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Digong is no Dick . . . Dick Gordon, that is

Updated 3/26/2017

By Marcial Bonifacio

My friends and countrymen, ever since Rodrigo Duterte entered the presidential race in 2016, some of his most fervent supporters, including some of my esteemed colleagues, have held him with such high regard tantamount even to their high regard for Sen. Richard Gordon.  In fact, many voted for both public servants believing they would be an ideal tandem, one for president and the other for senator.  Many of our citizens who voted for Duterte in the 2016 presidential election are the same ones who voted for Gordon in his 2010 presidential race.

Perhaps such electoral behavior is due to the perception that they both are “no-nonsense,” maverick leaders, who “think outside the box.”  Hence, it is indubitable that they would govern similarly, if not identically.  However, such a conclusion has little basis in fact, considering their views, policies, and overall knowledge differ drastically.  Please allow me to illustrate.

Anti-Drug Policy

On the issue of the drug epidemic, Duterte seems content in executing his plans by literally executing people—drug lords and addicts—just as he did as mayor of Davao City.  He has even encouraged civilians to follow his lead, whereby he would give them a medal or cash in return.  “If you know of any addict,” stated Duterte, “go ahead and kill them yourself as getting their parents to do it would be too painful.”  Duterte has reiterated to the PNP (Philippine National Police) that he would take the fall for any policeman prosecuted for “doing his duty,” even to the point of incarceration.


Gordon, on the other hand, has a comprehensive approach to the drug problem.  For instance, since China has failed to effectively enforce its anti-drug smuggling laws, he suggests they be condemned.  “We should shame China,” advises Gordon, “They’re not only taking our land.  They’re also bringing in drugs to our country.”  He urges the Foreign Affairs Department to “launch a strong protest” against the imperial power.

Additionally, Gordon proposes that schools provide highly trained guidance counselors and facilitate active Parents-Teachers Associations in order to detect and prevent potential drug addicts.  He supports the establishment of village watch groups that would coordinate with the police and has been proven to be effective in Olongapo City under his mayorship.  Gordon also proposes establishing police courts for handling drug-related crime and extrajudicial killing cases and body cameras for the police to promote transparency.

Gordon-Drug solution

Upon the event of extrajudicial killings, he proposes the immediate suspension or dismissal of all policemen involved, just as he initiated as mayor.  I might add that as an infrastructure project and extra border security, the Philippines can emulate American Pres. Donald Trump’s proposal of erecting a “wall” for which China will pay, but I digress.  🙂

American Foreign Policy

Although Duterte has given mixed signals about his position on America and so-called “independent foreign policy” with other countries, his numerous rants and actions indicate he is, indeed, anti-American.  For example, Duterte prompted the Supreme Court to deliberate on the constitutionality of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), in spite of its benefit to RP.  He said that 2016 would be the last year the Philippines would participate in joint military patrols and exercises with the U.S., although he recently requested China’s assistance in sea patrolling as a pre-emptive measure against piracy.  Duterte has constantly condemned the U.S. for the atrocities of the Bud Dajo Massacre in 1906, prompting former Pres. Fidel Ramos to characterize such anti-colonial thinking as “20th-century thinking” from which we must detach ourselves.

Furthermore, Duterte has shifted RP’s arms supply source from the U.S. to Russia and China, in spite of what political scientist Richard Heydarian addresses as “problems with configuration” in which it could take “years for the Philippines’ army to reorient itself with new technology.”

He did all this in spite of the 70-year alliance in which the Americans fought alongside our countrymen against the Japanese imperialists during World War II, invested billions of dollars in private capital (much of it accounting for a booming BPO industry), defended RP’s right to use arbitration for maritime disputes in the West Philippine Sea, and has provided foreign aid in the form of disaster relief goods and services and military equipment and training against Islamic terrorists.

I have yet to mention the billions of dollars of remittances from American OFWs (which comprise approximately 43% of total remittances).   Does this sound like Duterte merely seeks an independent foreign policy, or does this manifest his entrenched animosity towards the U.S.?


Gordon, on the other hand, has consistently supported the U.S. as early as his Olongapo mayorship.  He vehemently defended the U.S. Bases Treaty in 1991 as well as EDCA.  In an interview during his 2013 senatorial run, when asked if he supported EDCA, he responded, “EDCA, yeah.  Our air force is all air and no force.”  More recently, Gordon pointed out that “Japan and South Korea have used the US military bases there as their defense umbrella, while they funneled resources to rebuild their ravaged economy to build up their society to first world status” and that RP “must do the same.”


Panatag Shoal

On the issue of Panatag Shoal, a Pulse Asia survey (taken Dec. 6-11, 2016) shows that 84% of its participants want the government to uphold the ruling of the Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), favoring RP’s claim and invalidating China’s nine-dash line as contrary to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.  Perhaps that is why many cheered at Duterte’s proclamation that he would jet ski all the way to the disputed territory on which he would plant the Philippine flag.  However, since he has forged an alliance with imperial China, he has refrained from discussing the matter with them.  Instead they discussed trade deals, financial aid, and arms supplies.


Though Philippine fishermen are now able to return due to China’s permission—not its acknowledgement of the PCA ruling, which Rep. Tomasito Villarin says will “subject us to international ridicule”—RP appears to be China’s lapdog.  How ironic considering Duterte, in condemnation of America, clearly stated, “I am not a tuta (lapdog) of any country!”  Even more perplexing is that about 55% of our countrymen have “little trust” in China, according to an SWS poll.  Indeed, Duterte has not only contradicted himself and thwarted the will of the people, he has defied all conventional logic by shifting loyalty from an old, reliable ally—sharing similar ideals and aspects of civil liberties, human rights, democracy, and military culture— to a hegemonic, dubious foe—sharing no such ideals or cultural facets.

The U.S. has already hinted that it will make preparations to block China, if it continues militarizing Panatag Shoal.  However, Duterte still refuses to collaborate in defending RP’s legal claim.  Gordon called such neglect of the PCA’s ruling “dangerous because anytime you have a claim, you must assert it,” and “if China steps on Scarborough Shoals, that is a red line and we’ll have to fight.”  He also agrees with Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio that, “if Duterte concedes sovereignty, it is a culpable violation of the Constitution, a ground for impeachment.”

With such a serious charge pending, what could be the rationale for such illogical behavior?  Is Duterte simply focused on the economic bounty RP will derive from China in exchange for Panatag Shoal?  Perhaps I can appropriately adapt Mark 8:36 as “For what shall it profit a nation to gain the whole spectrum of prosperity (in banana exportation, increased tourism, financial aid for infrastructure, and foreign direct investments) but lose its own sovereignty?”

China Philippines

Death Penalty

On the death penalty, Duterte seeks to reimpose it.  Gordon opposes it on the grounds that it violates international conventions to which RP has agreed and the risk of mistaken identity.  In fact, the Free Legal Assistance Group conducted a research study in 2004, which revealed that “71 percent of death sentences handed down by trial courts were wrongfully imposed.”  The same study also showed that “70 percent of the 1,021 inmates on death row earned less than P10,000,” essentially indicating the death penalty to be anti-poor.

Political Economy

On the economy, Duterte styles himself a “socialist” and the “first left president of the Philippines.”  As I pointed out in my commentary titled “My Concerns about a Duterte Presidency,” Duterte has been sympathetic to the communists and has offered them Cabinet positions in his administration.  While it is uncertain whether or not he himself is a communist—especially since he recently rebranded the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) as a “terrorist group” and declared an “all out war” against them after breaking a ceasefire—he has not replaced his appointees, three of whom are from the National Democratic Front (NDF) and one (Leonicio Evasco Jr) of whom is from the New People’s Army (NPA) and currently supervises 18 Cabinet agencies.

There are various theories from renowned commentators on the matter, and I am open to any and all of them without a firm conviction as of yet.  For example, many people think that Duterte has appointed communists to his Cabinet in an effort to make peace after 50 years of enmity.  Perhaps, but following that logic, should he not also include members of the Abu Sayyaf, ISIS, and Maute terrorist groups, since they are equal adversaries of the state?

Some think that since the founding chairman of the CPP, Jose Sison, was Duterte’s close friend and political science professor at the Lyceum of the Philippines, they are simpatico in their vision of a communist RP.  Others, like political columnist Francisco Tatad, speculate a grand scheme is at play in which Evasco is behind the peace talks of the CPP, NPA, and NDF for the “eventual communization of the Philippine government.”

However, some even believe that the current war on the NPA establishes a predicate for Duterte to declare martial law, since the communist movement can be construed as a rebellion, especially since they recently broke the ceasefire by killing some AFP members.  That may explain why he has visited various military camps throughout RP in order to garner support for such a drastic measure.


In spite of Duterte’s dubious intentions and association with communists, Gordon’s economic platform is pro-growth and pro-free trade.  His legislation proposals include lowering taxes, increasing savings and investments, and enabling entrepreneurs to be more competitive with big corporations for government contracts.  Gordon has frequently condemned government handouts as merely a Band-Aid solution to a deeper problem, which he says will only perpetuate “the attitude of mendicancy among our people” as has been the case “over the last four centuries or so.”


 In speech, Duterte is impulsively forthright, vulgar, and excessively foul-mouthed.  Indeed, such ostensibly undiplomatic verbiage has had national and international repercussions that have been adverse and the subject of universal media scrutiny.  Although a few of his spokesmen have publicly dismissed Duterte’s crude remarks as mere hyperbole or public misperception, “perception can be more damaging than reality” as Gordon pointed out.

On Duterte’s offensive remarks, Gordon insists “we have to protect the country from bad statements, and the President has the duty to be a statesman.”  As for his most frequently used expletive, Gordon suggests Duterte “not be heard saying all bad words” lest RP’s new tourism slogan be “Welcome to the PI” or “Wow PI.”  Even Donald Trump has displayed more oratorical discipline, since his election as president to the astonishment of many, including myself.


In contrast to Duterte’s unrefined oratory, Gordon’s is forthright but professional, eloquent, and with scholarship—in a word, most presidential.  View the following speech in which he presents his perspective on reopening the senatorial probe into the alleged Davao Death Squad with new testimony from Senior Police Officer 3 Arthur Lascañas.  Observe his diplomacy in articulating his disagreement with some of his senatorial colleagues.  Was he effective in conveying his points without using expletives?

Public Service

 Although Duterte’s public service and patriotic achievements (as prosecutor and 22-year mayor) cannot be denied due credit, they were largely confined to Davao City and its residents.  However, as president, I must at least credit him for persuading more than 700,000 drug-related criminals to surrender themselves to the proper authorities.  However, it can be disputed that the drug epidemic is simply the symptom or consequence of the more profound problems of psychological instability, poverty, and corruption, and should thus not be considered such an impactful achievement for the country as a whole.

After all, a liberal measure of the number of drug users is calculated to be a mere 4.74%, which is below the global average of 5.2%.  Meanwhile, the Asian Development Bank rates the poverty level at a whopping 25%.  Should not the “war on poverty” be prioritized over the “war on drugs”?  Would it not be more laudable, if Duterte contributed more to job creation, expanding the tax base, and creating prosperity—which could decrease drug abuse—not to mention would have preserved the lives of the 7,000 killed suspects in the drug war?

