 senatoriables

Sa wakas, mga kaibigan ko, let us use Gordon’s campaign and victory bilang isang huwaran para sa magiging kasunod na pagkilos ng ibang mga kandidato.  That means continuing to utilize the social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, blogging, forming a research team in order to answer the questions of potential voters or to debate political opponents and their surrogates, organizing and participating in rallies and fundraising events, and encouraging people to register and to vote.  For those who live abroad, they can launch an online campaign and vote as overseas absentee voters as a friend whom I wrote about in “Ang People Power at ang Ating Tungkulin.”  The key is to keep our kababayans informed and engaged.  Ngayon, let’s celebrate a well-deserved victory para kay Sen. Gordon at sa ating bayan.

Aim High Pilipinas!



When Will Donald Stop Quacking?

Updated: 3/28/16

By Marcial Bonifacio

My friends, “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.”  Not only has Donald Trump absolved himself from attending two important events, he said he would not participate in the next FNC debate as well.  All three events are significant, since they allow his potential voters and supporters to scrutinize his record, policies, and vision for America more closely.  Therefore, Trump’s pattern of absence from these events looks precisely like a “duck”—a hypocritical position since he has criticized Sen. Marco Rubio for his excessive absences in the Senate.

In my commentary titled “Why Evangelicals and Conservatives Should Cruz with the Best and Trump the Rest…including the Donald,” I criticized Trump for evading the Iowa debate just before its caucuses.  He claimed that debate moderator Megyn Kelly was unfair to him in the previous FNC debate, and that he committed to a veteran fundraising event instead (which he said was more important).  As a result, presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz challenged Trump to a 90-minute, one on one debate for which the former’s team would donate $1.5 million to veterans.  As an alternative to Kelly, Cruz stated, “We can arrange for Mark Levin to moderate, or Sean Hannity to moderate or Rush Limbaugh to moderate or Glen Beck to moderate.”   That would seem to be a win-win situation for Cruz, Trump, Iowa voters, and the veterans.  However, Trump declined Cruz’s challenge.  (I hear a duck quacking.)

In my commentary titled “Are Trump Conservatives Irrational?,” I mentioned that Trump did not attend the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in spite of being one of the first to accept the invitation.  According to its organizer, Matt Schlapp, Trump disliked the new question and answer format of the event, which was formerly a speech format.  As a result of CPAC’s refusal to capitulate to Trump’s terms, he campaigned in Kansas and Florida instead.  (I heard a duck quacking again.)

Again Trump has decided to forgo the FNC debate scheduled March 21 in order to speak at the pro-Jewish American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).  “I thought the last debate on CNN was the last debate, that was going to be it.  Nobody told me there were going to be more debates,” stated Trump, “I think we’ve had enough debates.”  Apparently Trump does not want to debate Cruz due to his poor performance in the last two debates.  Ironically, Trump did declare on March 6, “I would love to take on Ted one-on-one.”  (That is the third quack I heard.  Perhaps it is more accurate to say that a “quack” has “ducked” three times.)

On March 22, 2016 Cruz appeared on the O’ Reilly Factor, challenging Trump again to a one on one debate.  However, he has chosen the feisty but fair Bill O’ Reilly to moderate this time.  Trump may have a big penis, as he boasted in a GOP debate, but does he have big proverbial testicles to meet Cruz’s challenge?  Perhaps it was his scheme all along to attack Cruz’s wife on Twitter in order to distract his potential voters from the debate challenge.  After all, they both occurred on the same day.


Donald Trump’s tweet to Ted Cruz, threatening to humiliate his wife.

Aside from another potential debate, why would Trump skip all three of the aforementioned important events?  Is it purely coincidental?  Could that have been his strategic plan in order to evade the informed conservatives—the ones who are well read and actually view and scrutinize the debates down to their minutia?  Cruz spokesman Ron Nehring concludes:

Perhaps Mr. Trump is unable to speak for more than one minute about any given topic because of his shallow understanding of basic policies, or perhaps he is scared of voters learning the truth—that he has spent his entire adult life promoting liberal positions completely opposite of the conservative platform that he has campaigned on.

If Nehring is correct, that puts into question Trump’s capacity to lead the country and confront America’s enemies.  Trump himself has admitted that he has never encountered so much pressure as he has in campaigning.  How much worse will it be once he starts governing as president?  Would this not be a grave risk for the American people as well as the world just as the election of Pres. Barack Obama was?

Fortunately, there is an alternative candidate who is a constitutional conservative and already has a proven record of defending life, religious liberty, gun rights, state sovereignty, and the free market system.  His iron political will has made him impervious to the pressures of standing up to his own party in defense of fulfilling his campaign promises before the Senate and defending the Constitution before the Supreme Court.  In conclusion, my friends, Trump the Donald and Cruz with Ted.

Victory to Sen. Ted Cruz for God and Country!

Are “Trump Conservatives” Irrational?

Updated: 4/27/16

By Marcial Bonifacio

My friends and American countrymen, today I write in disappointment and dismay at so-called conservatives and evangelicals who supported Donald Trump in the states which logically and rightfully should have supported Ted Cruz.  First and foremost, the term “Trump conservative” is an oxymoron, comparable to a Catholic Protestant, a Marxist businessman, a vegetarian carnivore, or a leftist Republican, although the latter seems increasingly accurate, considering the prevalence of those whom conservatives are unapologetic to call a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only).  Such is Trump.  Aside from that as the primary reason that conservatives should not support him, I have listed a few others below.

1. Trump is not a conservative.

He has recently been styling himself as a “common sense conservative.”  Could that be his flexible version of a constitutional conservative?  Semantics aside, conservatives support the principles of religious liberty, limited government, and a free market system.  Based on that conventional definition, here are some of Trump’s unconservative positions:

Such government intervention in the private sector is scarcely conservative.  By the way, Trump skipped out on a very important conference of conservatives (CPAC) in which all Republican presidential candidates speak.  He did so on a short notice in spite of accepting CPAC’s invitation several months ago.  Instead, he took it for granted that he did not have to answer questions by the attendees, and according to CPAC organizer Matt Schlapp, that was “disrespectful.”

2. Trump lacks basic understanding of the Constitution and the rule of law.

When asked by CNN host Anderson Cooper what the top three functions of the U.S. government are, he responded that “the greatest function of all by far is security for our nation. I would also say health care, I would also say education.”  Every conservative knows that the last two are unenumerated powers reserved to the states.

Trump’s disregard for the rule of law can be illustrated in his support for restricting free speech by loosening libel laws, whereby suing newspapers would be easier.  He also indicated that as commander-in-chief, he would coerce soldiers into waterboarding terrorists, even though the Obama administration has banned it.

3. Trump lacks good character.

On several occasions, he made a public display of his arrogance.  For example, on the issue of Sen. John McCain’s POW status, Trump objected to his heroism, since his plane was shot down in North Vietnam.  “He’s not a war hero,” Trump said. “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”  One could easily envision such arrogance displayed in other scenarios.  The picture below (displayed on a billboard sign by a church) illustrates a similar point.

Christ the Loser

Credit: Conservative Tribune

When Trump refused to participate in one of the FNC debates, essentially because he could not dictate the terms, his arrogance became apparent again.  He mistakenly took it for granted that he did not have to present himself, his policy positions, or his American vision before Iowans in order to get their vote.  On another occasion, he was boastful of how loyal his supporters are, stating, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot people and I wouldn’t lose voters.”   Do any of you sense Trump’s fear of the Lord or humility?

Aside from Trump’s arrogance, he has also made some inappropriate remarks, as well as exhibited ill-mannered behavior.   In response to one of the questions (apparently unfavorable to Trump) of Fox News debate moderator Megyn Kelly, Trump disparagingly said that she had “blood coming out of her eyes and blood coming out of her…wherever.”  Where could wherever possibly be?

In one of his rallies, Trump mocked New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski (a unique creature of God with a congenital disability), emulating his body’s irregular posture and movements—behavior that even properly reared children are taught never to mimick.  On another occasion, Trump publicly called Pres. George W. Bush a liar and called for his impeachment for allegedly misleading Americans to believe WMD were present in Iraq; Trump later stated he was uncertain whether or not Bush lied (putting his judgment into question as with other foreign policy positions).  Clearly, a man of his temperament, making such an outrageous and unfounded accusation and acting inappropriately, is not fit to be America’s chief diplomat or statesman.

4. Trump is not an anti-Establishment candidate.

Contrary to popular (or rather populist) belief, he is the ultimate Establishment politician. He may never have held the official title of politician, but by virtue of contributing large sums of money to Establishment politicians (Democrats and Republicans) in order to affect public policies, he displays the term in action.  That gives him the advantage for his business operations while trumping (pardon the pun) over conservative principles, perpetuating a large part of the Washington Establishment—namely, crony capitalism. His loyalty or, rather, disloyalty to both parties indicates he has no entrenched principles or political platform on which he can stand or predictably govern.  Gov. Bobby Jindal summed up Trump’s position well when he said, “He is not a conservative.  He is not a liberal.  He is not a Democrat.  He is not a Republican.  He is not an Independent.  He believes in Donald Trump.”

Even on the campaign trail, Trump emulates the cunning methods of typical politicians. For example, in order to galvanize evangelicals, he claimed that his favorite book (next to his Art of the Deal) is the Bible.  If that were the case, it seems logical that he would know how to pronounce II Corinthians 3:17 or be able to state his favorite biblical verse when requested to do so, which was not the case.  Another example of political expedience was raising the issue of presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s eligibility to be president prior to the Iowa caucuses.  For several months, Trump was silent on the issue, as if he were finally satisfied that Cruz was eligible.  However, when GOP debate moderator Neil Cavuto asked why Trump continued to pursue it, he frankly admitted, “Because now he’s doing a little bit better [in the polls].”  Such is the myth of Trump not being a politician.

My friends, when there is a clear alternative candidate, who is a consistent conservative and has a successful record of defending Christian liberty (all of which I have documented), why don’t many conservatives and evangelicals in the southern states support him instead of Trump?  Could they be confusing his sophomoric, vulgar, and arrogant demeanor (scarcely Christian, much less presidential) for being forthright or politically incorrect?  Could it be that they are ill informed, gullible, or even irrational?  Could it be that they are confusing a populist candidate for a conservative one?

Could the Trump evangelicals be of the same mindset as the evangelicals who temporarily subdued their intellectual judgement and Christian principles in order to satisfy a more superficial impulse via membership in Ashley Madison (the controversial, extra-marital affair dating site)?  The renowned pastor Robert Jeffress of Dallas First Baptist Church sympathizes with the Trump evangelicals and reasons thus:

Christians overwhelmingly chose Ronald Reagan not because he was the most religious candidate but because he had the quality people thought was most necessary at the time, and that is leadership…I think many evangelicals have come to the conclusion we can no longer depend upon government to uphold traditional biblical values…We need a strong leader and a problem solver, hence many Christians are open to a secular candidate like Donald Trump.

Indeed, Reagan served in the Army Air Forces as Personnel Officer, Post Adjutant, and Executive Officer, assisting in the production of training films for the military.  He assisted the FBI in purging Hollywood of suspected Communists, and he served two terms as California governor (1967-1975) before he became president.  Therefore, Jeffress was correct to point to Reagan’s leadership, and I would add patriotism.

What of Trump’s leadership?  Could Jeffress be referring to being a leader in insulting American heroes, in mocking disabled people, or in his sexual performance of which he boasted at one of the presidential debates?  Perhaps he is referring to Trump’s leadership in raising the issue of border security and immigration and making it the focal point of public discussion.  In that case, I must mention that Ted Cruz has led the opposition against amnesty, which is precisely why the Gang of Eight amnesty bill was quashed in the House.  Cruz also proposed several border security measures, including a wall in 2011several years before Trump made his well-known pitch.

Hence, the leadership premise Jeffress raises is fallacious.  Perhaps these so-called conservatives have consumed the Holy Communion wine, which is spiked with a bit of the Shirley Temple beverage the blogger Conservative Cyborg has written about.

Just think rationally for a moment and consider your two viable choices for the Republican nominee.  One is a New York crony capitalist, who has changed his party affiliation at least six times (since 1987), and has done virtually nothing for Christian liberty, promoting constitutional principles or conservatism in general.  On the contrary, Trump has supported liberal and unconstitutional policies, which largely benefitted himself (hardly patriotic), and boasts that he will compromise conservative principles in order to “get along” and “get things done” with the Washington Establishment.

However, the alternative candidate (Ted Cruz) is a proven conservative, whose record of defending the Constitution (namely religious liberty, rights of the unborn, gun rights, and state sovereignty) remains unmatched by any of the current presidential candidates, and is tenaciously unwilling to compromise on core conservative principles merely for the sake of getting along and getting things done, even in the midst of political gridlock (a situation for which the founders devised an electoral process as a remedy, not a hindrance to be bypassed by executive orders).  By the way, should President Trump’s deals or compromises fail in Congress, would he resort to executive orders as Obama currently does?

My friends, conservatives are completely justified in channeling their infuriation and distrust of the Republican Party (whose members have constantly reneged on their promises in capitulation to Democrats) into a candidate who shares the same sentiments.  However, shared sentiment alone does not qualify one to be president of the U.S.  As conservatives, we must not be blinded by our anger and vote strictly out of emotion, a trait which is generally attributable to liberals, especially those who voted for Pres. Barack Obama.  Instead, let us use our full reasoning capacity to see past Trump’s flimsy, populist rhetoric and elect a seasoned constitutional maverick, who seeks not to make deals with the devils in the Washington Establishment, but to defy them in defense of the conservative principles of religious liberty, limited government, and free enterprise.

As Cruz pointed out at a Texas rally:

It’s easy to talk about making America great again.  You can even print that on a baseball cap.  But the critical question is, do you understand the principles and values that made America great in the first place?

If you all do not understand, then please refrain from referring to yourselves as “conservatives.”

Victory to Sen. Ted Cruz for God and Country!