Gordon’s public service is far more diverse and has profoundly impacted the entire country.  For example, he was a delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention, authored the Automated Elections Law as a senator, and has helped save the countless lives of natural disaster victims as a Red Cross volunteer for nearly 50 years.  Hence, while Duterte may have contributed to the safety and prosperity of Davao City, Gordon was instrumental in framing the supreme law of our country, modernizing and automating the electoral process in order to curb voter fraud, and helping create prosperity for the whole Philippines in the tourism industry.

By now, it should be ostensible that Duterte and Gordon would govern very differently because they are very different public servants with different views on different issues, some of which are in direct contradiction.  If the name, “Digong,” were partially covered in such a way that only the first two letters, “Di,” could be seen, it may be innocently misconstrued as “Dick.”  However, such an error could easily be prevented by simply viewing all the alphabetical letters as a whole, just as we should examine all our public servants in their totality before electing them into office.

In conclusion, friends and countrymen, I submit that Rodrigo Duterte may be the first Mindanaon president of the Philippines, a former prosecutor and 22-year Davao City mayor, whose voice mesmerizes his admirers and strikes fear into the hearts of drug lords.  He may even be a maverick with drastic policy proposals and changes, which contradict conventional norms and even tradition.  Perhaps Duterte has a genuinely pure heart, good intentions, and is very passionate about our country as well as our countrymen.  Indeed, Digong may be a hero to many people, but he is certainly no Dick . . . Dick Gordon, that is.


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Comments from the group: Asian Alliance against China.

Rohellio Zoryaga They are not the same in terms of foreign relation.
Like · Reply · March 7 at 9:42pm
Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio They are scarcely the same in domestic or foreign policy. As I pointed out sa paliwanag ko, they differ on key issues, halimbawa, the drug war, death penalty, American foreign policy, Panatag Shoal, etc.
Like· Reply · March 8 at 6:15pm

Ashz Ashzl's Profile Photo, Image may contain: one or more peopleAshz Ashzl Yes both of them are a sissy dick
Like· Reply · March 8 at 12:23am
Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio How is Gordon, Ashz?
Like· Reply · March 8 at 6:23pm · Edited

Ashz AshzlAshz Ashzl Just ch3ck ur balls and compare it to gordon you’ll get what i mean. ????
Like· Reply · March 8 at 10:36pm · Edited

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio Please give me facts, Ashz.
Like· Reply · March 10 at 3:42pm · Edited

Josephus RamosJosephus Ramos What’s the comparison for? i can only see the two side of the two china and the US…
Like· Reply · March 8 at 7:17pm

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio The comparison shows the difference between Gordon and Duterte in general and in their approach to China in particular. While the former would stand up to them, the latter has sacrificed our sovereignty to them, Josephus, which is an impeachable offense.
Like· Reply · March 8 at 8:58pm

Sandra Joson-AcunaSandra Joson-Acuna Our people…deserve better leaders. May the Good Lord give us leaders that truly care for the welfare of the people, instead of their own..families, clans…and bank accounts. Tsk tsk tsk 🙁
Like· Reply · March 8 at 7:59pm · Edited

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio That leader would be Sen. Dick Gordon. He may very well be our next president.

Like· Reply · March 8 at 9:00pm

Sandra Joson-AcunaSandra Joson-Acuna Perhaps, that remains to be seen.
Like· Reply · March 8 at 9:03pm

Sandra Joson-AcunaSandra Joson-Acuna We will see …
Like· Reply · March 8 at 9:03pm

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio Even if he doesn’t become president, what Gordon has done for the country until now far exceeds what Duterte has done or is likely to do before his term expires.
Like· Reply · March 8 at 9:08pm

Sandra Joson-AcunaSandra Joson-Acuna Ok.
Like· Reply · March 8 at 9:09pm

Joe BaceroJoe Bacero Marcial Bonifacio really?
Like· Reply · March 8 at 10:19pm

Joe BaceroJoe Bacero Look DICK Look – look at Durts –
Like· Reply · March 8 at 10:25pm

Sandra Joson-AcunaSandra Joson-Acuna Joe Bacero
Like· Reply · March 8 at 10:28pm

Sandra Joson-AcunaSandra Joson-Acuna Mas magaling naman si Gordon kaysa kay Digz Joe ..that’s TRUE
Like· Reply · March 8 at 10:29pm

Joe BaceroJoe Bacero yes – its true…
Like· Reply · March 8 at 10:30pm

Joe BaceroJoe Bacero no snatchers no pickpocketers in subic when he was a mayor…
Like ·  Reply · March 8 at 10:31pm

Joe BaceroJoe Bacero and most of all NO death squad
Like· Reply · March 8 at 10:32pm

Sandra Joson-AcunaSandra Joson-Acuna 🙂
Like· Reply · March 8 at 10:32pm

Joe BaceroJoe Bacero ano tawag dun kung meron… SDS naman
Like· Reply · March 8 at 10:32pm

Joe BaceroJoe Bacero if he run for president on 2022 – i will not vote for him…
Like· Reply · March 8 at 10:33pm

Sandra Joson-AcunaSandra Joson-Acuna Who??? Gordon? Why?
Like· Reply · March 8 at 10:39pm

Joe BaceroJoe Bacero i mean if gordon run for president.
Like· Reply · March 8 at 10:40pm

Sandra Joson-AcunaSandra Joson-Acuna Ok Why not Joe?
Like· Reply · March 8 at 10:57pm

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio I’m also interested in knowing Joe Bacero‘s reason for not voting for Gordon after he just praised him.
Like· Reply · March 10 at 3:22am

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio Nga pala, magandang punto tungkol sa Olongapo and Subic Bay having low crime rates without a death squad under Mayor Gordon.
Like· Reply · March 10 at 3:27am


Comments from the group:  WHAT THE FILIPINOS NEED TO KNOW – Politics, News & other Relevant Issues.

March 7

Alwyn BalingitAlwyn Balingit They are on the same page on many things, and they are both excellent administrators who can bring their experience of running a city onto running a country

Like· Reply · March 7 at 9:51pm

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio Talaga, Alwyn? Name one policy in which they agree. I have pointed out several in which they are in direct opposition. Tungkol sa gobyerno ng ating bayan, alam mo ng mga accomplishments ni Gordon. Gayunman, Duterte’s only national impact has been in the drug war. Even then, as I pointed out sa paliwanag ko, that has little effect on poverty, unemployment, or development.

Also, the future of our country seems bleak when the President cannot even protect our sovereignty sa Panatag Shoal. Sa kabilang banda, he has sold it for China’s money. That was one of the key issues I pointed out, wherein Gordon and Duterte disagree.
Like· Reply · March 8 at 7:50pm · Edited

Alwyn BalingitAlwyn Balingit I cannot list and paste everything here, but you can scour the Richard Gordon FB Page, all posts that are supportive of Duterte. And yeah, while they have things that they agree on, there are also things they disagree about, for example, yung pag-away noon ni Duterte kay Obama.
Like· Reply · March 8 at 8:44pm

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio Please post the link sa Gordon’s FB page here, para I can check it. Tungkol kay Obama, that is probably the one thing wherein I disagree with Gordon sa kasamaang-palad. Are you referring to Chicago, Alwyn?
Like· Reply · March 8 at 9:52pm

Alwyn BalingitAlwyn Balingit https://www.facebook.com/senatorgordon/
Dick Gordon
Government Official · 600,634 Likes
Dick Gordon's photo.
Dick Gordon

  • Jeffry Dy
  • Pau Siochi

Like· Reply · March 8 at 10:10pm

Alwyn BalingitAlwyn Balingit Too many to paste here, click on their photos section na lang ang check the ones with paragraphs like the one below. Again, most of the time in favor of PRRD, and at times disagreeing.


· Reply · March 8 at 10:15pm · Edited

Alwyn BalingitAlwynBalingit https://www.facebook.com/senatorgordon/photos/a.261832317830.144280.225987507830/10154263316767831/?type=3&theater
Image may contain: 1 person, text

Dick Gordon with Rodrigo Duterte 16th President and 28 others.

December 16, 2016 ·


To those who wish to bring the President down, a word of caution, just because you say it, it doesnt mean it’s the truth.

You need evidence. It must be proven. Proof is not spoken, it is shown.

To the President, I say once again, loose lips sink ships. Make your actions speak louder than your words.

Like· Reply · March 8 at 10:15pm
Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio Salamat, kaibigan ko, para sa mga links. While Gordon may appear supportive of Duterte, meron mga ambiguities. Halimbawa, when Gordon says, “If we want our country to succeed, we need our president to succeed,” he is making a general statement that the president and the other branches of government need to work coherently. It is Gordon’s way of trying to unify the people behind Duterte in so far as everything he does is lawful and constitutional.
Like· Reply · March 11 at 2:51pm

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio Gayunman, sa specific, major policies, I have listed several quotes from Gordon indicating clear opposition to Duterte. Halimbawa, sa China, Duterte coddles them, nguni’t sabi ni Gordon RP should fight them.

Sa Amerika, Duterte constantly reiterates the Bud Dajo Massacre, which happened more than a century ago, before Obama was born. That means anti-Amerika siya. Gordon has only blamed Obama specifically, but he has openly embraced America’s alliance, even since he was Olongapo mayor.Sa Panatag Shoal, Duterte appears disinterested. Gordon wants RP to assert its legal claim ayon sa ruling ng international tribunal. He even goes as far as stating that not asserting RP’s claim could be an impeachable offense.Anong palagay mo, kaibigang Alwyn?
Like· Reply · March 11 at 4:07pm · Edited

Alwyn BalingitAlwyn Balingit Yup, basically Gordon is supportive of Duterte while at the same time maintain his stand with the usual objective Gordon stance. It’s healthy.
Like· Reply · March 11 at 6:54pm


More Comments :

Emma MorganEmma Morgan I rather to see Gordon as a president, he is true to his job, never get involved with any corruption, killing etc. This is the person should lead the country not someone who’s been involved with massacre.
Like· Reply · March 7 at 11:57pm
Gilbert MenchuGilbert Menchu Its much better if Gordon is President.He knows better what our peoples need.They need descent job and money if we want our people lives a better life they need a better job.Other things changed automatically.
Like· Reply · March 8 at 6:45pm · Edited


Perci Lozano Piña's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person, closeupPerci Lozano Piña No. Gordon is the only Dick that WE LOVE.

Like· Reply · March 7 at 6:49pm
Jeffry DyJeffry Dy Very long analysis and well yeah different styles,different leaderships and oh boy at times pres.is pro China which is something Both us and phl leaders need to talk bout since they support one another although i disagree w the vulgar rant there. Sometimes it has to and he understands the frustrations of everyone around us thristy for a real Change something no ordinary leader has done.So yeah great points and excellent view
Like· Reply · March 7 at 7:24pm · Edited

Jeffry DyJeffry Dy Also on the ejk part on digong its all pure exagerration and all bs when did the media ever find any figures on 7,000 plus when in our normal lives everybody does the crime everyday and that’s a fact.

My estimates on the so called ejk is massively lower than that and this whole sherade on him a dictator and all that is plain wooey.If hes ever like that would u think for once social media or all the modern things u need are still exist??Think bout that even hypocrites are ranting it out on digong too I call it smarks for all i care.

I can smell the party of digong resign right bout now hypocrites want him that.

Like· Reply · March 7 at 7:40pm · Edited

Dodong AbercaDodong Aberca He used his DICK wisely by the way.
Like· Reply · March 7 at 8:18pm

Doray Ramon InayinayDoray Ramon Inayinay Di nagpapagamit si Dick! Tatayo yan pG kailangan 😉

Like· · Reply ·  March 7 at 8:55pm

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio Salamat, Jeffry. Actually, I did not plan for my commentary to be this long. However, as new developments occurred, I had to update it. Anyway, I do appreciate Duterte’s aggressiveness and political will, but I think he should direct them against China and the NPA. Those are the real threats to RP, since they undermine our sovereignty and ability to govern pursuant to democratic ideals.

Of course 7,000 killings is only an approximation of the total number of victims of the drug war. The conventional estimate of police killings is about half, while the other half is likely due to vigilantes and other drug-related criminals. However, don’t you think that if Gordon were president, that number would be drastically reduced?

Like· Reply · March 7 at 9:23pm

Jeffry DyJeffry DyOkay lang po iyan mqrcial as long as you have the say may kalayaan naman tayo diba?
Like· Reply · March 7 at 10:23pm

Hill de RobertsHill de RobertsThe real threat to the nation is the LP and its dangerous members from top to bottom
Like· Reply · March 8 at 12:45am · Edited

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio Perhaps, Hill, but there is a political remedy to deal with LP. The violent nature of the NPA and imperialism of China can only be remedied by force, not appeasement as is Duterte’s way. Indeed, If he used the same fervor as he does with the drug lords, China would think twice before infringing on our sovereignty. Recall that even you started an FB group promoting the boycott of Chinese products kanina, hindi ba?
Like· Reply · March 8 at 2:27pm · Edited

Carlos Jalijali GuanlaoCarlos Jalijali Guanlao Si Dick kusa yang tumatayo kapag kailangan!
Like· Reply · March 7 at 11:38pm
Oscar SaddulOscar Saddul NEVER…. IDICK IS A DICK IS A DICK & NO ONE ELSE, I believe so !
Like· Reply · March 8 at 9:30am

Melchor SalongaMelchor Salonga Well he is a Dick but with cursing ????

Dick and Duterte are similar in the sense they have a no-nonsense approach in getting things done, abrasive and tell it like it is attitude and can back up their bravado (i.e. Davao, Subic).

Dick is just more articulate in the manner he answers IMO since he can get his message through without necessarily blurting out curse words.

Like· Reply · March 8 at 2:48pm

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio I definitely agree that both are forthright, abrasive, and perhaps, no-nonsense in their approach. However, their differences are not confined exclusively to their oratory, but extends to their policies as well. For example, they are in direct opposition on American foreign policy, death penalty, and Panatag Shoal, Melchor.
Like· Reply · March 8 at 9:22pm

Dodong AbercaDodong Aberca MY DICK IS GOOD TOO
Like· Reply · March 8 at 8:14pm

Sari Aya MalayaSari Aya Malaya Certainly, Digong is no Dick and will never be. Sen. Dick Gordon is Pro-Life, Pro-Peace and Pro-Constitution. Digong is the exact opposite. Kudos to the PR and marketing geniuses who made and repackaged him during the time when Davao was an experimental area of the left. They made him look and sound “cool” especially to the business sector and from then on he made history. But they should had known any better. They may had put Davao on the business map but on one end, created a Frankenstein called Duterte. Frankenstein in contemporary debates on bioethics provided lessons which are seemingly clear: don’t play God, don’t over-reach, don’t unleash uncontrollable forces, don’t treat humans as material, don’t act alone. Such a fitting metaphor for an empowered, unfeeling man who decides on the life and death of his so called “masters”, the ordinary citizenry over allegations of illegal drug use. He put too much attention to the war on drugs and criminality, but where are the big fishes? What about our war on poverty? Our security from external threats? We need real and tangible government policies that will help us in our day to day struggle for survival.
Like· Reply · March 15 at 3:02am · Edited

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio Frankenstein, indeed? Hahaha! That’s the first time I’ve heard anyone refer to Duterte as such, Sari. However, using your analogy, I don’t think his supporters see him as a monster. On the contrary, they see him as ridding RP of monsters (drug lords and drug addicts), although there are mass casualties as well, which Duterte’s undiplomatic rhetoric masks.

I don’t think he expended much effort or money in his presidential campaign. Instead, I think he acted naturally, which is what caused much of what Gordon called “noise” and gained him so much media coverage. He basically capitalized on the people’s frustration with traditional politicians, spoke his mind unencumbered, and many of our kababayans took solace in him as a “different” type of public servant, much like Donald Trump in America.

I infer that Duterte’s assertiveness on the drug-related criminals, his unrefined oratory, and his perception as a non-traditional politician are what mesmerize his supporters, even to the point that they are so distracted from other issues of significance as you pointed out. Unfortunately, many of the people who voted for Gordon in the 2010 presidential election paradoxically voted for Duterte last year. I view that as our country transitioning from progress to regression.

Like· Reply · March 14 at 3:10pm · Edited

Sari Aya MalayaSari Aya MalayaHis supporters are bunch of hypocrites. They see the truth, know the truth but still choose to believe the lies his strategies have deeply embedded in their systems. Duterte is a masterful tactician and strategist. His Opening Strategy. Remember how everyone was in suspense until he delivered his coup de grace? His middlegame Strategy. How he uses his weakness as his strength, his cursing and the deliberate showcase of his rough edges. And his Endgame Strategy, the very popular “you can oust me if I abuse power”.

Two things though, first, our nation is teeming with patsies, he capitalizes on their vulnerabilities, thirst for change and ignorance. Second, our nation losts its moral ascendancy. He is destroying the moral fabric of this nation and making us rise against each other. He broadened the gap of division and misunderstanding among Filipinos than bridging it. Worse is, most Filipinos consented on it, in fact, applauded it.

They have not realized that this is all about “brand-is-crisis’ strategy, the political landscape are made to keep shifting, ever changing. The powers of the State apparatus are made to be trained at moving, unstable targets, for the President to be the first to call it a crisis, then he becomes a hero, instantly seen to be part of the solution itself. This strategy is traditionally effective in keeping leaders in power. Crisis branding is supply-driven rhetoric. Now, for instance, it’s focused on illegal drugs then illegal gambling – then his political imagination would be limitless.

They keep on saying they are the majority but the truth is that they are just loud. Noise is essential and is used for the purpose of deflecting attention to an imagined hot button issue while the proponent quietly works upon another.

Crisis branding can be an effective political campaign strategy because it draws power from frightening people, but it has no place in day-to-day governance. What we need today is to maintain respect, implement policies that ooze with common sense, and take a long-term orientation in regional stability and cooperation.

Like· Reply ·March 17 at 5:03pm · Edited

Marcial BonifacioMarcial BonifacioExcellent points, Sari! Another name for what you described is the “politics of fear.” I just watched Duterte speak at the First General Assembly of League of Municipalities. He had a 2-minute speech already prepared, but discarded it and decided to speak for more than an hour about killing drug lords again. He even displayed another list of drug-related criminals.

I noticed a few people in his audience were dozing off. Perhaps they were bored or intoxicated themselves in preparation for Duterte’s usual speech.

When he said he does not think of himself as a president, but as a mayor, I thought that is precisely his problem. He is using his limited, parochial perspective for a post that requires a broader, national perspective. For a city and a mayor, perhaps the drug epidemic was a necessary focal point, but the country as a whole has other, more urgent concerns as poverty, unemployment, and the specter of China’s intrusion on our sovereignty.

Like· Reply ·March 14 at 6:27pm

Doray Ramon InayinayDoray Ramon Inayinay Simple lang yan. Ang mga Hindi adik nakakatulog Na ng mahimbjng sa Gabi. Sorry Na lang sa mga kapitalistang di nakakapang gago ng ordinaryong pinoy.
Like· Reply · March 14 at 6:33pm
Evangeline MejiaEvangeline Mejia sa lahat ng analysis nyo kay duterte at sa problema ng kung ano anong salot na nangyayari sa bansang Pilipinas, mayroon bang pangulo o kung sino man sa taga panguna natin na nagbigay ng kalutasan ? WALA PA, at ngayon na merong pangulo na kahit papaano may ginagawa pra kahit papaano ay malutas o papunta sa kalutasan ay kung ano anong analogy o katawagan ang ibinabansag sa kanya, pati mga supporters nya ay kung ano anong masasamang tawag ang inila-label nyo sa kanila, magaling lang kayong mag-analysis at magsalita ng English pero wala din naman kayong ginagawa pra sa bansa, for all you know itong Sari na ito ay hindi naman Pilipino pero parang alam na alam ang kalagayan ng Pilipinas pero hindi naman, baka naman in your perspective lang Sari ang tingin mo sa lahat…baka ikaw ang hypocrite kasi ang galing mong magbigay ng pagsusuri sa iisang side, hay naku, panay na lang kayo analysis …ano kaya ang maitutulong nyo sa PILIPINAS?
Like· Reply · March 14 at 7:40pm · Edited
Sari Aya MalayaSari Aya Malaya Mawalang galang na po, Ginang Mejia, pinoy na pinoy po ako. Wala po akong ni isang patak na dugong banyaga. Tubong Batangas at Bulacan po ako. Nakapangibambansa man po ako ng ilang beses, di ko iwinaglit ni minsan ang pagka Pilipino ko. Magaling lang po talaga siguro akong magmasid at kumilatis ng kabalintunaan at kasinungalingan. Gising po ang diwa at mulat ang mga mata ko sa bawat hinaing, paglibak at pagkabigo ng ating mga kababayan. Araw araw po akong nakikipagsiksikan sa MRT, lumalanghap ng maitim na usok ng EDSA at nagpapakasaya sa isang tuhog ng kwek kwek sa paanan ng tulay ng Boni. Isa po akong buhay na saksi sa bawat pagbabagong nagaganap sa bayan natin. Isa po akong payak na manggagawa, na halos kalahati ng kita ko ay kinaltas para sa buwis. Aba, malaking halaga na rin po yun dahil labingwalong taong gulang pa lang ako nang maging kapakipakinabang na akong mamamayan. Lumalaban po ako nang parehas at hindi po ako nanlalamang ng kapwa. Hindi man po ako nabigyan ng pagkakataong maglingkod sa bayan gaya ni Duterte, ang maliliit na ambag kong tulong sa sambayanan ay malayo-layo na rin ang narating. Hangad ko lang pong gisingin ang diwa ng mga kababayan kong tila himbing pa sa uyayi ng mga mapagbalatkayong ugoy ng pagsasamantala. Turuan silang maging mapanuri. Kilalanin ang totoong naglilingkod sa bayan, gawing huwaran si Sen. Gordon at magsilbing pamantayan ng isang magaling na namumuno.
Like· Reply · March 14 at 9:55pm

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio I appreciate and understand your perspective, Evangeline, kaibigan ko, and I have been observing Duterte for eight months now. If, as you say, Gordon is not perfect, then Duterte falls far below mediocrity.