Julie Egan-James Unless it’s rigged. You have to remember how involved the elite are. Like the Bildabergs. They choose. That being said, Trump , I believe knows this and is saying no more. Just like all the BS with 9/11. He’s calling them out. I hope he can win.
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Richard Launey National Review seeing the writing on the wall?
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Marcial Bonifacio I challenge Trumpers to rebut my points in “Are Trump Conservatives Irrational?” https://t.co/OMuCLTmSst #tcot
Updated: 3/13/16 By Marcial Bonifacio My friends and American countrymen, today I write in disappointment…
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Donald DonnieRay Perry You challenge? Lol
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Julie Egan-James I can meet the challenge I am pretty up on my facts. I juts need to decide if I have time for this battle. Let me feed the kids . Get school started and drink some tea! Then I’m on it! ! I never back down from a little educating. Or shoolin, as some call it.
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Marcial Bonifacio Excellent! I assume you are also conservative because my challenge is       addressed only to Trump supporters who claim to be conservative. 
Julie Egan-James Sure am. However I am also like trump a common sense conservative. We are in far too much trouble for labels. Give me some time. I homeschool because of common core, so I need to read your link and get my kids going on school. 
Julie Egan-James Fair warning. If this turns ugly and into a battle I will be done. I am not into playing that game. Your not going to change my mind. 
Donald DonnieRay Perry Go Julie!!! Thank you. I’m not good at debating Common Sense. 
Julie Egan-James So what first. Let’s adress PP. And his change on his stance. Isn’t it wonderful he evolved. Don’t Christians want people to come on over to our side on this issue. Or do we judge him for once being pro choice? This is the one argument i feel no one has a right to bring up. Example. I am very pro life. However I am a rape victim. Had I faced that choice, I would have aborted. Then. Thankfully I was never in that position. I am also Christian. Now, I have evolved. Since then, I have come to realize that aborting a baby because of rape, creates two victims. But… I would never tell a woman what to do. Because unless you have walked that horrible journey, you have not much opinion in my eyes. In God’s yes. And because of my somewhat liberal stance on this, as far as rape. I will ask for forgiveness. That’s being a christian. I do not know what you dive into for your info. TRUMP has said to those facilities that perform abortions ,he will pull the funding. But, if you watch MSM you will get an edited version of his stance. I down watch TV. Ever. It’s all lies. Especially the media. I was once too lied about in the media. So it is a very sore subject for me. So to sum this position up. If you are are conservative christian, you can’t hold his previous stance against him. That goes against Christian values and Gods word. For the record. I’m not looking for sympathy. I’m not a victim. I am a survivor. Just have a clear understanding on this topic more than others.
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Donald DonnieRay Perry Just because someone Has Been wrong, should they Always Be wrong?
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Deborah Traichal Well said Julie!! We all get wiser as we grow & evolve!! At least most of us!!! Thanks for sharing your story!! God Bless Trump2016!!! God Bless America ????
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Richard Launey Julie Egan-James, there you go with the common sense. You do realize what sort of response this elicits, right. But I agree wholeheartedly, even though I am still skeptical of Trump, but, this is politics, I’m skeptical of everybody.
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Julie Egan-James People evolve I don’t know one person that carries the same beliefs they did as a young adult. Thank God I don’t. Who knows where I’d be.
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Deborah Traichal Richard Launey you should read Crippled America by Trump which was written before he announced he was running for president!! It shows his ideas for America & his patriotism! May help you with your voting decision! God Bless
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Julie Egan-James Obamacare. In all fainess, the thought behind it was good. If the reason it was created was honest. All it is has done is reak havoc on our economy as premiums skyrocket. To simplify this, it means less money put into the economy by less spending on luxary items and food. So what does this do for people. It keeps them dependant on the system. Housing , food etc. All part of the lefts plan. Which is exactly what Trump has stated. So instead, he has developed a plan that can work. By us investing our money into ourselves. Like we are getting our pay check, and paying ourselves first. Right off the top. If you go back to his Facebook, in 2010. You can see he has always been against obamacare. Unless you watch TV. They don’t mention this fact.
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Julie Egan-James Ethanol. So we want to depend on foreign oil? I’m with trump. It’s time to keep our money here. But see, all the politicians get alot of donations from the oil industry! ! What earth does that do for us. We the people. Keeps us addicted to the system. The system that makes them richer and us poorer. That’s all the establishment cares about when it comes to ethanol . Certainly isn’t our wallets. Or jobs.
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Donald DonnieRay Perry I love you Julie.
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Deborah Traichal Amen to that Julie!!
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Julie Egan-James High tariff. The simple conservative answer to this, is, China is ripping is off because we are stupid. Just like he says. It is NOT a fair trade. This again, keeps us dependant in foreign countries. How is this conservative again? He will bring jobs back here if he does this. It’s the take no shit attitide he has. We HAVE to do this. Serverseperate the fact he made ties in China if that’s what your defense is. He followed business laws that were available to him as a business man. We can’t use that against him. We cant. It’s What he does now as a politician that counts. Not the business man before. We move from here.
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Julie Egan-James I don’t agree on the bank bailouts. I see how it kept money here. But not enough for us. I think the intention was sinister. But I don’t think Trump was sinister about it. I think he was thinking about a quick fix. To be honest I don’t know the ins and outs of this deal. The ramifications is all i am aware of.
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Julie Egan-James I think he knows what happened with 9/11. I think his friendship with Hilary is an added bonus. Now he knows her dirty secrets and can expose her. All his information. He has collected over the years. He knows what’s coming. Thats why he jumped in. To save us and expose the corrupt. He’s holding back. He has too. Once he’s in. Look out. That’s why they fear him. That’s why they want him gone. Because he’s going to talk! ! Trust him. He is trying to help, before it’s too late. He is not bought and paid for. This means he is free to speak.
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Julie Egan-James It’s what he’s NOT saying you should listen too. I hear him.
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Julie Egan-James Did I miss something. I know there is talk of his womanizing . He’s a hot blooded male. He’s not the first man to think between his legs. Sorry Donnie. Lol. But it is what it is. This has been going on since biblical times.
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Julie Egan-James We put borders up for the same reason we lock our doors at night. To protect our family. This is not racist . It’s loving.
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Deborah Traichal So true Julie!! I don’t see him jumping interns in the Oval Office!! Lol
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Julie Egan-James I sure hope he doesn’t when he’s there. Lol. I’ll be so mad at him if he does lol
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Julie Egan-James This is why the young people need to know about to he clinton scandals. They weren’t around then. They don’t know about this stuff. Therfore they can’t make an educated vote in Hilary.
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Richard Launey Julie Egan-James, I get most of what said, except ethanol. You made a statement then jumped on to oil. Could you spend a little more time on his ethanol subsidy stance please.
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Deborah Traichal So true! They should read Clintons War on Women by Roger Stone!! He’s worked with them for years & is telling everything that happened behind the scenes!!!
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Donald DonnieRay Perry Julie for President!!!
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Julie Egan-James Richard Launey sure. If you mix ethanol (corn) with the fuel. That corn is grown here. (Iowa mainly) We add it to our fuel. At a cost. But it makes us less dependant on foreign oil which means our money stays here. Not all. But ALOT! ! We have to be self sufficient. We have too. Or we will never get out of debt with other countries. Us first! !
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 Julie Egan-James Deborah Traichal. I follow stone. Daily.
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Deborah Traichal He is a great man & honest patriot telling the true corruption that is going on in government!! He is one of Trump’s advisers!!
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Richard Launey Julie Egan-James, I’m oilfield trash, I know that part. Lol. I was referring to Trumps position on ethanol, as well as other, subsidies.
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Daniel Mcfarland Trump all the way
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Julie Egan-James His view in ethanol all blends in with my oil comment. He wants to increase the blending of it in our fuel. Which makes us less dependant of foreign oil. He wants us to not get oil from elsewhere and drill our own oil. I think we get some from canada are you asking if we will get a break if this is done? The cost of this will be high at first but I see it as a win win in the future. I don’t know how it works with cars as of now. Or if you’d get a break for buying a car that runs this way. I can look and see if I can find a link where he speaks of it. The goal of his plan is to secure our independence. I can’t imagine why anyone would want it any other way. If the end result ensures independence. I am on board. And the money would stay here and things could change. If the establishment wasn’t around to fight it to the death.
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Richard Launey Julie Egan-James, the idea that we need ethanol to blend with existing fuel sources is the problem. This is nothing but a handout to corn industry. The ethanol causes more damage to engines, as well as being more harmful to the environment. The emissions produce toxins that are more carcinogenic than fossil fuels.
As for supply, we already have more petroleum base fuel sources within our borders and territorial waters than anyone else in the world. Three of the four largest deposits in the world are in U.S. territory, not to mention the shale oil and natural gas reserves. The only thing he could possibly do to help with this is a tariff on imports.
My problems with govt over the last 2 decades, as if there were time fir all of them, are the handouts (subsidies) to businesses. Govt should not be deciding who succeeds. Let the market take care of that. Of the top 2 candidates, I would have to go with Cruz’s approach to subsidies, cut them all, let the markets decide. If the people want it, they’ll find a way. The entitlement problem goes well beyond ebt and welfare, corporations have been robbing us as well, including corn and other farm products.
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Donald DonnieRay Perry Wow a debate with nobody being called racist? Nice.
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Julie Egan-James Anytime you want to keep everyone else In Control of our money we lose. I am not for goverment ever deciding who succeeds . And as far as toxic emissions. Our entire system is designed to tell you that. Sure there will have to be changes. But the best way to keep us addicted to others is to threaten us with bad air. I also think climate change is BS too. It’s another way to sponge more money from us. We need to do whatever it takes to keep our industry here. To say that letting another politician fix it. Is a stretch. One who can’t make a move on his own. They are not going to give up a cent to help us make money. I bet if we followed the money on this issue we be surprised to see it ends up in the government’s wallet.
Like Show more reactions Reply2  March 16, 2016 at 5:04am  Manage 
Julie Egan-James Amd Donnie Ray. It’s because no one here is racist. Just concerned. Isn’t it nice!!
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Donald DonnieRay Perry I know. It’s so refreshing to be judged by our opinions and not our color or ancestors.
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Donald DonnieRay Perry And I will vote Cruz if need be to stop Killiary
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Julie Egan-James I would too. Cruz I believe us more like me on this whole climate change debate. Thats a money pit too. Thats why you see planes manipulating the weather. Which is why they finally admitted it. But not for the reasons they say they are doing it. Such corruption. Uhg.
Like Show more reactions ReplyMarch 16, 2016 at 5:13am  Manage
Richard Launey The reason for the climate change BS, as you so accurately put it, is Globalization. The purpose is to get control of ALL resources and power to the UN. This will be the global governing body. They have already begun embedding UN troops with ours, knowing that our troops are less likely to fire on its on people. Obama’s EO making co2 emissions a regulated emission is further proof. The regulations would be enforced by the UN. Question, when you breath, what do you exhale? Getting the picture.
Our sovereignty as a nation is at stake. We have to get this right.
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Julie Egan-James I have a little conspiracy theorist in me. It’s always been there. I just roll with it now. I think the whole system s rigged. She’s already decided. But I also believe trump knows this and he’s trying to stop it. I think the Bildabergs met their match with Trump. If he can take over, we will see just how rigged this is. I urge everyone on here to research this. There is alot on you tube. Some info that is. It makes sense. Everything makes scary sense.
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Julie Egan-James I will go look at the ethanol more. But yes Richard I think we are on the same page. Just need to figure out how to get to the solution.
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Donald DonnieRay Perry Exactly. Agreeing on the issues is what’s important. Solutions can be reached then.
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Richard Launey What happens if Cruz goes to Trump, and says, hey, let’s screw them all up. You be pres, I’ll be vp. No brokered convention, no contested convention. No chance fir the Establishment to steal another one. A business man and a Constitutionalist.
Like Show more reactions ReplyMarch 16, 2016 at 5:57am  Manage 
Julie Egan-James I think I’d be very happy. Very happy! I think it takes many shapes to complete the puzzle. I’d like them to add in Carson. To bring some Jesus in the WH also.
Like Show more reactions ReplyMarch 16, 2016 at 6:00am Manage 
Richard Launey Carson has already been promised a position, thus the endorsement. As well as Christie, for what that’s worth.
But, hey, we can dream.
Like Show more reactions ReplyMarch 16, 2016 at 6:19am  Manage 
Julie Egan-James Is that how that works if you endorse? My dad says this too?
Like Show more reactions ReplyMarch 16, 2016 at 6:20am Manage 
Richard Launey It’s not how it’s intended, but it is how it works. Palin should have a pretty good spot, she got in early. They expect Christie to be named AG and Carson something along the lines of head of Health and Human Services. That’s politics.
Like Show more reactions ReplyMarch 16, 2016 at 6:22am  Manage 
Julie Egan-James I am fine with Sarah Palin as long as she quits saying “you betcha ” lol. It is so annoying to my ears.
Like Show more reactions ReplyMarch 16, 2016 at 6:24am  Manage
Richard Launey That’s that Scandinavian influence in be upbringing. Michigan and Alaska.
Like Show more reactions ReplyMarch 16, 2016 at 6:25am  Manage
Julie Egan-James Yes and holy rollin lol. She s expressive. Can’t knock her for that. I admire her values. So I can just wear ear plugs. That’s The tolerant in me. ..
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Deborah Traichal Vote Trump!! God Bless America ????
No automatic alt text available.
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Julie Egan-James Eminent domain lol. Do you shop at Walmart? Do I really need to go into this one? Do you drive on freeways. Last I checked some were built (on ramps) Right in the middle of a mall or subdivision. And make no mistake. The land he took from people, to build, made them very rich. He didn’t steal it. He bought it.
Like Show more reactions ReplyMarch 16, 2016 at 1:34am Manage
Julie Egan-James If they agreed that is. Some didn’t. And he doesn’t have it. Fact check. …
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Mike Brittain He got NC I’m sure voting was heavy and Trump was the talk
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Marcial Bonifacio Julie, your patriotic spirit and thought for your children’s future give you honor. I appreciate your choice in home schooling your kids. That’s what more Americans should do in order to avoid the liberal brainwashing of the youth. I also appreciate and understand all your points and sympathize with your negative experience. First and foremost, I’m a constitutional conservative, which is why Ted Cruz is my choice. Labels are not always precise, but they are useful in conveying information to others for clarification. Some things are irrelevant, but core principles as limited government, religious liberty, gun rights, free enterprise, state sovereignty, and original intent of the Constitution are key issues in defining conservatism. It is the metric by which I choose my candidates. Having said that, let me continue addressing your points.
Like Show more reactions ReplyMarch 16, 2016 at 7:34pmEdited Manage
Marcial Bonifacio Planned Parenthood. The 10th Amendment gives the states autonomy from the federal government due to the unenumerated powers not contained in the Constitution. The enumerated powers are limited to the federal government, such as defense, immigration, mail delivery, etc. Since the funding of PP is not an enumerated power, it is for the states to decide, not the federal government. The issue of abortion is secondary, and I think most conservatives make rape and maternal fatality an exception anyway. The other issue of Trump defunding the abortion part of PP is a moot issue because some Christians do not want any of their taxes going to an organization which violates their religious liberty. Besides, there are local women’s groups which fulfill the same functions as PP.
Like Show more reactions ReplyMarch 16, 2016 at 7:06pm Manage
Julie Egan-James Agreed..I wish they distibute the funding to other clinics and shut that Hell hole down. But…. I do not forsee this happening. I am trying to decide what I can live with and what I cannot . Alot of people do not realize their options for other medical care. Sadly.
Like ReplyMarch 20, 2016 at 9:39am Manage
Marcial Bonifacio Julie, Cruz would defund PP which would confine their continued existence to the states as is constitutionally mandated. We live in an information age in which even the poor can access the internet and find such local institutions without the aid of the federal government. Therefore ignorance is no excuse.
Marcial Bonifacio On the issue of Trump’s possible evolution, I do not know what’s in his heart in order to draw that conclusion. I can only look to his past of changing parties and positions at least 6 times since 1987. Cruz, on the other hand, has a record of being a consistent conservative. Even at the early age of 19, he had the Constitution memorized and discussed it in various conferences. To put it simply, Julie, would you want a reformed Obama (who claims to recently have became a conservative) or a Reagan teaching your kids history?  Whom would you trust the most? Indeed, Launey is correct to be skeptical of Trump.
Like Show more reactions ReplyMarch 16, 2016 at 7:07pm  Manage
Julie Egan-James If we see being real, we know he is so libertarian. Labels mean nothing to me nor do parties anymore. This doesn’t affect me in the least bit. If he needs to jump over party lines to accomplish goals. I’m so okay with that.
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Donald DonnieRay Perry Did he just compare Cruz to Reagan? Lmbo
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Julie Egan-James Cruz is a wolf In Sheep’s clothing. He has not participated in votes on matters he opposes. Not to mention what he did to Carson shows his true colors. He lied. Lying Ted . Why did he make that choice? Cause he’s dishonest.
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Deborah Traichal So true Julie
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Donald DonnieRay Perry I been staying out of it, but come on dude. Reagan only lied to the camera as an actor.
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Richard Launey Julie Egan-James, the fiasco that was the nonevent concerning Carson was manufactured by the media. Within a few news cycles, even Carson asked his supporters to let it go. If there is one person the Establishment fears more than Trump, it’s Cruz. He is the closest to Reagan we will likely find in thus cycle. While there are also similarities between Trump and Reagan, ideologically, Cruz is closer. Should they come together, it would truly be a sight go behold. And wouldn’t that screw up the Establishments plan.
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Gary Lewis I had the same thoughts, Richard. That would really blow some minds.
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Julie Egan-James It wasn’t. .. if you go back and read the timeliness of the tweets, the Cruz camp is lying. Not the media so much. Everything is time stamped. Yet no one looks, smh. This is exactly my point. Amd no the establishment fears Trump. Because he knows things, and will not sign away his rights to speak. Why do you think Bush ran away, with his tail tucked. One word.of 9/11 and he gone! ! With all that money.
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Richard Launey Julie Egan-James, keep in mind, this is pomitucs, and just as Trump referred to Carson as pathological, in the pedophile sense, as he said, this is how the game is played. I did believe, in a passive/aggressive sense, that Trump and Cruz are both trying to change the way the game is played, while still playing within the lack if rules the system allows. Confusing I know, but I think they are both trying to get to the same place in slightly different routes.
It isn’t like Trump hasn’t pulled a few stunts himself. At least judge them both by the same standard.
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Julie Egan-James He has pulled alot of stunts. Yes. He does it for a different reason though. He has to get there. If he doesn’t, he knows we are in big trouble. Have you ever noticed how Trump speaks?. Compared to how he speaks in his books? He almost dumbs down his speech to reach us. As to not confuse us. Sadly. We understand his kind of talk more than Cruz. Because this is the shape we are in. Every man for himself. Cruz needs to step back. We have to get this right. Last chance. This is it! You want a puppet who’s controlled by the Kochs, the IRS, Goldman Sachs, OR a man who makes his own rules. .it’s so simple yet we make it about what it’s not. Who cares who he calls a bimbo. I am more worried about Christians being beheaded in the streets.
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Julie Egan-James He took DIRTY Koch money. His hands are in it. Don’t be fooled. Look into it! !
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Richard Launey Julie Egan-James, you really need to spend some time investigating the Loch brothers brothers before you assume the hype the leftist media is correct. They aren’t what Politic purports them to be. The same can be said of the hype surrounding Cruz. His speech hasn’t changed, because HE hasn’t changed. He is the same Constitutional Conservative Christian he has always been. He has continued to fight for us, in spite of opposition from his own party. One if the absolute few who came in as Tea Party Conservative, and proved it can be done. He doesn’t win all the time, but that’s not ready when you stand alone.
Trump may, or may not be what he says he us. That’s changed so many times, its hard to keep track. At least with Cruz, he has taken the opportunity to demonstrate where he stands, and that he WILL stand. Trump has yet to prove anything other than being successful at business, and manipulating the media.
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Deborah Traichal Richard Launey sorry but Cruz is part of the corrupt establishment!
Image may contain: 1 person, text
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Richard Launey You mean the same Ted Cruz that exposed them for capitulating to Obama’s budget demands? The same Ted Cruz that filibustered and took the blame for shutting down the govt? The same Ted Cruz that is more hated by the Establishment than Donald Trump? And you’re gonna base that on the fact that his wife is employed by GS, and they bank there. That’s really deep political logic. Good job.
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Julie Egan-James You don’t know that he is more hated. No one does. I do know this . He lied in Iowa. And when this happens, you wonder how much truth comes out of his mouth . Not just any lie. He cheated. I do know who he has taken money frim. The latest is the IRS. Now I’m not sure how this works. But I do know because of that he didn’t show up to vote on the Audit. I don’t like that one bit. That means what he says is political BS. Realizing he’s a politician and needing the Money, I can set this aside. But I just know he’s paid for now. That will affect every single decision he makes now. If you think it will not, you’re sadly mistaken. I’m a realistic person. I see this for what it is. And that is not a stretch to say that.
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Julie Egan-James Richard Launey I do no get my info from tv. Nor did I get my info about the koch brothers from tv or the left. I do my research and am very and aware of who they represent. As far as teaching my kids, I will teach my kids. I will choose the curriculum. I want states to decide what we put out in schools. And have a chance to vote I don’t depend on the village to raise my kids because I have seen the village. These are my children and I’ll decide.
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Richard Launey All we can go on, as far as who is hated, is the comments of those he has come against. Trump is partially correct about Cruz’s relationship with his fellow Congressmen, they don’t like him, and for good reason, he doesn’t surrender to Obama for the sake of political expedience. Evidence indicates he is hated, their statements, so, yes, we can make that assessment. Just as we do concerning Trump. In Ia. , his staffer lied, he took the blame, as a leader should. He apologized twice in private, and twice in public. Unfortunately, some people can’t get past that, despite the fact that it wasn’t his offense, and the wronged party asked for it to be dropped.
As for the money, campaign contributions, unfortunately, not everyone has Trumps war chest, not everyone is a multi-billionaire. Just because a candidate accepts a contribution doesn’t mean he is owned, or even owes. If that were the case, his largest contributions are from the people at a grassroots level, so he would owe them more than anyone else.
I don’t know how your kids education got into this, but, from your post I assume you home school. Commendable. That would likely make them not only better educated, but better people in general. The education system is a farce. Homeschooled children tend to be better educated, moral, successful and contribute more to society in a beneficial way. I would suggest keeping them as close as possible, as long as possible. They grow so fast.
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Julie Egan-James I do homeschool. My curriculum is old school. I have two adult son’s that went through public school and graduated with honors. Now that I see what is happening with my young sons, the difference, I decided to pull them out. I had too. One of my son’s was at 2nd grade level Inn fifth grade, on an IEP program. I was devastated he was there. Now he is in 7th grade and at 7th grade level. My third grader, is doing 6th grade level. Our system is flawed. Big time and our teachers here in Oregon have failed them. As far as Cruz, I do have a problem with his donors. A man of ethics should question who they take from. Just like the grief Trump received from not dissing the KKK guy. Forgot his name at the moment . It’s the same the Hong. Even though Trump was being lied about. Cruz did take this money. I don’t feel good about that.
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Richard Launey The KKK guy was David Duke, former Grand Dragon. The irony was he NEVER endorsed Trump as was reported. He said he liked a lot of what Trump was saying. The press misrepresented his statement, imagine that.
As for the donations, Trump has the luxury of being able to fund his own campaign, with little or no contributions necessary. Cruz, and others don’t have that luxury. Beggars can’t be choosy. As I stated earlier, accepting those contributions doesn’t put him in anyone’s pocket. Like Trump or anyone else, that remains to be seen.
To the need for homeschooling, thank Carter and his Dept of Uneducation for that. Since they took the responsibility from the states our system has gone into a death spiral. You were wise indeed to decide to homeschool.
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Julie Egan-James Why is being rich, off your own hard work a luxary? My parents are millionaires, let me say this, my dad worked seven days a week, made good choices and earned w very penny. It’s his blood sweat and tears. Not a luxary? ? I.feel like people hate him for his money. Thats not okay. I admire him for that. Which is the attitude everyone should have. I hope someday my husband and i can enjoy the good life we have worked for.
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Richard Launey As far as the campaign funds go, it’s a luxury in the sense that he doesn’t need to seek financial help. A time consuming part of any campaign. I hold no envy towards anyone having what they earn. In my world, your father would get to keep more of what he earned. Why should the govt get it to misuse. They didn’t work for it?
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Julie Egan-James Or anyone for that matter . I don’t want to pay for other people’s kids to attend college. I just don’t. It’s greed for them to ask. And Cruz isn’t poor. So I’m not sure he needed all those donations. Just wanted to use other money rather than his. Another thing I admire about Trump.
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Richard Launey His involvement with GS was part of that. He started his campaign with a loan on his assets on hand. Campaigns are running into the billion dollar range now. He may not be poor, but his available funds hardly come into the campaign worthy range. He sank nearly all his funds into this, on that score he simply can’t compete with Trump without outside help, so, yeah, he would need the donations.
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Julie Egan-James It just goes to show you, it’s not always about how much one spends. It’s the message.
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Richard Launey Still gotta have it to spend to get the message out. While the media is spending all it’s time going after Trump, and unintentionally getting him more support, they’re ignoring Cruz. He can’t get any air time in that vacuum. That’s part of the strategy in declining the last debate, deny as much air as possible.
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Donald DonnieRay Perry Backfiring the Media,,,,love it!
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Richard Launey Yep! In their haste to take him down, they are becoming the reason he’s been building up. Silly Wabbits.
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Marcial Bonifacio Julie, labels are significant to me because you can either support the Constitution or oppose it. That is the basis of conservatism. Anything else is subsidiary and cannot last long without such a foundation. Even Cruz, notwithstanding core conservative principles and the Constitution, said he is willing to compromise on certain issues. For example, he may not be able to get an exact 10% flat tax. He may have to compromise with 12% or tweak it some other way. That is reasonable.
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Marcial Bonifacio Julie, the myth you have raised about Cruz cheating in Iowa has already been debunked. Here is the timeline: http://constitution.com/ted-cruz-didnt-lie-entire…/