Please understand that I am only being objective in comparing the two public servants based on their policy positions and even according to Gordon’s own criticism of Duterte. Therefore, my premise that they would both govern very differently and even in opposition to each other, is factually based.

For example, I have pointed out numerously that Duterte’s neglect of defending Panatag Shoal violates the sovereignty clause of the Constitution, and is an impeachable offense. Even Gordon acknowledges that as should my esteemed colleagues of law, Atty Taipan Millan, Jose Camano, Gretchen Mae Ortega, Alexander Yalung, and Lester Nazarene Ople. This is the most important issue for me, since one of the primary functions of government is to protect the sovereignty of its territory.

If the President fails to perform such a fundamental function, then anything else he does is in vain. It is analogous to having all the prosperity in the world, except you are someone’s servant. It appears that is precisely the position that Duterte has put the Philippines in with China.

Gordon, on the other hand, would never let that happen as president. He has even said that RP would have to engage in war over Panatag Shoal in order to assert its rights. Why would any of our kababayans support Duterte’s position over Gordon’s? This is a sincere question, kaibigan ko.

Like· Reply · March 18 at 5:36pm · Edited
Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio Also, I did give Duterte credit for “persuading” more than 700,000 drug-related criminals to surrender. However, I also mentioned that drug abuse is about 4.74%, which is below the global average of 5%, while the poverty rate is about 25%. As a simple man, I can’t help but wonder why Duterte has prioritized drug addiction over job creation. Does that seem logical to you? Do you really think Gordon would do the same as president? This is another sincere question, kaibigang Evangeline.
Like· Reply · March 16 at 5:56pm
Philip BasilioPhilip Basilio Marcial Bonifacio Senator Gordon is much deferent I work with him when he is the mayor of olongapo
Like· Reply · March 16 at 6:06pm
Evangeline MejiaEvangeline Mejia kaibigang marcial,I agree and I must say that Gordon would indeed govern differently if not better, pero kasi hindi siya ang presidente ngayon kya sana tumakbo siya sa susunod at alam ko na ang mga pinoy, including me ,ay susuportahan siya…
Like· Reply · March 16 at 7:22pm
Evangeline MejiaEvangeline Mejia Sari Aya Malaya , ganun din naman ako SAri , pero nga kasi, walang maitutulong sa bansa natin ang mga negatibong batikos, lalo na pag ang mga supporters nya ang pinagsabihan mo ng masakit na salita, it would only create division,katulad mo din sila na umaasa ng pagbabago, sabihin mo man na nagbubulagbulagan which I think not (,hindi ako supporter nya, I didn’t vote for him), pero I think with all the crime and corruption in the country, we become an evil nation, so to speak kaya we deserve such president, we can only give him the chance to do whatever it takes to propel the country in a better state …
Like· Reply · March 16 at 7:31pm
Sari Aya MalayaSari Aya Malaya I admire your patriotism, Evangeline. We may not see eye to eye with Duterte but we, undeniably, agree to support Sen. Gordon as he endeavors to take the country back to every Filipino, from the system or economy that has been rigged to the advantage of the rich and powerful. We need his strong leadership to unify the country, to take the country to where it’s supposed to be.

Filipino people, per se, are not divided. Diversity in religion, political beliefs and other practices are the freedoms we enjoy under a vibrant democracy. It is our leaders and policy makers who are divided and can’t put their acts together for selfish reasons at the expense of the people they had promised to serve. And Sen. Gordon will change such political landscape and behavior.
Like· Reply ·March 16 at 10:25pm
Jocelle Rabulan Corpuz Rabulan Corpuz Well said and factual kaibigan. Saludo ako sayo. Dios Mabalos and Mabuhay!
Like· Reply · March 14 at 3:50pm

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio Salamat po, kaibigang Jocelle! I spent a great deal of time with research and fact-finding for this commentary. I even wrote it in English for my Bisayan friends and colleagues. My goal is to unify the Gordon supporters, some of which oppose Duterte and the others which ironically support Duterte. After all, if we can’t unite just the Gordon supporters, how can we unite the entire country?
Like· Reply · March 14 at 6:46pm · Edited

Jocelle Rabulan CorpuzJocelle Rabulan Corpuz Thank you. As for me my respect is always for Gordon.
Like· Reply · March 14 at 7:31pm

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio This was all my research and fact-finding material.
No automatic alt text available.
Like· Reply · March 14 at 6:52pm

Jocelle Rabulan CorpuzJocelle Rabulan Corpuz Wow
Like· Reply · March 14 at 7:34pm

Evangeline MejiaEvangeline Mejia kaibigang marcial, hindi ka nakatira sa Pilipinas at laong hindi sa Olongapo, ibang iba angnlarawan ng Pilipinas pagdating sa ibang bansa kaya mahirap mag analysis …ang tanong, ano ba ang nagagawa ng mga katulad nyo para malutas ang problema sa bansa

.both Gordon and Duterte are good leaders in their own right, taga gapo ako at alam ko ang pamamalakad ng mga Gordon doon,, maganda rin pero hiondi rin perfecto…si Duterte ngsisiskap lutasin ang mga problema sa bansa…I know, Gordon will be a good president and if he will run, uuwi ako pra bomoto at iboboto ko siya, but for now, l just want to give Duterte the benefit of the doubt…wala naman maitutulong ang mga batikos sa kanya at sa mga supporters nya…di makikinabang ang bansa kung tawagin siyang monster at tawagin din hypocrite ang mga supporters nya….
Like· Reply · March 14 at 7:49pm
Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio I wonder if Alejano and Trillanes got their idea of impeaching Duterte from my commentary. 😀


Alejano says impeach complaint vs. Duterte stays
Magdalo Party list Rep. Gary Alejano said Vice President…
Like· Reply · March 26 at 1:27pm

Evangeline MejiaEvangeline Mejia kaibigang marcial,alejano is just a “kaning sundalo” like trillanes, he doesn’t love the country, pretends for his own sake….
Like· Reply · April 10 at 7:06pm · Edited

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio Marahil tama ka, kaibigang Evangeline, nguni’t hindi ko alam what is in his heart. I only know that his impeachment complaint has merit. Even Justice Carpio has warned that Duterte may be in violation of the sovereignty clause of the Constitution.
Like· Reply · April 16 at 4:39pm

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio I’ve decided to insert the following quote into my commentary, Alwyn, directly after Duterte’s single remedy of killing drug-related criminals and Gordon’s numerous remedies.
Image may contain: 1 person, text
Like· Reply · March 26 at 1:51pm · Edited

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio My friends, here is another contrast between Duterte and Gordon—the issue of giving away the housing units to the squatters. Gordon has expressed his disapproval thus:

“My God. Kinukuha yung bahay na ginawa ng NHA [National Housing Authority]. Ibibigay mo dun sa mga nanggugulo. Bad signal, Mr. President. Again you are falling on your own sword. Nadadapa ka sa sarili mong espada because pagka-ganyan, that’s a ticket to what you call anarchy.”


What say you, Jeffry and Alwyn?

Gordon: Letting Kadamay keep houses ‘ticket to anarchy’
Sen. Richard Gordon disagreed on Wednesday with…
Like· Reply ·April 9 at 1:53pm

Alwyn BalingitAlwyn Balingit Already posted my comment about this on my wall days ago… Granted dapat talagang paalisin ang mga squatters, moving forward, wala na kasing red tape sa pagbigay ng mga bahay para di sila maunahan ng mga squatters; dapat preventive, may bantay.

Expect Digong to always err on the side of letting squatters live there; or at least, transfer them first to another place before removing them there. Yan ang stance nya kasi even sa mga Pre-Election interviews.
Like· Reply · April 9 at 4:58pm
Jeffry DyJeffry Dy Nice argument Marcial,if what u say is the alternative to what kadamay been bitchin and monin about then it’s all fare and equal no matter what the bias media says if Duterte or his cabinet have any brains on this matter then all is fare what not?
Like · Reply ·  April 9 at 10:52pm
Evangeline MejiaEvangeline Mejia kasi naman laging ang mahihirap ang nahuhuli sa kahit ano mang social benefit mula sa gobyerno. maging dyan sa NHA kaya they resort to this, madala kasi yang mga nasa gobyerno ginagamit ang “legal” para apihin ang mahihirap…hay naku, you really have to be living in the Philippines to really know…..
Like· Reply · April 10 at 7:12pm
Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio I have no problem with the process being swift, kaibigang Alwyn, nguni’t the rule of law should not be compromised. Once that line is crossed, that slippery slope can and will be used as a justification for any lawless behavior by any president.

It would also encourage more people with illegitimate grievances to emulate the Kadamay in their pantawid mentality. At least, Duterte could have imposed mandatory community service for those squatters in order that their housing will actually be earned instead of stolen from those who risk their lives to keep us safe.Sa totoo lang, such measures have been implemented in the US before Obama and even in some European countries, which have experienced lower unemployment as a result.
Like· Reply ·  April 16 at 5:18pm · Edited
Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio Marahil totoo ito, kaibigang Evangeline, nguni’t abusing the legal system in one way should not justify abusing it in another way. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is still robbery, regardless of the good intentions. Even Gordon was critical of Duterte for this. Surely he knows better than Duterte.
Like · Reply · April 16 at 5:56pm
Axel DhollyAxel Dholly mas matalino si Dick kay digong. ,,,,naging Pres. nga lang si Pdut.
Like· Reply · April 9 at 2:00pm

Carolina Baro BalmacedaCarolina Baro Balmaceda Lol! Ikaw talaga, Marcial! 🙂
Like· Reply · April 10 at 1:37pm

Marcial BonifacioMarcial Bonifacio Well since Gordon is among my top 10 role models, next to Dr. Jose Rizal, Apolinario Mabini, and Thomas Jefferson, I’ll gladly accept that as a compliment, kaibigang Carolina. 🙂
Like· Reply · April 16 at 6:01pm

Through Perseverance, Dick Finally Penetrates Again!


Ni Marcial Bonifacio

Mga kaibigan at mga kababayan ko, ang muling pagkahalal ni Richard Gordon sa Senado noong Mayo 9, 2016 proves the impact a proactive citizenry can have sa halalan.  Sa katotohanan, panglima siya sa pagkapanalo at nagkaroon ng 16,719,322 boto (as of COMELEC’s proclamation on May 19, 2016).  Sa kanyang unang pagtakbo sa Senado noong 2004, panglima rin siya sa puwesto at nagkaroon ng 12,707,151 boto.

Kahit isa siyang mabisang lingkod bayan, Gordon ran for the presidency and lost in 2010; pang-anim siya sa bilangan noon at nagkaroon ng 989,250 boto.  In 2013, he ran for the Senate again and lost.  Panglabingtatlo siya sa puwesto at nagkaroon ng 10,159,561 boto, just a few hundred thousand votes short of reaching the “Magic 12.”

Given Gordon’s long-awaited victory, let us examine some lessons which can be learned mula sa  napakahalagang tagumpay na ito.  Unang-una, utilizing all the resources of a proactive and perseverant citizenry and netizenry can win an election, sa kabila nang mahabang pagkaliban o pagkawala ng kandidato sa paglilingkod bayan at ang sunud-sunod na pagkatalo sa mga naunang dalawang laban nito .  All of Gordon’s individual campaigners, bloggers, and Bagumbayan volunteers have done precisely that.

Pangalawa, maging ang pagliban ng mga boto galing sa apathetic pessimists (discouraged from voting and affecting social change) did not prevent Gordon from reaching the “Magic 12.”  Nor did the numerous votes of the “Wowowee Crowd” (a term I use when  referring to the intellectually and morally lazy, gullible, celebrity-worshipping electorate) hinder Gordon’s ascent to 5th place.  Sa katotohanan, kung mayroong informed intellectuals (as few as they may be) who will participate in the electoral process, hindi dapat  akalain  na ang Wowowee Crowd will automatically win.

Pangatlo, hindi pa lubhang nababahiran ng mali at hindi pa lubusang pumapanig sa  piling  iilan ang sistema ng halalan .  If that were the case, then such an anti-trapo maverick as Gordon would not have been re-elected to the Senate, much less with eight higher ranks than in 2013.

Pang-apat, napakabuti nang sapat na traditional media coverage, nguni’t hindi ito mahalaga para sa ikapagtatagumpay sa halalan.  Rep. Manny Pacquiao received far more mainstream media coverage than Gordon, nguni’t ang bantog na kampiyong boksingero ay pampito lamang na may 16,050,546 boto (as of COMELEC’s proclamation on May 19, 2016) at pumapailalim sa kanya.

2016 Magic 12 senatoriables

Sa wakas, mga kaibigan ko, let us use Gordon’s campaign and victory bilang isang huwaran para sa magiging kasunod na pagkilos ng ibang mga kandidato.  That means continuing to utilize the social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, blogging, forming a research team in order to answer the questions of potential voters or to debate political opponents and their surrogates, organizing and participating in rallies and fundraising events, and encouraging people to register and to vote.  For those who live abroad, they can launch an online campaign and vote as overseas absentee voters as a friend whom I wrote about in “Ang People Power at ang Ating Tungkulin.”  The key is to keep our kababayans informed and engaged.  Ngayon, let’s celebrate a well-deserved victory para kay Sen. Gordon at sa ating bayan.

Aim High Pilipinas!



Why the Senate Needs More Dick: 9 Reasons to Add Richard Gordon to Your List

Updated 5/7/16

Ni Marcial Bonifacio

Mga kaibigan at mga kababayan ko, ang layunin po ng lathalang ito ay hindi upang hikayatin kayo na iboto si Sen. Richard Gordon against or over another senatoriable, kahit marahil, that debate can be made. Sa kabilang banda, I wish to persuade you all to add an indispensable man ng talino at makasaysayang mga tagumpay sa inyong talaan ng hinihirang na mga senatoriables. Please allow me to present my case.

1. Siya ang tagapagtaguyod ng laban sa mga tradisyonal na pulitiko at katiwalian.

Unang-una, si Gordon ay isang taong may paninidigan at matibay na paniniwala. Bilang chairman ng Senate Committee on Accountability of Public Officers and Investigations (Blue Ribbon), Gordon exercised his power to oppose corruption, as in the P728 million fertilizer fund scam. (He did so by wrapping up the probe and pushing for the filing ng charges ng kasalanang mabigat laban kay former Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn Bolante para sa misappropriation ng mga laang-gugulin ng pamahalaan.)

Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman Gordon interpolates businessman Jaime Paule in the midst of the P728 million fertilizer fund scam.

Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman Gordon interpolates businessman Jaime Paule in the midst of the P728 million fertilizer fund scam.

Sa alingasngas ng $329 milyong dolyar ZTE National Broadband, he took measures para sa pag-uusig ng mga pinuno ng pamahalaan sa paglabag ng Anti-Graft at Corrupt Practices Act. At the time when Pres. Gloria Arroyo imposed martial law sa Maguindanao, Gordon opposed it challenging its constitutional validity; such a maverick tendency indicates na hindi siya trapo sapagkat siya ay itinalaga ni Arroyo sa gabinete. Furthermore, a man, such as Gordon, who will impartially uphold justice and follow the rule of law bilang senador ay mahalaga para sa ating bayan which was ranked as one of the most corrupt countries sa Asia noong 2014 sang-ayon sa Corruption Perceptions Index of Transparency International.

In his most recent crusade against corruption, Gordon filed a Petition for Mandamus in the Supreme Court in order to curb voter fraud for the 2016 elections.  As a result, the Comelec was ordered by the high court to enable the printing function of the PCOS machines, which would clearly reveal the chosen candidates of voters on their receipts.

2. Siya ang taong matuwid at maginoo.

Pangalawa, maaring mas may kapakinabangang pampulitiko si Gordon, kung nagsampa siya ng kaso laban kay Sen. Grace Poe upang madiskwalipika ito sa pagtakbo sa senado dahilan sa mga usaping pagkamamamayan at paninirahan, na naging paksa ng agam-agam at pag-aalinlangan sa mga mapanuring mata ng lipunan. That was precisely what his UP college mates (also members of UNA and LP) urged him to do. Subalit, sa halip na pagnasaan ni Gordon ang senatorial seat na mababakante ni Grace Poe kung sakaling mapawawalang saysay ang pagkamamamayan nito at matanggal siya sa pwesto, minabuti niyang bigyang linaw ang usapin.

I believe that the matter of Sen. Poe’s qualifications for national office has already been referred to the proper legal venues, and I deem it counter-productive to say anything more about this issue, aside from the statements I have already made.

Karagdagan dito, lubhang pinahahalagahan ni Gordon kagalingang panlahat at katiwasayan ng nakararami, higit sa kanyang pamilya. Sa halip na ipagdiwang ang kapaskuhan sa piling ng kanyang pamilya, pinili niyang ibahagi ang diwa ng Pasko sa buhay ng mga taong higit na nangangailangan, ang mga biktima ng Hurricane Mayon. Isang pagmumulat matang may kaakibat na tanong. Nasaan at ano ang pinagkakaabalahan ng ibang senador sa panahon ng kapaskuhan?

3. Siya ang taong may pananaw.

Pangatlo, Gordon’s transformational vision of a prosperous Pilipinas is not one of mere wishful thinking or political rhetoric. Sa kabilang banda, iyon ay pangarap, which has already been partially implemented sa Subic Bay with outstanding success. (I will elaborate later in this blog.) Gordon supports measures which would create domestic jobs and render the Philippine economy less dependent sa mga remittances ng overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). He favors the promotion of the free market system, so that competition would lower energy costs; this would lower production costs and prices for consumer goods. In turn, living standards of all our kababayans would be raised and the destitute would be lifted out of poverty, rendering the culture of government handout dependency obsolete. Sa wakas, Gordon envisions a Third World Philippines ascending into First World status.

4. Siya ay may malawak na karanasan sa serbisyong pampubliko.

Pang-apat, ang limampung taon na makabayang paglilingkod ni Gordon ay patunay ng kanyang wagas na pagsisilbi sa ating bayan. Sa katunayan, he has assumed various positions as Olongapo City mayor, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) chairman, Department of Tourism secretary, at senador ng RP (Republika ng Pilipinas). He has even been a Red Cross volunteer, since he was seventeen years old (48 years ago) and is currently its chairman.

5. Siya ay may kapita-pitagang ulat na natupad.

Panglima, si Gordon ay may pambihirang galing na naitala sa Senado para sa kanyang masigasig na pagsusulong ng mga panukalang batas at pagtatanggol sa Saligang-Batas. Bilang senador, he authored several important laws (e.g., New Automated Elections System Law, University of the Philippines Charter of 2007, Filipino World War II Veterans Pensions and Benefits Act of 2008) and was a member of more than twenty committees (most notably the Blue Ribbon, Economic Affairs, Trade and Commerce, Education, Energy, Foreign Relations, National Defense and Security, and Ways and Means). He also served as chairman of the Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Laws Committee and was the youngest delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention. That makes him an exceptional lawyer and senator, sapagkat he has not only participated sa paghahanda at pagsususog ng mga panukalang batas at resolusyon, lalo’t higit sa pagbalangkas ng kataas-taasang batas ng ating bayan, ang Saligang-Batas. Samakatuwid, si Gordon lamang ang nagtataglay nang labis na kahusayan at kasanayan sa pagpapaliwanag at pagpapatupad ng mga batas sa buong kapuluan.

As the youngest delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention, Gordon swears in.

As the youngest delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention, Gordon swears in.

Kaugnay sa mga paliwanag ko sa aking naunang blog “Of Scooters, Buses, Jeepneys, and Airplanes: A Simple Case Against Gibo, Noynoy, and Manny Villar for President in 2010,” I argue that more than forty years of Gordon’s diverse executive experience sa local at pambansang level ng pamahalaan was his unique advantage over the other presidentiables for being the national executive (the president) ng bayan. I compared him to a skilled driver of a scooter, jeepney, and bus, all of which require different types of perception (namely, distance and depth), maneuvering, and coordination. Halimbawa, a bus driver could not possibly drive in the same manner as he would drive a scooter in which, when turning a bus around, would necessitate wide turns and a keener sense of distance and depth.

Gayunpaman, sa paliwanag na iyan, I argue that such a diversity sa executive experience is also Gordon’s unique advantage for the national legislative branch (Congress) as well as for the national executive branch (the presidency). Using the same metaphor, consider a driver’s perspective as opposed to that of an engineer or blue print maker, who designs motorized vehicles or builds roads. Sa katotohanan, a vehicle transports the driver insofar as its apparatus (mobile design, engine capacity, etc.) and road surface allow. Samakatuwid, a driver’s experience is generally confined exclusively to the mechanics and mobility of the vehicle he drives. Hence, though an engineer may have the ingenuity and creativity to design a vehicle, without actually test-driving and utilizing it fully, the engineer can only speculate on its operation and effectiveness, thereby rendering the driver’s experience and perspective more accurate (for purposes of designing vehicles).

With this in mind, may isang tanong ako na gusto kong unawain ninyong mabuti. Which would you prefer to have as an infrastructural or mechanical engineer para sa inyong bahay o commuting route? The man who only draws blue prints for buses or a skilled driver of a scooter, jeepney, and bus, who also draws blue prints for buses? Sa katotohanan, iyang proverbial multi-vehicle driver at blue print maker ay si Gordon.