Anyway, Cruz was not responsible for the misinformation that CNN publicized. Even then, he has terminated his communications associate for his negligence.

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Donald DonnieRay Perry No need to cheat when ya psycho wife works for Baby Killer number one. Losing more respect for him everyday.
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Marcial Bonifacio Julie, on the issue of the Koch Brothers donating money to Cruz in order to influence him, there was a crime bill in the Senate. The bill was heavily pushed by the Kochs and was opposed by Cruz due to its leniency on violent offenders. They even condemned him publicly as being anti-Bill of Rights: http://www.aim.org/…/ted-cruz-breaks-with-koch…/
That just shows you that Cruz can’t be bought.
Before Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) electrified…
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Donald DonnieRay Perry He’s already paid for.
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Marcial Bonifacio Donnie, what do you mean by “Baby Killer number one”?
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Marcial Bonifacio Donnie, present an example of how Cruz has deviated from fulfilling his promises.
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Marcial Bonifacio Obamacare. I’ll take it for granted that Trump opposes it, though he has praised it and socialized medicine in other countries in the past. However, he does not oppose the mandate requiring people to unconstitutionally purchase it. He has indicated that in the last few debates and has only presented one plan, which is insurance portability from state to state. Cruz also proposes that along with medical savings accounts and medical insurance retention for those who have lost their jobs.
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Julie Egan-James We need to enforce medical care. Sadly. It has to be a law. Like car insurance. Because without it, who pays, we do the employed and small business owners like my husband and I. Sometimes we need big brother. And I hate to say that because I’m not fond of control.
Marcial Bonifacio Julie, I wonder how James Madison or Thomas Jefferson would feel about needing “Big Brother.” Anyway, car insurance is mandatory only if you own and drive a car (which is not mandatory). Obamacare is mandatory by virtue of merely being alive. Also it is the states which mandate auto insurance, not the federal government. That’s the big difference.
The solution is to take measures which will lower healthcare costs and make it more affordable. You have said that we should not have to pay for other people’s schooling. I would add food, smart phones, and mortgage to your list as well as healthcare. If healthcare is mandatory, then at least the states should decide. Massachusetts is an example.
Marcial Bonifacio Ethanol. You’re quite right about energy independence from foreign countries, at least from the ones which are hostile towards America. However, there are alternatives (natural gas, fracking) to the unconstitutional ethanol subsidy as Launey pointed out in addition to renewable resources as wind, solar, etc. At any rate, private enterprise and the free market (which will lead to competition, lowering prices) can resolve that issue, which is precisely why Cruz was the only one who opposed the subsidy in Iowa.
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Julie Egan-James Technology has advanced. Why can’t our cars. Etc. This is a useless debate. We know we have the brains to move past where we are with this issue. Who’s going to admit we are in this for money, is the question.
Marcial Bonifacio Cars have advanced. There are solar powered and electrical ones. There are even driverless cars.http://www.bbc.com/…/20160321-seven-ways-the-driverless…
Autonomous vehicles will bring about an age of…
 Marcial Bonifacio High Tariff. First and foremost, globalization itself is not antithetical to conservatism. It is excessive regulation which makes it unconservative. Free trade is what’s favorable, and some things are better produced and cheaper if done by other countries. There’s an excellent article on this very subject and about Trump’s 45% tariff, which is worth reading:http://thefederalist.com/…/almost-everything-donald…/

Basically, such a high tariff could cause China to impose retaliatory costs on the U.S., which would simply be passed on to American consumers. Think of buying things for double or triple the price from retailers like Walmart or Target. Besides, most of the job losses in manufacturing are due to automation, not outsourcing as Trump would have you believe. His idea is one of those which sounds great on paper (like communism), but is scarcely practical. Most jobs are in the service sector and in the knowledge or information sphere.

Donald Trump’s China trade plan would make…
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Julie Egan-James I will read this. However, deals can be made. There’s always wiggle room. You can make it worth while to use humans over robots. I have many opinions on this. So I will read it before go on.
Marcial Bonifacio Julie, humans will always be necessary for some jobs. However, automation is necessary in a free market economy. Otherwise, we would all be living in the horse and buggy era. This is simply an issue of upgrading one’s knowledge and skills in order to adapt to ever changing economy and technology.
Marcial Bonifacio Conspiracy Theories. I’m a man of facts, so I’ll have to refrain from that issue. 
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Julie Egan-James Conspiracy theory is a term made up to prevent people from digging to see the facts. Such as 9/11. You will hear the live broadcast that building seven was going to be detonated. Then, they say your crazy for thinking this. When the info is still out there and the footage. No one looks. Why? Because they call us Conspiracy theorist and that’s enough to stop some in their tracks. Sandy hook. False. Not all school shootings are false. That one was. Dig in. Have a look. Public records are still available.
Marcial Bonifacio I’ll have to check in to that.
Marcial Bonifacio Eminent Domain. This was originally confined to government projects for public use. However, it was expanded by the progressive Supreme Court in 2005 to include private projects, something the founders would have frowned upon due to their intent to secure private property rights. Compensation was usually pretty low due to the perception that property owners felt compelled to sell. However, if private developers were freely allowed to make their own offers via the free market, as was the case with Koch Industries, compensation would be higher. Here’s an interesting article on the subject of Trump and eminent domain:
In Saturday’s debate, Donald Trump made a big issue of the importance of eminent domain. He neglected to…
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Marcial Bonifacio This was a civilized debate or discussion, indeed. I appreciate all of your views. Since some of you mentioned your approval of Cruz (who is my choice), I have listed 10 reasons why conservatives should support him:
Marcial Bonifacio By the way, I congratulate all of you for Trump’s wins yesterday!
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Deborah Traichal Bought & paid for by special interests!! Another puppet in our corrupt establishment
Image may contain: 1 person, text
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Julie Egan-James Also let me add Marcial Bonifacio. The IRS just donated a lot of money to clinton and Cruz. Why? He is now unable to make a move on the audit. He just signed that deal so to speak, with them. Which explains why he didn’t show up to vote on that issue. Ouch. Not good. Very sketchy. Trump is a free agent. You dont take their money, you don’t take their orders. Don’t get your facts from MSM. We know who owns them also, this too is a fact.
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Marcial Bonifacio The reason Cruz didn’t vote on the Fed auditing bill was due to a shortage of 7 votes. Therefore, his vote would not have mattered. Anyway he committed to a large gathering of voters in New Hampshire at that time: http://www.glennbeck.com/…/from-the-horses-mouth-why…/
I wrote to Ted last night to ask about his missing…
Julie Egan-James Nah! Not sure on this one. But I’ll look.
Julie Egan-James Cruz also took money from the dirty Koch brothers. Who are heavily involved with segregation in schools and dirty flint water. Fact! Please look into it. Before Tuesday.
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Julie Egan-James I homeschool my kids so they know the truth about our history . It’s more than math for me. It’s about them trying to erase the past, and implant garbage in my kids’s mind. But then there’s the whole math thing which is just so insane. I can’t handle it. I felt so appalled I pulled them as fast as I could.
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Deborah Traichal Well said Julie E James!! Common core education is a joke!! They don’t want our kids to know the true facts in history!! Learning our true history is how we keep from repeating it!! Makes it easier for them to push socialism on the younger generation!! You did the right thing to home school!!
Julie Egan-James Yes. It makes me sick to see what required reading is now. I was so shocked and scared to go on. This was two years ago and now it’s worse.
Deborah Traichal So true Julie James!! The government wants to dumb down our youth, like some cult, just brainwashing them!!! They don’t even require them to read the diary of Ann Frank anymore, I was shocked but they are teaching them about sympathy for Islam!! It’s insane!!!
Julie Egan-James And white privilege. I know it’s crazy how they took all the books away and made everything digital. That way our kids have no access to the history that they took away.
Julie Egan-James Before I caught on. My son and I had to read “The Cay”. That’s when my eyes popped open. A rich white boy saved by a poor black man. And how he was a bad boy for not realizing his privilege. Sick.
Julie Egan-James My kids will never be racist. Against others or themselves. It completely pushes racism ..
Deborah Traichal Amen to that Julie!! I was so lucky to know my Grandfather who fought in WWII & he told us all the history of the evil this was happening in Europe!!
Julie Egan-James Yes you are lucky. I wish I had more to tell my son’s. I am learning right along with them .
Julie Egan-James Who you take money from says alot more about character then who you give it to in business. We have it all wrong there. It’s what they don’t say that people need to research. Donald trump gave money so people would do him favors. The koch brothers gave cruz money so he would do them favors. That’s how it works.
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Marcial Bonifacio I think what you do after receiving money is more important than who gives you money. Money itself can’t penetrate the will of a person, though it may help. Anyway, Trump is not self-funding. Even his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has stated, “He’s no longer self-funding his campaign, and will need to be well-funded by donors in order to defeat Hillary in the general election.”


By the way, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as Trump fulfills the mandate of his supporters. My point is that accepting money from whomever is the donor is less important than for the candidate to honor his word to the American people. So far, Cruz has not deviated.

Marcial Bonifacio Speaking of character, Trump’s dodging of 2 debates and CPAC does not reflect well on him. I have written about them in my commentary titled “When Will Donald Stop Quacking?”


3/21/16 By Marcial Bonifacio My friends, “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and…
Julie Egan-James I will read both these articles as soon as I can.
Julie Egan-James There are absolutely no fact that we have seen that proves Sandy Hook was a real tradgedy. If you are basing facts on tv, I urge you to look into it. There was no Adam Lanza. He was made up. The shooters were those men that were dressed in army digs that several people reported before they wiped it off the news. Which explains why none of the neighbors knew who he even was. The. Magically, everyone was gifted the pay off on their mortgage. In that town. And so much more.
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Mary Ann Del Mundo I am actually enjoying this challenge, big time. What I love so much about this forum is the battle of ideas and convictions without attacking the persons. This is very relishing and respectable. True benchmark on how online forums should be. What will give me extra pleasure is seeing the response of Mr. Bonifacio.
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Marcial Bonifacio I’m pleased you are finding the discussion amusing.
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Marcial Bonifacio Belated congratulations for Trump’s win in Arizona, my friends!
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Why the Senate Needs More Dick: 9 Reasons to Add Richard Gordon to Your List

Updated 5/7/16

Ni Marcial Bonifacio

Mga kaibigan at mga kababayan ko, ang layunin po ng lathalang ito ay hindi upang hikayatin kayo na iboto si Sen. Richard Gordon against or over another senatoriable, kahit marahil, that debate can be made. Sa kabilang banda, I wish to persuade you all to add an indispensable man ng talino at makasaysayang mga tagumpay sa inyong talaan ng hinihirang na mga senatoriables. Please allow me to present my case.

1. Siya ang tagapagtaguyod ng laban sa mga tradisyonal na pulitiko at katiwalian.

Unang-una, si Gordon ay isang taong may paninidigan at matibay na paniniwala. Bilang chairman ng Senate Committee on Accountability of Public Officers and Investigations (Blue Ribbon), Gordon exercised his power to oppose corruption, as in the P728 million fertilizer fund scam. (He did so by wrapping up the probe and pushing for the filing ng charges ng kasalanang mabigat laban kay former Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn Bolante para sa misappropriation ng mga laang-gugulin ng pamahalaan.)

Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman Gordon interpolates businessman Jaime Paule in the midst of the P728 million fertilizer fund scam.

Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman Gordon interpolates businessman Jaime Paule in the midst of the P728 million fertilizer fund scam.

Sa alingasngas ng $329 milyong dolyar ZTE National Broadband, he took measures para sa pag-uusig ng mga pinuno ng pamahalaan sa paglabag ng Anti-Graft at Corrupt Practices Act. At the time when Pres. Gloria Arroyo imposed martial law sa Maguindanao, Gordon opposed it challenging its constitutional validity; such a maverick tendency indicates na hindi siya trapo sapagkat siya ay itinalaga ni Arroyo sa gabinete. Furthermore, a man, such as Gordon, who will impartially uphold justice and follow the rule of law bilang senador ay mahalaga para sa ating bayan which was ranked as one of the most corrupt countries sa Asia noong 2014 sang-ayon sa Corruption Perceptions Index of Transparency International.

In his most recent crusade against corruption, Gordon filed a Petition for Mandamus in the Supreme Court in order to curb voter fraud for the 2016 elections.  As a result, the Comelec was ordered by the high court to enable the printing function of the PCOS machines, which would clearly reveal the chosen candidates of voters on their receipts.

2. Siya ang taong matuwid at maginoo.

Pangalawa, maaring mas may kapakinabangang pampulitiko si Gordon, kung nagsampa siya ng kaso laban kay Sen. Grace Poe upang madiskwalipika ito sa pagtakbo sa senado dahilan sa mga usaping pagkamamamayan at paninirahan, na naging paksa ng agam-agam at pag-aalinlangan sa mga mapanuring mata ng lipunan. That was precisely what his UP college mates (also members of UNA and LP) urged him to do. Subalit, sa halip na pagnasaan ni Gordon ang senatorial seat na mababakante ni Grace Poe kung sakaling mapawawalang saysay ang pagkamamamayan nito at matanggal siya sa pwesto, minabuti niyang bigyang linaw ang usapin.

I believe that the matter of Sen. Poe’s qualifications for national office has already been referred to the proper legal venues, and I deem it counter-productive to say anything more about this issue, aside from the statements I have already made.

Karagdagan dito, lubhang pinahahalagahan ni Gordon kagalingang panlahat at katiwasayan ng nakararami, higit sa kanyang pamilya. Sa halip na ipagdiwang ang kapaskuhan sa piling ng kanyang pamilya, pinili niyang ibahagi ang diwa ng Pasko sa buhay ng mga taong higit na nangangailangan, ang mga biktima ng Hurricane Mayon. Isang pagmumulat matang may kaakibat na tanong. Nasaan at ano ang pinagkakaabalahan ng ibang senador sa panahon ng kapaskuhan?

3. Siya ang taong may pananaw.

Pangatlo, Gordon’s transformational vision of a prosperous Pilipinas is not one of mere wishful thinking or political rhetoric. Sa kabilang banda, iyon ay pangarap, which has already been partially implemented sa Subic Bay with outstanding success. (I will elaborate later in this blog.) Gordon supports measures which would create domestic jobs and render the Philippine economy less dependent sa mga remittances ng overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). He favors the promotion of the free market system, so that competition would lower energy costs; this would lower production costs and prices for consumer goods. In turn, living standards of all our kababayans would be raised and the destitute would be lifted out of poverty, rendering the culture of government handout dependency obsolete. Sa wakas, Gordon envisions a Third World Philippines ascending into First World status.

4. Siya ay may malawak na karanasan sa serbisyong pampubliko.

Pang-apat, ang limampung taon na makabayang paglilingkod ni Gordon ay patunay ng kanyang wagas na pagsisilbi sa ating bayan. Sa katunayan, he has assumed various positions as Olongapo City mayor, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) chairman, Department of Tourism secretary, at senador ng RP (Republika ng Pilipinas). He has even been a Red Cross volunteer, since he was seventeen years old (48 years ago) and is currently its chairman.

5. Siya ay may kapita-pitagang ulat na natupad.

Panglima, si Gordon ay may pambihirang galing na naitala sa Senado para sa kanyang masigasig na pagsusulong ng mga panukalang batas at pagtatanggol sa Saligang-Batas. Bilang senador, he authored several important laws (e.g., New Automated Elections System Law, University of the Philippines Charter of 2007, Filipino World War II Veterans Pensions and Benefits Act of 2008) and was a member of more than twenty committees (most notably the Blue Ribbon, Economic Affairs, Trade and Commerce, Education, Energy, Foreign Relations, National Defense and Security, and Ways and Means). He also served as chairman of the Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Laws Committee and was the youngest delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention. That makes him an exceptional lawyer and senator, sapagkat he has not only participated sa paghahanda at pagsususog ng mga panukalang batas at resolusyon, lalo’t higit sa pagbalangkas ng kataas-taasang batas ng ating bayan, ang Saligang-Batas. Samakatuwid, si Gordon lamang ang nagtataglay nang labis na kahusayan at kasanayan sa pagpapaliwanag at pagpapatupad ng mga batas sa buong kapuluan.

As the youngest delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention, Gordon swears in.

As the youngest delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention, Gordon swears in.

Kaugnay sa mga paliwanag ko sa aking naunang blog “Of Scooters, Buses, Jeepneys, and Airplanes: A Simple Case Against Gibo, Noynoy, and Manny Villar for President in 2010,” I argue that more than forty years of Gordon’s diverse executive experience sa local at pambansang level ng pamahalaan was his unique advantage over the other presidentiables for being the national executive (the president) ng bayan. I compared him to a skilled driver of a scooter, jeepney, and bus, all of which require different types of perception (namely, distance and depth), maneuvering, and coordination. Halimbawa, a bus driver could not possibly drive in the same manner as he would drive a scooter in which, when turning a bus around, would necessitate wide turns and a keener sense of distance and depth.

Gayunpaman, sa paliwanag na iyan, I argue that such a diversity sa executive experience is also Gordon’s unique advantage for the national legislative branch (Congress) as well as for the national executive branch (the presidency). Using the same metaphor, consider a driver’s perspective as opposed to that of an engineer or blue print maker, who designs motorized vehicles or builds roads. Sa katotohanan, a vehicle transports the driver insofar as its apparatus (mobile design, engine capacity, etc.) and road surface allow. Samakatuwid, a driver’s experience is generally confined exclusively to the mechanics and mobility of the vehicle he drives. Hence, though an engineer may have the ingenuity and creativity to design a vehicle, without actually test-driving and utilizing it fully, the engineer can only speculate on its operation and effectiveness, thereby rendering the driver’s experience and perspective more accurate (for purposes of designing vehicles).

With this in mind, may isang tanong ako na gusto kong unawain ninyong mabuti. Which would you prefer to have as an infrastructural or mechanical engineer para sa inyong bahay o commuting route? The man who only draws blue prints for buses or a skilled driver of a scooter, jeepney, and bus, who also draws blue prints for buses? Sa katotohanan, iyang proverbial multi-vehicle driver at blue print maker ay si Gordon.

In plain language, here is why I also argue that Gordon’s diverse executive experience gives him a unique advantage of being a senator. His experience of private and public policy implementation gives him the hindsight of working with other policy makers as chief executive himself, which subjected him to conflicts of interest, compromise, resolutions, and collaboration with them. Halimbawa, bilang mayor (an executive position) ng Olongapo City, he worked with the sangguniang panglungsod (local legislature) in ratifying or vetoing bills as a local public executive. This gave Gordon the perspective and savvy to craft good laws and pass them effectively through the often long drawn out legislative process and conflicts of interest between the national executive (the president) and the national legislature (Congress). Being mayor has also given him a stricter sense of public accountability, since the small bureaucratic structure of local officials tends to be more transparent (as opposed to the national level), thus making it more difficult for them to conceal their potential violation of the law.

6. Siya ay tagapamahala ng krisis.

Bilang CEO (an executive position) ng Philippine Red Cross, Gordon traveled all over RP, undertaking numerous drastic measures. Bilang crisis manager, he directed many disaster/rescue operations involving aid sa man-made and natural catastrophe victims. Sa kanyang limampung taong mapagkawanggawang paglilingkod, his intervention has saved millions of lives and restored over 133,000 homes ng mga biktima ng Yolanda at ng iba pang malaking mga kapahamakan at kalamidad. (View this video for firsthand accounts, including a successful hostage rescue operation from Abu Sayyaf without ransom.) He has also directed operations that involve prevention and safety in order to better prepare our kababayans for any disaster. Only a crisis manager or executive (not just a legislator) would know precisely what resources and in what quantity need to be allocated to each disaster area, knowledge which is indispensable for a country prone to such disasters.

Red Cross Chairman Gordon provides aid during a rescue operation.

Red Cross Chairman Gordon provides aid during a rescue operation.

7. Siya ay tagapaglikha ng hanapbuhay.

Bilang Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) chairman, Gordon directed a successful effort to convert a desolate, abandoned American naval base (Subic Bay) into a prosperous economic trade zone. Bago pa man ang conversion, Subic Bay was reduced to a heap of ash caused by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. After Gordon inspired thousands of volunteers to clean and renovate the area, hundreds of companies (including Acer and FedEx Express) created approximately 40,000 jobs with their US $1billion of foreign investments. The success was such that several world leaders (including Pres. Clinton) hailed it bilang halimbawa para sa pagsulong ng ekonomiya.

President Fidel Ramos considered Subic Bay such a success, he designated it (instead of Manila) as the location for the 1996 APEC summit, in which 18 heads of state met. Among them were Chinese president Jiang Zemin, Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, and US President Bill Clinton (at the far right).