In plain language, here is why I also argue that Gordon’s diverse executive experience gives him a unique advantage of being a senator. His experience of private and public policy implementation gives him the hindsight of working with other policy makers as chief executive himself, which subjected him to conflicts of interest, compromise, resolutions, and collaboration with them. Halimbawa, bilang mayor (an executive position) ng Olongapo City, he worked with the sangguniang panglungsod (local legislature) in ratifying or vetoing bills as a local public executive. This gave Gordon the perspective and savvy to craft good laws and pass them effectively through the often long drawn out legislative process and conflicts of interest between the national executive (the president) and the national legislature (Congress). Being mayor has also given him a stricter sense of public accountability, since the small bureaucratic structure of local officials tends to be more transparent (as opposed to the national level), thus making it more difficult for them to conceal their potential violation of the law.

6. Siya ay tagapamahala ng krisis.

Bilang CEO (an executive position) ng Philippine Red Cross, Gordon traveled all over RP, undertaking numerous drastic measures. Bilang crisis manager, he directed many disaster/rescue operations involving aid sa man-made and natural catastrophe victims. Sa kanyang limampung taong mapagkawanggawang paglilingkod, his intervention has saved millions of lives and restored over 133,000 homes ng mga biktima ng Yolanda at ng iba pang malaking mga kapahamakan at kalamidad. (View this video for firsthand accounts, including a successful hostage rescue operation from Abu Sayyaf without ransom.) He has also directed operations that involve prevention and safety in order to better prepare our kababayans for any disaster. Only a crisis manager or executive (not just a legislator) would know precisely what resources and in what quantity need to be allocated to each disaster area, knowledge which is indispensable for a country prone to such disasters.

Red Cross Chairman Gordon provides aid during a rescue operation.

Red Cross Chairman Gordon provides aid during a rescue operation.

7. Siya ay tagapaglikha ng hanapbuhay.

Bilang Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) chairman, Gordon directed a successful effort to convert a desolate, abandoned American naval base (Subic Bay) into a prosperous economic trade zone. Bago pa man ang conversion, Subic Bay was reduced to a heap of ash caused by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. After Gordon inspired thousands of volunteers to clean and renovate the area, hundreds of companies (including Acer and FedEx Express) created approximately 40,000 jobs with their US $1billion of foreign investments. The success was such that several world leaders (including Pres. Clinton) hailed it bilang halimbawa para sa pagsulong ng ekonomiya.

President Fidel Ramos considered Subic Bay such a success, he designated it (instead of Manila) as the location for the 1996 APEC summit, in which 18 heads of state met. Among them were Chinese president Jiang Zemin, Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, and US President Bill Clinton (at the far right).

President Fidel Ramos considered Subic Bay such a success, he designated it (instead of Manila) as the location for the 1996 APEC summit, in which 18 heads of state met. Among them were Chinese president Jiang Zemin, Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, and US President Bill Clinton (at the far right).

Another executive position Gordon assumed was that of secretary of the Department of Tourism. At a time of declining tourism, he managed to increase the number of tourists from one million to two million within a single year, thereby creating numerous jobs. Against overwhelming odds, all this occurred in the midst of terrorist threats, civil war in Mindanao, coup attempts, and SARS.


Department of Tourism Sec. Gordon’s signature logo for boosting the economy.

Department of Tourism Sec. Gordon’s signature logo for boosting the economy.

Furthermore, mga kaibigan at mga kababayan ko, sana naiintindihan ninyo ang kahalagahan at kapakinabangan ng executive experience as opposed to legislative experience lamang. Maliwanag iyan, knowledge for crafting laws can most accurately be derived from those who constantly manage the daily operation of producing and allocating various resources (e.g., food, manpower, money, capital, rescue supplies). Short of such first hand experience, knowledge remains partial and inaccurate sapagkat iyon ay based sa pangalawang mga pinagkukunan o kaisipan lamang. It would be analogous to an engineer claiming the car he designed will be easy to operate, ride smoothly, and be comfortable to drive without ever having driven it himself.

8. Siya ay dalubhasa sa pakikipagtalastasan.

Pang-anim, bilang radio show host sa Radyo5 92.3 News FM on a program called “Aksyon Solusyon”, Gordon is exposed to people of diverse economic, provincial backgrounds. Such a constant daily inflow of various feedback directly from the people keeps Gordon informed on the state of the nation and provides him with fresh ideas on what can and must be done. Bilang senador, he will be in a better position to accommodate such ideas sa pamamagitan ng pagsasabatas.

Radyo5 Gordon

9. Siya ay taong pangmasa.

Sa aking pang wakas, apart from Gordon’s apparent devotion and service sa ating bayan, on the lighter side, he is a man of the masses, which maSiya des him a likable politician with a human face. Halimbawa, ito ang clip upang he performs a song and dance routine with the renowned entertainers ng Moymoy Palaboy.

Sa ibang video, he dances the Harlem Shake with his grandchildren. If that is not enough to persuade you all of his ordinary humanity common to the masses, here he is cooking barbeque. Hindi totoong isang pangkaraniwang faceless, “out of touch” at professional politician si Gordon. Sa katotohanan, isa siyang payak at masayahing tao na may kababaang loob, magandang pag-uugali at mapagpatawa.

Sa aking pagbubuod, ito ang mabait na senatoriable who has served sa Senado, held various executive positions, and has expressed his love para sa ating bayan by serving it for more than fifty years. He was responsible for saving millions of lives and building thousands of homes for the homeless. He has opposed corruption openly and challenged the president (who appointed him sa gabinete) and others, sa batayan ng kanyang pagtatanggol ng Saligang-Batas. He also knows how to do the Harlem Shake. Who would not want all those qualities in a senator?

Gayunpaman, gaya ng sinabi ko kanina, ilan lamang ito sa pamantayan nang matalinong pagpili ng isang kandidato over another. Batid kong, isa itong pagpapasya kung gugustuhin mong magdagdag ng isa pa sa iyong talaan ng mga hinihirang na senatoriables. Subalit iminumungkahi ko, mga kaibigan at mga kababayan ko, if you don’t want the best to be missed, then add Sen. Gordon to your list.

Mabuhay si Sen. Dick Gordon! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Aksyon Gordon holding young girl


  • Mary Ann Del Mundo (Pagwawasto)
  • Joy Castro (Pagwawasto)

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Refoj Lap Tan

Refoj Lap Tan Dahil nakapag alyansa sya sa partido ni peping at binay.sayang dahil hinagaan ko noong 2010, akala ko matinay ang prinsipyo nya.

Ronaldo Tuason
Paolo Dela Cruz Lim

Paolo Dela Cruz Lim 1 good reason not to bring him back dahil ibabaon nya sa utang ang mga tao. Kahit gawin pa nya zero interest yung ipapautang ay di parin tama. LOAN Education = Corruption

Chino Fernandez

Chino Fernandez It’s just a proposal, don’t you want to consider him for other things? Then who will you vote?

Paolo Dela Cruz Lim

Paolo Dela Cruz Lim They can’t even answer a simple question why despite the growing economy the country’s debt is also growing? Back on January each Filipino share to the national debt is only 55,000 pesos after a moth it became 59,000 pesos. Some of them knows why but they too scared to tell the truth.

Philip Basilio

Philip Basilio He is a good and fair person po, sa mga boboto Kay gordon Hindi po sayang Ang vote nyo. Naglilingkod po sya nang tapat para sa Bayan …go go. Gordon.

Ferdie J Maglalang

Ferdie J Maglalang One just wonders whatever happens to his Bagumbayan vision? And his historical account of the 9th ray of the sun in the Philippine flag? If they are genuine, they could stand the test of time.

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Paolo Dela Cruz Lim, I’ll answer your question here as well as in the blog itself. Unang-una, Gordon does not have the silver bullet which will address all of our country’s ills. Gayunman, one of his solutions, to address your point of objection to add him to your list, is economic liberalization. As a consequence, more jobs would be created, and more tax revenue would flow to the government and reduce dependence on social welfare programs, thereby reducing the national debt. He already did it sa Subic Bay. Samakatuwid, he can do it for the entire country.

Nga pala, you did not answer Chino Fernandez‘s question. If you will not add Gordon to your list, whom do you have?

Chino Fernandez

Chino Fernandez ^ Methinks Paolo is thinking of a boycott, because everything we’re doing “legally” is a joke for him.

Chino Fernandez

Chino Fernandez Common with believer of the New World Order conspiracy junk.

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Marahil tama ka, kaibigan ko. Gayunman, I’m willing to give him a chance to respond logically.

Germi Cruz Sison

Germi Cruz SisonAlthough I hate his hobnobbing with the Estradas and the Enriles I still will vote for him as the most competemnt among the senatoriables.

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial BonifacioRefoj Lap Tan, unang-una, the instability of RP’s multi-party system is such that political expedience demands such measures be taken paminsan-minsan. Even Sun Tzu in the Art of War has stated that forming alliances with opponents against a greater enemy can lead to a successful victory para sa short-term. Then, the long-term can be dealt with afterwards. Talaga, a warrior must think in terms of practical strategy, hindi prinsipyo lamang. Gayunpaman, what principle has he violated? He has not done anything illegal or unconstitutional.

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Joel, Isa, Alfred, Paul, Gilbert, Bheng, Figo, Hill, Mary, Dick Gordon Bagumbayan Volunteers, and Gordon BagumbayanCavitevolunteers, a former supporter of Dick Gordon claims that after Yolanda, his face was emblazoned on Red Cross vehicles in order to boost his ratings for his 2013 run sa Senado. Kaya nga she no longer supports him. Do you all know anything about this?

Paul Farol
Paul Farol No idea at all

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio She claims she saw it reported on the news the day Gordon was there.

Joel Paras
Joel Paras What news? Wheres the vid or article?