President Fidel Ramos considered Subic Bay such a success, he designated it (instead of Manila) as the location for the 1996 APEC summit, in which 18 heads of state met. Among them were Chinese president Jiang Zemin, Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, and US President Bill Clinton (at the far right).

Another executive position Gordon assumed was that of secretary of the Department of Tourism. At a time of declining tourism, he managed to increase the number of tourists from one million to two million within a single year, thereby creating numerous jobs. Against overwhelming odds, all this occurred in the midst of terrorist threats, civil war in Mindanao, coup attempts, and SARS.


Department of Tourism Sec. Gordon’s signature logo for boosting the economy.

Department of Tourism Sec. Gordon’s signature logo for boosting the economy.

Furthermore, mga kaibigan at mga kababayan ko, sana naiintindihan ninyo ang kahalagahan at kapakinabangan ng executive experience as opposed to legislative experience lamang. Maliwanag iyan, knowledge for crafting laws can most accurately be derived from those who constantly manage the daily operation of producing and allocating various resources (e.g., food, manpower, money, capital, rescue supplies). Short of such first hand experience, knowledge remains partial and inaccurate sapagkat iyon ay based sa pangalawang mga pinagkukunan o kaisipan lamang. It would be analogous to an engineer claiming the car he designed will be easy to operate, ride smoothly, and be comfortable to drive without ever having driven it himself.

8. Siya ay dalubhasa sa pakikipagtalastasan.

Pang-anim, bilang radio show host sa Radyo5 92.3 News FM on a program called “Aksyon Solusyon”, Gordon is exposed to people of diverse economic, provincial backgrounds. Such a constant daily inflow of various feedback directly from the people keeps Gordon informed on the state of the nation and provides him with fresh ideas on what can and must be done. Bilang senador, he will be in a better position to accommodate such ideas sa pamamagitan ng pagsasabatas.

Radyo5 Gordon

9. Siya ay taong pangmasa.

Sa aking pang wakas, apart from Gordon’s apparent devotion and service sa ating bayan, on the lighter side, he is a man of the masses, which maSiya des him a likable politician with a human face. Halimbawa, ito ang clip upang he performs a song and dance routine with the renowned entertainers ng Moymoy Palaboy.

Sa ibang video, he dances the Harlem Shake with his grandchildren. If that is not enough to persuade you all of his ordinary humanity common to the masses, here he is cooking barbeque. Hindi totoong isang pangkaraniwang faceless, “out of touch” at professional politician si Gordon. Sa katotohanan, isa siyang payak at masayahing tao na may kababaang loob, magandang pag-uugali at mapagpatawa.

Sa aking pagbubuod, ito ang mabait na senatoriable who has served sa Senado, held various executive positions, and has expressed his love para sa ating bayan by serving it for more than fifty years. He was responsible for saving millions of lives and building thousands of homes for the homeless. He has opposed corruption openly and challenged the president (who appointed him sa gabinete) and others, sa batayan ng kanyang pagtatanggol ng Saligang-Batas. He also knows how to do the Harlem Shake. Who would not want all those qualities in a senator?

Gayunpaman, gaya ng sinabi ko kanina, ilan lamang ito sa pamantayan nang matalinong pagpili ng isang kandidato over another. Batid kong, isa itong pagpapasya kung gugustuhin mong magdagdag ng isa pa sa iyong talaan ng mga hinihirang na senatoriables. Subalit iminumungkahi ko, mga kaibigan at mga kababayan ko, if you don’t want the best to be missed, then add Sen. Gordon to your list.

Mabuhay si Sen. Dick Gordon! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Aksyon Gordon holding young girl


  • Mary Ann Del Mundo (Pagwawasto)
  • Joy Castro (Pagwawasto)

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Refoj Lap Tan

Refoj Lap Tan Dahil nakapag alyansa sya sa partido ni peping at binay.sayang dahil hinagaan ko noong 2010, akala ko matinay ang prinsipyo nya.

Ronaldo Tuason
Paolo Dela Cruz Lim

Paolo Dela Cruz Lim 1 good reason not to bring him back dahil ibabaon nya sa utang ang mga tao. Kahit gawin pa nya zero interest yung ipapautang ay di parin tama. LOAN Education = Corruption

Chino Fernandez

Chino Fernandez It’s just a proposal, don’t you want to consider him for other things? Then who will you vote?

Paolo Dela Cruz Lim

Paolo Dela Cruz Lim They can’t even answer a simple question why despite the growing economy the country’s debt is also growing? Back on January each Filipino share to the national debt is only 55,000 pesos after a moth it became 59,000 pesos. Some of them knows why but they too scared to tell the truth.

Philip Basilio

Philip Basilio He is a good and fair person po, sa mga boboto Kay gordon Hindi po sayang Ang vote nyo. Naglilingkod po sya nang tapat para sa Bayan …go go. Gordon.

Ferdie J Maglalang

Ferdie J Maglalang One just wonders whatever happens to his Bagumbayan vision? And his historical account of the 9th ray of the sun in the Philippine flag? If they are genuine, they could stand the test of time.

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Paolo Dela Cruz Lim, I’ll answer your question here as well as in the blog itself. Unang-una, Gordon does not have the silver bullet which will address all of our country’s ills. Gayunman, one of his solutions, to address your point of objection to add him to your list, is economic liberalization. As a consequence, more jobs would be created, and more tax revenue would flow to the government and reduce dependence on social welfare programs, thereby reducing the national debt. He already did it sa Subic Bay. Samakatuwid, he can do it for the entire country.

Nga pala, you did not answer Chino Fernandez‘s question. If you will not add Gordon to your list, whom do you have?

Chino Fernandez

Chino Fernandez ^ Methinks Paolo is thinking of a boycott, because everything we’re doing “legally” is a joke for him.

Chino Fernandez

Chino Fernandez Common with believer of the New World Order conspiracy junk.

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Marahil tama ka, kaibigan ko. Gayunman, I’m willing to give him a chance to respond logically.

Germi Cruz Sison

Germi Cruz SisonAlthough I hate his hobnobbing with the Estradas and the Enriles I still will vote for him as the most competemnt among the senatoriables.

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial BonifacioRefoj Lap Tan, unang-una, the instability of RP’s multi-party system is such that political expedience demands such measures be taken paminsan-minsan. Even Sun Tzu in the Art of War has stated that forming alliances with opponents against a greater enemy can lead to a successful victory para sa short-term. Then, the long-term can be dealt with afterwards. Talaga, a warrior must think in terms of practical strategy, hindi prinsipyo lamang. Gayunpaman, what principle has he violated? He has not done anything illegal or unconstitutional.

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Joel, Isa, Alfred, Paul, Gilbert, Bheng, Figo, Hill, Mary, Dick Gordon Bagumbayan Volunteers, and Gordon BagumbayanCavitevolunteers, a former supporter of Dick Gordon claims that after Yolanda, his face was emblazoned on Red Cross vehicles in order to boost his ratings for his 2013 run sa Senado. Kaya nga she no longer supports him. Do you all know anything about this?

Paul Farol
Paul Farol No idea at all

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio She claims she saw it reported on the news the day Gordon was there.

Joel Paras
Joel Paras What news? Wheres the vid or article?

Airine Martinez Abenes
Airine Martinez Abenes tsk paninira para lang sa pansariling interest hindi man lang makita ung malaking nagagawa nung tao para sa komunidad, paanu ba tayu uunlad sa mga ganitong gawainSee Translation

Perci Lozano Piña
Gilbert Menchu
Gilbert Menchu Election time siraan blues na naman iyan.We know the Gordons since we were young.In 1975 with 3 Red Cross nurse in Zambales for Civic Action and were escorted by Phil. Army.There i’ve seen how dangerous in helping people,so respect even those volounteers.If one don’t like to support Gordon,because of his being a workaholic character.He knows peoples need him to moved on.So for so many years in service i can say a man like Richard Gordon and the others you can’t find it so easy,even without using the Red Cross helping people he can find it on his way.Like what he did to Olongapo.Here abroad Gordon is popular enough.Red Cross,is so actived than before.Whatever he do its for the good of our people and our country.His mother i will always think as a great woman and Dick is 100x better than her.Working in Red Cross for him a lot of poor people you wanted to helped that most of our politicians kept on ignoring.I’ve seen only once the role of volounteers specially in Red Cross its not that easy at all.Sweat,blood that others can give in working as Red Cross volounteer.Support Dick Gordon,whatever he does he knows there are a lots of people like him who had the same vision of helping.Helping people sometimes not all can used by money and popularity,just try to saved peoples life in time that matters. My brother because of no money they ignored him in Olongapo Hospital.My mom was so desperate and did asked helped on him.It was 1980’s right away he called the US military hospital for helped and they arrived as fast as they can.The next day when i talked to the Doctor after the operation my brother did not survived for its too late to call for helped,the doctor told me not the first time they helped filipino people,things like this he knows our Mayor are so actived in helping the needy one so big support,its not because of money nor popularity,helping poor ones in Zambales with lots of NPA around that time in Zambales,who will have couraged to do that.I only did it once,more than the military couraged you need sometimes in helping others and i said Red Crosser is the hardest job you can get.For me other will support Dick or not he will continue in helping others nor others around him will continue thier worked to saved peoples life nor helped them in hard times.So amazed with Red Cross now,health center and school that others need nor house that others dreamed to have Red Cross can offer.Thanks,more the support of others are worth to continue.And until Dick is working in this organization nothing are impossible.My mom is a Red Cross volounteer before and i’m proud of her.They like people had unity in helping.Some people stay near to Dick for they are the one who need support for they cannot beat this people in working hard and no difference what is day and night,nor time in helping our people.To others support him,as you can its tough but its worth to have a man like Dick.

Edyll Jun Tan
Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Gilbert, I appreciate your service and that of your nanay’s. Salamat para sa kwento mo.

Isa Lan
Isa Lan Sir, as far as I know po, yung mga Red Cross Vehicles po, lalo na yung mga service nila wala po mga nakatatak duon kundi mga Red Cross Emblems. Matagal na po ibinabato yang issue na yan laban sa kanya. Perhaps, it’s as well that you brought this up at this point to clear things up.
Number 1, not everyone knows that Chairman Dick Gordon has donated his PDAF while he was Sentaor to the Red Cross. The PDAF was used to purchase ambulances which were distributed to the RC chapters nationwide. Previous to this, the RC only had limitied ambulances. Hindi lahat ng chapters po meron.
Number 2, in this instance, mahirap po atang paghiwalayin o himayin yung role niya bilang Senador mula 2004-2010. Dahil habang Senator po siya, naitalaga din po siyang Chairman ng Red Cross. Di ba po dapat na mas maapreciate natin na ang pinuntahan ng PDAF niya ay may katuturan at mas likas na nakatutulong sa taumbayan?
Number 3, at present, 4 term elected Chairman na siya ng Red Cross. Kung hindi po siya nakakabuti para sa Humanitarian Institute na ito, patuloy ba siyang pagtitiwalaan ng mga naghahalal sa kanya?
Number 4, bilang chairman po ng Red Cross, volunteer pa din po ang status niya. Sa madaling salita po, WALA PO SIYANG SAHOD. Pero dahil nasa puso niya ang likas at tunay na pagseserbisyo sa mga tao at nangangailangan, patuloy niya itong ginagampanan at lalong pinagiibayo.
Number 5, hindi po alam ng lahat ang walang puknat na paghahanda ng Red Cross kapag may mga parating na unos o may nangyayaring trahedya. Kakaunti lang din po ang nakakaalam na HINDI NATUTULOG AT HINDI NA MAKUHANG UMUWI NI CHAIRMAN GORDON dahil siya mismo ang nangangasiwa at nagmomonitor ng mga pangyayari, sitwasyon at mga tawag. Kung baga sa timon, siya ang kapitan ng barko kahit na may mga tauhan siyang gumagampan sa mga gawain.