Airine Martinez Abenes
Airine Martinez Abenes tsk paninira para lang sa pansariling interest hindi man lang makita ung malaking nagagawa nung tao para sa komunidad, paanu ba tayu uunlad sa mga ganitong gawainSee Translation

Perci Lozano Piña
Gilbert Menchu
Gilbert Menchu Election time siraan blues na naman iyan.We know the Gordons since we were young.In 1975 with 3 Red Cross nurse in Zambales for Civic Action and were escorted by Phil. Army.There i’ve seen how dangerous in helping people,so respect even those volounteers.If one don’t like to support Gordon,because of his being a workaholic character.He knows peoples need him to moved on.So for so many years in service i can say a man like Richard Gordon and the others you can’t find it so easy,even without using the Red Cross helping people he can find it on his way.Like what he did to Olongapo.Here abroad Gordon is popular enough.Red Cross,is so actived than before.Whatever he do its for the good of our people and our country.His mother i will always think as a great woman and Dick is 100x better than her.Working in Red Cross for him a lot of poor people you wanted to helped that most of our politicians kept on ignoring.I’ve seen only once the role of volounteers specially in Red Cross its not that easy at all.Sweat,blood that others can give in working as Red Cross volounteer.Support Dick Gordon,whatever he does he knows there are a lots of people like him who had the same vision of helping.Helping people sometimes not all can used by money and popularity,just try to saved peoples life in time that matters. My brother because of no money they ignored him in Olongapo Hospital.My mom was so desperate and did asked helped on him.It was 1980’s right away he called the US military hospital for helped and they arrived as fast as they can.The next day when i talked to the Doctor after the operation my brother did not survived for its too late to call for helped,the doctor told me not the first time they helped filipino people,things like this he knows our Mayor are so actived in helping the needy one so big support,its not because of money nor popularity,helping poor ones in Zambales with lots of NPA around that time in Zambales,who will have couraged to do that.I only did it once,more than the military couraged you need sometimes in helping others and i said Red Crosser is the hardest job you can get.For me other will support Dick or not he will continue in helping others nor others around him will continue thier worked to saved peoples life nor helped them in hard times.So amazed with Red Cross now,health center and school that others need nor house that others dreamed to have Red Cross can offer.Thanks,more the support of others are worth to continue.And until Dick is working in this organization nothing are impossible.My mom is a Red Cross volounteer before and i’m proud of her.They like people had unity in helping.Some people stay near to Dick for they are the one who need support for they cannot beat this people in working hard and no difference what is day and night,nor time in helping our people.To others support him,as you can its tough but its worth to have a man like Dick.

Edyll Jun Tan
Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Gilbert, I appreciate your service and that of your nanay’s. Salamat para sa kwento mo.

Isa Lan
Isa Lan Sir, as far as I know po, yung mga Red Cross Vehicles po, lalo na yung mga service nila wala po mga nakatatak duon kundi mga Red Cross Emblems. Matagal na po ibinabato yang issue na yan laban sa kanya. Perhaps, it’s as well that you brought this up at this point to clear things up.
Number 1, not everyone knows that Chairman Dick Gordon has donated his PDAF while he was Sentaor to the Red Cross. The PDAF was used to purchase ambulances which were distributed to the RC chapters nationwide. Previous to this, the RC only had limitied ambulances. Hindi lahat ng chapters po meron.
Number 2, in this instance, mahirap po atang paghiwalayin o himayin yung role niya bilang Senador mula 2004-2010. Dahil habang Senator po siya, naitalaga din po siyang Chairman ng Red Cross. Di ba po dapat na mas maapreciate natin na ang pinuntahan ng PDAF niya ay may katuturan at mas likas na nakatutulong sa taumbayan?
Number 3, at present, 4 term elected Chairman na siya ng Red Cross. Kung hindi po siya nakakabuti para sa Humanitarian Institute na ito, patuloy ba siyang pagtitiwalaan ng mga naghahalal sa kanya?
Number 4, bilang chairman po ng Red Cross, volunteer pa din po ang status niya. Sa madaling salita po, WALA PO SIYANG SAHOD. Pero dahil nasa puso niya ang likas at tunay na pagseserbisyo sa mga tao at nangangailangan, patuloy niya itong ginagampanan at lalong pinagiibayo.
Number 5, hindi po alam ng lahat ang walang puknat na paghahanda ng Red Cross kapag may mga parating na unos o may nangyayaring trahedya. Kakaunti lang din po ang nakakaalam na HINDI NATUTULOG AT HINDI NA MAKUHANG UMUWI NI CHAIRMAN GORDON dahil siya mismo ang nangangasiwa at nagmomonitor ng mga pangyayari, sitwasyon at mga tawag. Kung baga sa timon, siya ang kapitan ng barko kahit na may mga tauhan siyang gumagampan sa mga gawain.

Buksan po sana ng ating mga kababayan ang kanilang mga mata sa pagkakaiba ng mga pulitkong sumasakay lamamg o nanggagamit ng pagkakataon at pananamantala. Sa palagay ko naman po ay VERY CONSISTENT PO OVER THE YEARS ang mga serbisyo at gawain ni Chairman Dick Gordon. Wala po akong nakikitang dahilan upang siya ay pagdudahan. Sana po ay nakatulong po itong paliwanag ko sa inyo at sa mga may katanungan o duda sa kanilang pagiisip.See Translation

Jocelle Rabulan Corpuz
Jocelle Rabulan Corpuz Kaibigan … kahit isa ay wala pa akong nakita na ambulance ng red cross na may mukha ni Sir Dick GordonSee Translation

Bheng Jonatas
Bheng Jonatas Show pictures. Allegations are nothing without proof.

Edyll Jun Tan
Edyll Jun Tan Bheng Baka naman edited ang labasSee Translation

Teci Pulido
Teci Pulido Hello smile emoticon In fairness, it might be true. Just like the “BF gets it done” posters of Gordon’s running mate, Bayani Fernando.
Again in fairness, I’d rather have a productive politician than one who just gets our money and serves himself, right? smile emoticon

Perci Lozano Piña
Perci Lozano Piña Teci Pulido It might be true na ano po?

Teci Pulido
Teci Pulido Perci Lozano Piña yung statement at the start of this thread, yung may face ni Sen Gordon sa Red Cross vehicles.

Bheng Jonatas
Bheng Jonatas Edyll, show their ingenuity and creativity. Bring it on!

Bheng Jonatas
Bheng Jonatas After Haiyan, or Yolanda, vehicles acquired are all donations. Donation meaning, Dick Gordon has no hand in telling the donors what to place on them.

Bheng Jonatas
Bheng Jonatas The 2013 election happened May 2013. Yolanda happened November 2013. So where is the logic of boosting his senatorial ratings for 2013?

Perci Lozano Piña
Perci Lozano Piña Teci Pulido kaya nga po you said it might be true pero may evidence na po ba kayong nakita?See Translation

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Isa, salamat sa mga punto mo, kaibigan. Marangal si Gordon sa kusang loob niyang paghahandog ng kanyang PDAF. Ideally, more people should know about that dahil iyon ay maliwanag na indicator ng kanyang pagkatao. The same holds true with Gordon’s risky, humanitarian service sa Red Cross.

Gilbert Menchu
Gilbert Menchu Ang mga nagtratrabaho sa Red Cross noon very risky lalo na sa mga libliban na lugar lalo na kung ang mentality ng mga tao na walang mga school around.Dahil bawat pumasok na tao na hindi sila kilala is a spy ang tingin nila.Dahil sa lugar at lupain na iniingatan nila na huwag pag interesan ng mga politician.Dahil sa iyon lang ang lupain na minana nila sa magulang kahit walang kasulatan kaya ang ibang NPA iyan daw ang pino protektahan.Pero ang mga Red Cross naman bago pumunta sa isang lugar ina announced muna nila.Itong issue na sinasabi ninyo some years ago may naikakalat din iyong iba na paninira tuwing botohan times lang at nawala din.Nong nasa Gapo si Dick sa SBMA,sabi ng kapatid ko sa akin,ang ugali ni Dick open naman sa mga tao at nakikita nila ang totoo. Sa facebook pa ngayon na mas madaling nakikita ng mga tao ang bawat kilos niya.Matagal na sa service si Dick at alam din niya kung sino ang mga tao na inggit sa kanya,naalala ko some years ago na may nanira na parang ayaw niya na nasa Red Cross si Dick.Mahigpit ang Red Cross organization,di katulad ng ibang organization.Dahil sila ang pinaka nauuna sa kahit anong humanitarian service.We need not to listen sa mga taong walang magawa kundi ma merwisyo na hindi naman nila kayang gawin ang trabaho ni Dick.Isang beses lang akong nag civic action pero nong time na iyon i am glad na na experienced ko.Pero dahil sa very risky ang lugar masarap tumulong but i don’t want to risked my life dahil sabi ko i have dreams in my life to fullfil din.Sabi ng mga tao sa lugar na iyon minsan naman ang mga kano ang nag bibigay ng kailangan nila may helicopter na pumupunta pero bawal na bababa sila so ang foods at medicines sa ganiyan sila nag su survived problema iyong maliit na ilog nila ang polluted just to think walang ilaw pa.Doon ako nakakita na mga batang malnourished na parang africa,that was 1975.Dahil sa Pinatubo baka wala na doon ang mga tao.Lets,all be happy na may mga taong nag ca care,gold ang time ni Gordon na every minute of the hour ini spend niya ang time niya sa trabahong matino dahil kulang pa ang time at pera nila sa mga taong dapat tulungan,hindi man nila ma perfect at least ma save nila ang iba dahil limit din ang trabaho nila.Buong Pilipinas,kung saan man may nangangailangan ng tulong always ready sila.See Translation

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Tama sina Mary at Bheng tungkol sa paksang Yolanda at 2013 eleksyon. Meron pagsasalungatan sa panahon.

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts Marcial why would you not believe something that was in the mainstream paper ? Do you think it was pure imagination?

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts Did you delete my comments here at the post of Mary Ann?

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts If you deleted my replies to MaryAnn then . Please untag me. I did NOT volunteer to be tagged. Thank you and good bye Marcial Bonifacio

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts What kind of forum is this if other views and opinions are deleted?

Bheng Jonatas
Bheng Jonatas Your posts were not deleted. You posted on another thread of comment.

Dionisio de la Serna
Dionisio de la Serna dick or his staff can clarify this observation

Perci Lozano Piña
Perci Lozano Piña Matagal nang sinisiraan si Dick Gordon, pero ung Mama tuloy lang ang pag tulong at pag volunteer sa Philippine Red Cross, eh! tayo? ano na ba nagagawa natin? bukod sa maniwala sa haka haka ano ba ginawa nung nag claim na yun?? yumaman ba sya? nakatulong ba sya sa mahihirap?See Translation

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Tama ka, Perci. I am still waiting for her response sa ibang lugar wherein she has made such an allegation.

Perci Lozano Piña
Perci Lozano Piña Marcial Bonifacio nag aalala lang po ako sa mga Pinoy na madaling maniwala kahit walang basehan..See Translation

Gilbert Menchu
Gilbert Menchu Gordon,is working for a long time in Red Cross,we know how hard he do his job,than others who had nothing to do and just tsismis or siraan ang gawa.

Edyll Jun Tan
Edyll Jun Tan 48 years working as volunteer

Mary Ann Del Mundo
Mary Ann Del Mundo I’ve searched the web looking for, what she so called, Red Cross vehicle with Sen. Gordon’s face emblazoned on it and found none. Even in reality, I never encountered such. If you can challenge her to produce an unedited and unadulterated photo, that would somehow shed light to the discussion.

Her accusation is very subjective and speculative. Election of 2013 happened in May. Typhoon Yolanda wreaked havoc in November. I do not see any reason for Senator Gordon to campaign amidst the destruction because it is way past the election and way too early for the next. Granted that she indeed saw a Red Cross vehicle with Sen. Gordon’s face on it, definitely, that was not intentional nor promotional. Who, in a right mental framework, would even thought of such selfish act at the very center of misery and tragedy? That was an urgent response for help, Sen. Gordon would not even bother to choose what vehicle to use. Hill Roberts should think in a broader perspective and objectively. She had focused and dwelt on the minutest detail yet overlooked the most significant ones. Sen. Gordon’s great act of heroism and stewardship. He was among the earliest to respond to the disaster and brought relief. No one can contest to that.