Buksan po sana ng ating mga kababayan ang kanilang mga mata sa pagkakaiba ng mga pulitkong sumasakay lamamg o nanggagamit ng pagkakataon at pananamantala. Sa palagay ko naman po ay VERY CONSISTENT PO OVER THE YEARS ang mga serbisyo at gawain ni Chairman Dick Gordon. Wala po akong nakikitang dahilan upang siya ay pagdudahan. Sana po ay nakatulong po itong paliwanag ko sa inyo at sa mga may katanungan o duda sa kanilang pagiisip.See Translation

Jocelle Rabulan Corpuz
Jocelle Rabulan Corpuz Kaibigan … kahit isa ay wala pa akong nakita na ambulance ng red cross na may mukha ni Sir Dick GordonSee Translation

Bheng Jonatas
Bheng Jonatas Show pictures. Allegations are nothing without proof.

Edyll Jun Tan
Edyll Jun Tan Bheng Baka naman edited ang labasSee Translation

Teci Pulido
Teci Pulido Hello smile emoticon In fairness, it might be true. Just like the “BF gets it done” posters of Gordon’s running mate, Bayani Fernando.
Again in fairness, I’d rather have a productive politician than one who just gets our money and serves himself, right? smile emoticon

Perci Lozano Piña
Perci Lozano Piña Teci Pulido It might be true na ano po?

Teci Pulido
Teci Pulido Perci Lozano Piña yung statement at the start of this thread, yung may face ni Sen Gordon sa Red Cross vehicles.

Bheng Jonatas
Bheng Jonatas Edyll, show their ingenuity and creativity. Bring it on!

Bheng Jonatas
Bheng Jonatas After Haiyan, or Yolanda, vehicles acquired are all donations. Donation meaning, Dick Gordon has no hand in telling the donors what to place on them.

Bheng Jonatas
Bheng Jonatas The 2013 election happened May 2013. Yolanda happened November 2013. So where is the logic of boosting his senatorial ratings for 2013?

Perci Lozano Piña
Perci Lozano Piña Teci Pulido kaya nga po you said it might be true pero may evidence na po ba kayong nakita?See Translation

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Isa, salamat sa mga punto mo, kaibigan. Marangal si Gordon sa kusang loob niyang paghahandog ng kanyang PDAF. Ideally, more people should know about that dahil iyon ay maliwanag na indicator ng kanyang pagkatao. The same holds true with Gordon’s risky, humanitarian service sa Red Cross.

Gilbert Menchu
Gilbert Menchu Ang mga nagtratrabaho sa Red Cross noon very risky lalo na sa mga libliban na lugar lalo na kung ang mentality ng mga tao na walang mga school around.Dahil bawat pumasok na tao na hindi sila kilala is a spy ang tingin nila.Dahil sa lugar at lupain na iniingatan nila na huwag pag interesan ng mga politician.Dahil sa iyon lang ang lupain na minana nila sa magulang kahit walang kasulatan kaya ang ibang NPA iyan daw ang pino protektahan.Pero ang mga Red Cross naman bago pumunta sa isang lugar ina announced muna nila.Itong issue na sinasabi ninyo some years ago may naikakalat din iyong iba na paninira tuwing botohan times lang at nawala din.Nong nasa Gapo si Dick sa SBMA,sabi ng kapatid ko sa akin,ang ugali ni Dick open naman sa mga tao at nakikita nila ang totoo. Sa facebook pa ngayon na mas madaling nakikita ng mga tao ang bawat kilos niya.Matagal na sa service si Dick at alam din niya kung sino ang mga tao na inggit sa kanya,naalala ko some years ago na may nanira na parang ayaw niya na nasa Red Cross si Dick.Mahigpit ang Red Cross organization,di katulad ng ibang organization.Dahil sila ang pinaka nauuna sa kahit anong humanitarian service.We need not to listen sa mga taong walang magawa kundi ma merwisyo na hindi naman nila kayang gawin ang trabaho ni Dick.Isang beses lang akong nag civic action pero nong time na iyon i am glad na na experienced ko.Pero dahil sa very risky ang lugar masarap tumulong but i don’t want to risked my life dahil sabi ko i have dreams in my life to fullfil din.Sabi ng mga tao sa lugar na iyon minsan naman ang mga kano ang nag bibigay ng kailangan nila may helicopter na pumupunta pero bawal na bababa sila so ang foods at medicines sa ganiyan sila nag su survived problema iyong maliit na ilog nila ang polluted just to think walang ilaw pa.Doon ako nakakita na mga batang malnourished na parang africa,that was 1975.Dahil sa Pinatubo baka wala na doon ang mga tao.Lets,all be happy na may mga taong nag ca care,gold ang time ni Gordon na every minute of the hour ini spend niya ang time niya sa trabahong matino dahil kulang pa ang time at pera nila sa mga taong dapat tulungan,hindi man nila ma perfect at least ma save nila ang iba dahil limit din ang trabaho nila.Buong Pilipinas,kung saan man may nangangailangan ng tulong always ready sila.See Translation

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Tama sina Mary at Bheng tungkol sa paksang Yolanda at 2013 eleksyon. Meron pagsasalungatan sa panahon.

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts Marcial why would you not believe something that was in the mainstream paper ? Do you think it was pure imagination?

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts Did you delete my comments here at the post of Mary Ann?

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts If you deleted my replies to MaryAnn then . Please untag me. I did NOT volunteer to be tagged. Thank you and good bye Marcial Bonifacio

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts What kind of forum is this if other views and opinions are deleted?

Bheng Jonatas
Bheng Jonatas Your posts were not deleted. You posted on another thread of comment.

Dionisio de la Serna
Dionisio de la Serna dick or his staff can clarify this observation

Perci Lozano Piña
Perci Lozano Piña Matagal nang sinisiraan si Dick Gordon, pero ung Mama tuloy lang ang pag tulong at pag volunteer sa Philippine Red Cross, eh! tayo? ano na ba nagagawa natin? bukod sa maniwala sa haka haka ano ba ginawa nung nag claim na yun?? yumaman ba sya? nakatulong ba sya sa mahihirap?See Translation

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Tama ka, Perci. I am still waiting for her response sa ibang lugar wherein she has made such an allegation.

Perci Lozano Piña
Perci Lozano Piña Marcial Bonifacio nag aalala lang po ako sa mga Pinoy na madaling maniwala kahit walang basehan..See Translation

Gilbert Menchu
Gilbert Menchu Gordon,is working for a long time in Red Cross,we know how hard he do his job,than others who had nothing to do and just tsismis or siraan ang gawa.

Edyll Jun Tan
Edyll Jun Tan 48 years working as volunteer

Mary Ann Del Mundo
Mary Ann Del Mundo I’ve searched the web looking for, what she so called, Red Cross vehicle with Sen. Gordon’s face emblazoned on it and found none. Even in reality, I never encountered such. If you can challenge her to produce an unedited and unadulterated photo, that would somehow shed light to the discussion.

Her accusation is very subjective and speculative. Election of 2013 happened in May. Typhoon Yolanda wreaked havoc in November. I do not see any reason for Senator Gordon to campaign amidst the destruction because it is way past the election and way too early for the next. Granted that she indeed saw a Red Cross vehicle with Sen. Gordon’s face on it, definitely, that was not intentional nor promotional. Who, in a right mental framework, would even thought of such selfish act at the very center of misery and tragedy? That was an urgent response for help, Sen. Gordon would not even bother to choose what vehicle to use. Hill Roberts should think in a broader perspective and objectively. She had focused and dwelt on the minutest detail yet overlooked the most significant ones. Sen. Gordon’s great act of heroism and stewardship. He was among the earliest to respond to the disaster and brought relief. No one can contest to that.

As to the present , Sen Gordon has the most comprehensive and extensive recovery, restoration and rebuilding programs for Yolanda victims.

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Magandang punto, Mary, kaibigan ko. Mukhang improbable ang kanyang allegation, nguni’t gusto ko ng kanyang sagot in order to be fair sa kanya.

Isa Lan
Isa Lan Up to the present, the Red Cross efforts of restoration in the Yolanda affected areas are still ongoing. There are some areas which have been finished and turned over already, complete with water filtration systems. Hindi basta basta ang materials na ginamit.

Isa Lan
Isa Lan This is just an example, and not the updated version.

Isa Lan's photo.
Isa Lan
Isa Lan
Isa Lan This is their latest house constructed in the Red Cross Village they turned over.

Isa Lan's photo.
Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Maganda iyan, Isa! I’d like to post those pics sa aking dingding.

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts Look Mary Ann . I know where you’re going on this. I run political sites myself and join other political sites. I am not nit-picking here . However, it was morally wrong for Gordon to promote himself at a time when the calamity was fresh–where tens of thousands died, where tens of thousands lost their homes properties mementos etc, where to this day , tens of thousands are living in abject poverty

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts He showed what a typical Filipino politician he was when he emblazoned and publicized himself in that manner. It shows lack of tact and deeper understanding of a calamitous and dangerous situation.

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts Gordon had shown, that time, that he was capable of promoting himself regardless of what just happened

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts That is unmistakably very typical of a politician

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts And that one thing that he did left a bitter taste in my mouth .

Perci Lozano Piña
Philip Basilio
Philip Basilio Hill Roberts has a big problem to WoWGordon God bless you mam

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts You people like to create a Clique
even when this is something very serious and everyone must be HONEST. Commenters here are afraid to SPEAK THE TRUTH–because as usual , it’s better to have “pakikisama” –sorry that’s BS in my book

Philip Basilio
Philip Basilio What is your problem with WoWGordon mam Hill Roberts by being negative how do you know him.

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts Why don’t you ask Richard Gordon himself? He knows exactly what he did on that day that he went to Tacloban.

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts Philip Basilio, did I say that I know him?

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts Do you know him personally? If so, ask him about the Red Cross vehicles Which he and his staff emblazoned with his face and name .

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts If he says no, then you’ve got a liar for a candidate because sooner or later, mainstream media and newspapers will show photos of Red Cross vehicles with Gordon advertising himself–like some God who descended from heaven

Philip Basilio
Philip Basilio Dapat po mam post nyo picture as proven of what he did na hindi nyo nagustuhan mamSee Translation

Gilbert Menchu
Gilbert Menchu Who is this Hill Roberts?.What is her problem?.Goodness,she can show the photos if she took it with her cell phone no problems with us.Look for me this is not an issue,what is important a man was there in times of needs.Dick Gordon,showed up in television,almost everytime theres a catastrophe.Kahit saan kang country na tumingin ang mga nagawang tulong ni Dick sa mga tao sa atin you cannot compare it in other countries. Mayor pa siya sa Gapo ganiyan na ang gawa niya.President nga hindi pinapansin ang mga tao sa pangangailangan nila.It looks like this Hill Robert hindi gusto si Gordon baka hindi siya napansin sa Tacloban?.Nasa Swiss na ako dami mong maririnig na nagawang maganda ni Gordon ng Haiyan,bakit tayo pa pa bothered sa taong ito?.I’m crying for 3 nights just looking at the people in Tacloban.Does she knows the difference of time to all Red Cross staff to go there and organized everything?.Look whose talking?.What Hill Roberts doing at that time?.Is she also for humanitarian organization?.What she does in Tacloban during that time?.Dick Gordon is not like some God who descended from Heaven,its only her impression.Frankly speaking,this Hill Roberts need attention.She can show it at that time without waiting for a long time.Nor using this issue for now kind of fishy.Or she can write Dick Gordon about it.

Gilbert Menchu
Gilbert Menchu What happened at that time to go back and get bothered by this Hill Roberts and will tell us sooner or later,media mainstream,and newspaper?.will show photos of vehicles with Gordon they can do that before.Directly,at that time they have tv camera etc..big proffessional camera this Robert Hill on that time she can talked to the media if she want too.What is her purpose in telling this now?.Is she running in politics?.Or she is here because she had nothing to do or say?.

Philip Basilio
Philip Basilio I think this Hill Roberts is sick and full of envy in her heart to #WOWGordon mam wala pong gamot Sa inggit kakamatayan mo po yan God bless you

Bheng Jonatas
Bheng Jonatas Where is the vehicle with his face emblazoned on it?

Mary Ann Del Mundo
Mary Ann Del Mundo @Ms. Hill Roberts, just so you know, no one deletes replies here. This discussion encourages everyone to freely voice out his opinion and make a stand but within the confines of truth and respect. But this does not mean that your allegations will be disrespected. In fact we are trying to shed light to it. Your allegation will remain as such until you show proof.

Here, we deal with issues and not with heresays. Not even emotions. We aim to promote the truth and equip the people with sustainable knowledge and awareness based on facts We don’t attack individuals, we simply align their acts and concepts to conform with veracity and accuracy, if we deem necessary.

Sen. Gordon is our leader and our only hope. Whoever disrespects and dishonors him will be on the same hotseat that you’re currently in. We aim to impact change in our land, influence the people’s voting behaviors by empowering them with the truth. This is for our children and yours too…we just cannot afford that HOPE be dampened with lies, indifference and selfish intentions.

Sonnie Bhoy Trinidad
Sonnie Bhoy Trinidad mam bheng just provide me the plate number hahanapin ko

Bheng Jonatas
Bheng Jonatas Kuya Sonnie, hinihingi ko rin yung info nung sinasabi na vehicle eh. Mali maling information ang feed. If that person volunteered for Yolanda, I would know especially sa early part kung NCR based.

Kuya Sonnie pm me your number.

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Hill, salamat sa sagot mo. As one who cares deeply about the welfare of our country, I work painstakingly to vet our public servants. Kung totoo ang iyong paninindigan, meron kapintasan sa aking kahusayan sa paghatol. Kaya nga I seek to clarify things. Samakatuwid, kaibigan ko, please answer the following questions para sa akin at para sa ating bayan:

1. Why is the Net devoid of such a controversial news story or photograph?

2. How can the inconsistency in the time of Yolanda (November) and the 2013 election (May) be reconciled as Jonatas and Mundo have pointed out?

3. Kung tama ka, is it possible that such an alleged emblazoning was done without Gordon’s order, which many may have mistakenly viewed as self-promotion?

Mary Ann Del Mundo
Mary Ann Del Mundo @Ms. Isa Lan’s comment. Thank you. This is an eye opener. So much has been published and said about Sen. Gordon’s unprecedented accomplishments. But what you shared is so important. Your personal revelation and testimony of Sen. Gordon’s selfless giving of his time and resources, to the extent of embracing self sacrifices, is truly remarkable. Very noble indeed!

Gilbert Menchu
Gilbert Menchu His a noble person Dick Gordon you said it right.When i was young na nakita ko sila na ang nanay niya nagtatalumpati sa harap ng mga tao.Andoon ang mga artista na si Vilma Santos at Gloria Romero as thier guest malapit sa bahay nila or tapat ng Restaurant nila.Bata pa si Dick pero my impression he will be a great and noble man.Still some day i do hope na maging President siya ng Pilipinas.Kailangan ng support ng mga tao.Ayaw lang niyang gumastos ng malaki sa campaign pero siguro kung maaga pa sasabihin niya mga tao maaaring tulungan din siya.Kasi sayang ang mga ideas niya sa Bansa natin at sa mga tao kung di niya gagamitin.At maraming matutulungan at ma sa saved siyang tao lalo na iyong mga nasa bundok or liblib na lugar.Maintenance na gamot ng matatanda etc…Save life at magandang example ang tinuturo niya sa mga kabataan.Mahirap pasukan ang politics pero mahirap din kung walang matinong politician.We all need Dick Gordon,kasi siya lang ang talagang Filipino na maka tao at maka bayan.Priceless ang ginagawa nilang mga volounteers.Sila pang mga walang sweldo na mas marami ang trabaho.So respect…all what they need.See Translation

Edyll Jun Tan
Edyll Jun Tan To add from Isa’s comment, Dick Gordon was also elected to International Red Cross organization.

Joel Paras
Remarks at the welcoming dinner
Manila Conference on Migration
12 May 2015

“We are here tonight to pay tribute to the Philippines. To you volunteers, to you staff of the Philippines Red Cross who make us so proud. You cannot imagine how many times I go to meetings and get congratulated for the work that was done in Haiyan. I had not joined the Red Cross at that time. But I am still reaping the benefit of being congratulated. You cannot imagine how many times, when the next Typhoon season came, and because of preparedness we did not have the same catastrophic situation that we had before, I was still the one being congratulated for the wonderful work the Red Cross is doing, without ever having been in the Philippines myself.

Tonight let me tell to you, to you who deserve all the thanks and congratulations for which so many of us are being thanked and congratulated for: to say thank you, and to say congratulations for the wonderful work you are doing.

And we are here also to pay tribute to leadership. To your leadership, Chairman Gordon, I would say, Governor Gordon because to me you are a member of our board, you are known to be the Chairman of the Philippines Red Cross, and I have nothing to tell you about that you know that much better than I do. But I can tell you something about Governor Gordon on the Board of the IFRC.

The same voice of reason, the voice of compassion, the voice of commitment that reminds us that we should not be complacent, we have to be angry when we have to be, we have to be sad when we have to be, we have to shout when we have to, but also, you have to share love, solidarity, hope, and remind ourselves that we are not helpless in the face of the many challenges that we have.

So, sir you are a son of the Philippines but you no longer belong to the Philippines alone, because of the message you carry which is a universal message, a universal message, the message of the Red Cross. So let me salute you and thank you for your leadership. Thank you, Sir.


Richard J. Gordon's photo.
Richard J. Gordon

Remarks at the welcoming dinner
Manila Conference on Migration
12 May 2015

Good evening.
Colleagues, friends, distinguished guests, our young volunteers, volunteers of the Red Cross.
We are here tonight again as a beautiful rainbow community, united by our shared humanity. Because that is what we are about. We as the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement: always there, on the side of the communities in need, to accompany them to respond to their needs, wherever those needs are.
And that is exactly what is taking us in the homes of the elderly. That is what is taking us on the streets among young people. That is what is taking us in the most dangerous places where we confront armed conflict. That is what is taking us when we witness an outbreak of an epidemic.
At times when everybody runs away, we run in, because we are the Red Cross and the Red Crescent.
We are almost there and almost everywhere, in 189 countries all over the world. We are always there and in almost every community, where we live, where we work, and where we belong to. We are 17 million volunteers. And it is such a privilege to be a part of this Movement.
And every time we witness such a hardship, it is always the young volunteers who come forward and make a very simple but profound statement: “If we don’t do it, who is going to do it?”
Now when we met young volunteers in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, when people died of Ebola and then they had been abandoned in mortuaries, they came forward and asked: “If we don’t bury them, who will?”
When Homs became ruins, and we already lost more than 42 volunteers of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, it was again a young volunteer who came forward: “We have to be here because if we don’t do it, who will?”
When we witnessed the Typhoon of Haiyan in this country of the Philippines, it was you here who came forward with a simple plain statement: “If we don’t do it, who will?”
When Nepal is, today, affected by an earthquake is not over, because there was another shock registered today, who was there first: that was again our volunteers.
I was so thrilled to meet just outside to meet the Filipino team who was there. Motivated and moved by the same slogan: “If it is not us, who will?”
And for the same reason today, when people ask us “Why are you working on migration?” I can give the same, simple answer: “If we don’t do it who will?” We do it because it is not about migration. We do it simply because it is about people. It is about people that remind us our shared humanity. It is about people like you and me: about fathers and mothers and daughters and sons, who put themselves on the move in the search of a better life to care for their families, care for their children.
Where they are coming from, the many countries they travel through, until their point of destination, in each of those places there is a Red Cross, there is a Red Crescent society. So we are better placed than everybody, then, to prepare them, to accompany them, and to welcome them to where they are.
So if we don’t do it, then who will?
I think that is what is uniting us here today, to show that humanity, to show that universality. Again: it is no matter where it is happening. Whatever touches on one part of our fellow human being touches us all, no matter where. And we are here to show that unity, to show that commitment, to show that we care, to show that compassion. And then to show that we have the knowledge, we have the expertise, we have the resources, we have the means to do that, because we are this formidable Movement that is anchored in the values of our Principles, but also in the values of the community, the societies where we live and where we work.
But we are here today to pay tribute to partnership. This conference is not the first one, it will not be the last. It started already in many other places like in Doha. The issues have been discussed in many other forums like in our Governing Board, in many other meetings where our technical people never stop drawing attention to this issue, never stop also searching for solutions to respond to the needs of the people.
But we are also here tonight to pay tribute to the Philippines. To you volunteers, to you staff of the Philippines Red Cross who make us so proud. You cannot imagine how many times I go to meetings and get congratulated for the work that was done in Haiyan. I had not joined the Red Cross at that time. But I am still reaping the benefit of being congratulated. You cannot imagine how many times, when the next Typhoon season came, and because of preparedness we did not have the same catastrophic situation that we had before, I was still the one being congratulated for the wonderful work the Red Cross is doing, without ever having been in the Philippines myself.
Tonight let me tell to you, to you who deserve all the thanks and congratulations for which so many of us are being thanked and congratulated for: to say thank you, and to say congratulations for the wonderful work you are doing.
And we are here also to pay tribute to leadership. To your leadership, Chairman Gordon, I would say, Governor Gordon because to me you are a member of our board, you are known to be the Chairman of the Philippines Red Cross, and I have nothing to tell you about that you know that much better than I do. But I can tell you something about Governor Gordon on the Board of the IFRC. The same voice of reason, the voice of compassion, the voice of commitment that reminds us that we should not be complacent, we have to be angry when we have to be, we have to be sad when we have to be, we have to shout when we have to, but also, you have to share love, solidarity, hope, and remind ourselves that we are not helpless in the face of the many challenges that we have.
So, sir you are a son of the Philippines but you no longer belong to the Philippines alone, because of the message you carry which is a universal message, a universal message, the message of the Red Cross. So let me salute you and thank you for your leadership. Thank you, Sir.
Indeed many of us come here today to say: let’s for one moment try to give back a little bit to you who give so much, travelling across oceans on the other side of the world. So then if you call, and maybe if the small just return that we travel the way back to be together with you.
When we talk about this issue of course, we can see the best in human beings as we can see the worst in human beings. We see stigma, we see discrimination, we see xenophobia, we see abuse, we see racism, and we cannot deny that, because so many of our fellow human beings suffer from that. On the other hand, we can also see the best in human beings. Care, compassion, respect, trust. What is more trustful than taking your own family and entrusting them to a so-called domestic worker to care for your children, to care for your sick mother, and then to take care of your full house when no one is around. What is also more about care and compassion than to have a domestic worker to love a child more than her own child who she left behind in her home country. To care for an elderly woman like she would care for her own mother. And if we do not see there a lesson for humanity, if we do not see there a message of the best in us, then we are missing something.
We are the Red Cross and Red Crescent. We are here to fight the worst and we are here to support the best. And we are so glad and privileged to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. And that is what commitment and leadership is about at the end of the day, leadership is nothing if it is not leading to the solution. And to you, many of the leaders coming here joining Chairman Gordon on that same journey, and to you the young people who are taking us through a leadership journey into the future, for leaders, and let me assure you that as an IFRC; we will always be on your side to accompany you to that journey of humanity.
Thank you.

Oscar Saddul
Oscar Saddul LET US ALL PUT OUR APPRECIATION OF PNR CHAIRMAN DICK GORDON INTO ACTION by putting him NO. 1 / numero UNO in our senator voting list. .

Oscar Saddul
Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Bakit 2014 ang larawan, Oscar?

Oscar Saddul
Oscar Saddul Oscar Saddul LET US ALL PUT OUR APPRECIATION OF PNR CHAIRMAN DICK GORDON INTO ACTION by putting him NO. 1 / numero UNO in our voting list. / Dr OAS MD.
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Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts Marcial Bonifacio, please untag me now. Thank you.

Mary Ann Del Mundo
Mary Ann Del Mundo @Ms. Hill Roberts, just so you know, no one deletes replies here. This discussion encourages everyone to freely voice out his opinion and make a stand but within the confines of truth and respect. But this does not mean that your allegations will be disrespected. In fact we are trying to shed light to it. Your allegation will remain as such until you show proof.

Here, we deal with issues and not with heresays. Not even emotions. We aim to promote the truth and equip the people with sustainable knowledge and awareness based on facts. We don’t attack individuals, we simply align their acts and concepts to conform with veracity and accuracy, if we deem necessary.

Sen. Gordon is our leader and our only hope. Whoever disrespects and dishonors him will be on the same hotseat that you’re currently in. We aim to impact change in our land, influence the people’s voting behaviors by empowering them with the truth. This is for our children and yours too…we just cannot afford that HOPE be dampened with lies, indifference and selfish intentions.