As to the present , Sen Gordon has the most comprehensive and extensive recovery, restoration and rebuilding programs for Yolanda victims.

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Magandang punto, Mary, kaibigan ko. Mukhang improbable ang kanyang allegation, nguni’t gusto ko ng kanyang sagot in order to be fair sa kanya.

Isa Lan
Isa Lan Up to the present, the Red Cross efforts of restoration in the Yolanda affected areas are still ongoing. There are some areas which have been finished and turned over already, complete with water filtration systems. Hindi basta basta ang materials na ginamit.

Isa Lan
Isa Lan This is just an example, and not the updated version.

Isa Lan's photo.
Isa Lan
Isa Lan
Isa Lan This is their latest house constructed in the Red Cross Village they turned over.

Isa Lan's photo.
Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Maganda iyan, Isa! I’d like to post those pics sa aking dingding.

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts Look Mary Ann . I know where you’re going on this. I run political sites myself and join other political sites. I am not nit-picking here . However, it was morally wrong for Gordon to promote himself at a time when the calamity was fresh–where tens of thousands died, where tens of thousands lost their homes properties mementos etc, where to this day , tens of thousands are living in abject poverty

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts He showed what a typical Filipino politician he was when he emblazoned and publicized himself in that manner. It shows lack of tact and deeper understanding of a calamitous and dangerous situation.

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts Gordon had shown, that time, that he was capable of promoting himself regardless of what just happened

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts That is unmistakably very typical of a politician

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts And that one thing that he did left a bitter taste in my mouth .

Perci Lozano Piña
Philip Basilio
Philip Basilio Hill Roberts has a big problem to WoWGordon God bless you mam

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts You people like to create a Clique
even when this is something very serious and everyone must be HONEST. Commenters here are afraid to SPEAK THE TRUTH–because as usual , it’s better to have “pakikisama” –sorry that’s BS in my book

Philip Basilio
Philip Basilio What is your problem with WoWGordon mam Hill Roberts by being negative how do you know him.

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts Why don’t you ask Richard Gordon himself? He knows exactly what he did on that day that he went to Tacloban.

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts Philip Basilio, did I say that I know him?

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts Do you know him personally? If so, ask him about the Red Cross vehicles Which he and his staff emblazoned with his face and name .

Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts If he says no, then you’ve got a liar for a candidate because sooner or later, mainstream media and newspapers will show photos of Red Cross vehicles with Gordon advertising himself–like some God who descended from heaven

Philip Basilio
Philip Basilio Dapat po mam post nyo picture as proven of what he did na hindi nyo nagustuhan mamSee Translation

Gilbert Menchu
Gilbert Menchu Who is this Hill Roberts?.What is her problem?.Goodness,she can show the photos if she took it with her cell phone no problems with us.Look for me this is not an issue,what is important a man was there in times of needs.Dick Gordon,showed up in television,almost everytime theres a catastrophe.Kahit saan kang country na tumingin ang mga nagawang tulong ni Dick sa mga tao sa atin you cannot compare it in other countries. Mayor pa siya sa Gapo ganiyan na ang gawa niya.President nga hindi pinapansin ang mga tao sa pangangailangan nila.It looks like this Hill Robert hindi gusto si Gordon baka hindi siya napansin sa Tacloban?.Nasa Swiss na ako dami mong maririnig na nagawang maganda ni Gordon ng Haiyan,bakit tayo pa pa bothered sa taong ito?.I’m crying for 3 nights just looking at the people in Tacloban.Does she knows the difference of time to all Red Cross staff to go there and organized everything?.Look whose talking?.What Hill Roberts doing at that time?.Is she also for humanitarian organization?.What she does in Tacloban during that time?.Dick Gordon is not like some God who descended from Heaven,its only her impression.Frankly speaking,this Hill Roberts need attention.She can show it at that time without waiting for a long time.Nor using this issue for now kind of fishy.Or she can write Dick Gordon about it.

Gilbert Menchu
Gilbert Menchu What happened at that time to go back and get bothered by this Hill Roberts and will tell us sooner or later,media mainstream,and newspaper?.will show photos of vehicles with Gordon they can do that before.Directly,at that time they have tv camera etc..big proffessional camera this Robert Hill on that time she can talked to the media if she want too.What is her purpose in telling this now?.Is she running in politics?.Or she is here because she had nothing to do or say?.

Philip Basilio
Philip Basilio I think this Hill Roberts is sick and full of envy in her heart to #WOWGordon mam wala pong gamot Sa inggit kakamatayan mo po yan God bless you

Bheng Jonatas
Bheng Jonatas Where is the vehicle with his face emblazoned on it?

Mary Ann Del Mundo
Mary Ann Del Mundo @Ms. Hill Roberts, just so you know, no one deletes replies here. This discussion encourages everyone to freely voice out his opinion and make a stand but within the confines of truth and respect. But this does not mean that your allegations will be disrespected. In fact we are trying to shed light to it. Your allegation will remain as such until you show proof.

Here, we deal with issues and not with heresays. Not even emotions. We aim to promote the truth and equip the people with sustainable knowledge and awareness based on facts We don’t attack individuals, we simply align their acts and concepts to conform with veracity and accuracy, if we deem necessary.

Sen. Gordon is our leader and our only hope. Whoever disrespects and dishonors him will be on the same hotseat that you’re currently in. We aim to impact change in our land, influence the people’s voting behaviors by empowering them with the truth. This is for our children and yours too…we just cannot afford that HOPE be dampened with lies, indifference and selfish intentions.

Sonnie Bhoy Trinidad
Sonnie Bhoy Trinidad mam bheng just provide me the plate number hahanapin ko

Bheng Jonatas
Bheng Jonatas Kuya Sonnie, hinihingi ko rin yung info nung sinasabi na vehicle eh. Mali maling information ang feed. If that person volunteered for Yolanda, I would know especially sa early part kung NCR based.

Kuya Sonnie pm me your number.

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Hill, salamat sa sagot mo. As one who cares deeply about the welfare of our country, I work painstakingly to vet our public servants. Kung totoo ang iyong paninindigan, meron kapintasan sa aking kahusayan sa paghatol. Kaya nga I seek to clarify things. Samakatuwid, kaibigan ko, please answer the following questions para sa akin at para sa ating bayan:

1. Why is the Net devoid of such a controversial news story or photograph?

2. How can the inconsistency in the time of Yolanda (November) and the 2013 election (May) be reconciled as Jonatas and Mundo have pointed out?

3. Kung tama ka, is it possible that such an alleged emblazoning was done without Gordon’s order, which many may have mistakenly viewed as self-promotion?

Mary Ann Del Mundo
Mary Ann Del Mundo @Ms. Isa Lan’s comment. Thank you. This is an eye opener. So much has been published and said about Sen. Gordon’s unprecedented accomplishments. But what you shared is so important. Your personal revelation and testimony of Sen. Gordon’s selfless giving of his time and resources, to the extent of embracing self sacrifices, is truly remarkable. Very noble indeed!

Gilbert Menchu
Gilbert Menchu His a noble person Dick Gordon you said it right.When i was young na nakita ko sila na ang nanay niya nagtatalumpati sa harap ng mga tao.Andoon ang mga artista na si Vilma Santos at Gloria Romero as thier guest malapit sa bahay nila or tapat ng Restaurant nila.Bata pa si Dick pero my impression he will be a great and noble man.Still some day i do hope na maging President siya ng Pilipinas.Kailangan ng support ng mga tao.Ayaw lang niyang gumastos ng malaki sa campaign pero siguro kung maaga pa sasabihin niya mga tao maaaring tulungan din siya.Kasi sayang ang mga ideas niya sa Bansa natin at sa mga tao kung di niya gagamitin.At maraming matutulungan at ma sa saved siyang tao lalo na iyong mga nasa bundok or liblib na lugar.Maintenance na gamot ng matatanda etc…Save life at magandang example ang tinuturo niya sa mga kabataan.Mahirap pasukan ang politics pero mahirap din kung walang matinong politician.We all need Dick Gordon,kasi siya lang ang talagang Filipino na maka tao at maka bayan.Priceless ang ginagawa nilang mga volounteers.Sila pang mga walang sweldo na mas marami ang trabaho.So respect…all what they need.See Translation

Edyll Jun Tan
Edyll Jun Tan To add from Isa’s comment, Dick Gordon was also elected to International Red Cross organization.

Joel Paras
Remarks at the welcoming dinner
Manila Conference on Migration
12 May 2015

“We are here tonight to pay tribute to the Philippines. To you volunteers, to you staff of the Philippines Red Cross who make us so proud. You cannot imagine how many times I go to meetings and get congratulated for the work that was done in Haiyan. I had not joined the Red Cross at that time. But I am still reaping the benefit of being congratulated. You cannot imagine how many times, when the next Typhoon season came, and because of preparedness we did not have the same catastrophic situation that we had before, I was still the one being congratulated for the wonderful work the Red Cross is doing, without ever having been in the Philippines myself.

Tonight let me tell to you, to you who deserve all the thanks and congratulations for which so many of us are being thanked and congratulated for: to say thank you, and to say congratulations for the wonderful work you are doing.

And we are here also to pay tribute to leadership. To your leadership, Chairman Gordon, I would say, Governor Gordon because to me you are a member of our board, you are known to be the Chairman of the Philippines Red Cross, and I have nothing to tell you about that you know that much better than I do. But I can tell you something about Governor Gordon on the Board of the IFRC.

The same voice of reason, the voice of compassion, the voice of commitment that reminds us that we should not be complacent, we have to be angry when we have to be, we have to be sad when we have to be, we have to shout when we have to, but also, you have to share love, solidarity, hope, and remind ourselves that we are not helpless in the face of the many challenges that we have.

So, sir you are a son of the Philippines but you no longer belong to the Philippines alone, because of the message you carry which is a universal message, a universal message, the message of the Red Cross. So let me salute you and thank you for your leadership. Thank you, Sir.


Richard J. Gordon's photo.
Richard J. Gordon

Remarks at the welcoming dinner
Manila Conference on Migration
12 May 2015

Good evening.
Colleagues, friends, distinguished guests, our young volunteers, volunteers of the Red Cross.
We are here tonight again as a beautiful rainbow community, united by our shared humanity. Because that is what we are about. We as the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement: always there, on the side of the communities in need, to accompany them to respond to their needs, wherever those needs are.
And that is exactly what is taking us in the homes of the elderly. That is what is taking us on the streets among young people. That is what is taking us in the most dangerous places where we confront armed conflict. That is what is taking us when we witness an outbreak of an epidemic.
At times when everybody runs away, we run in, because we are the Red Cross and the Red Crescent.
We are almost there and almost everywhere, in 189 countries all over the world. We are always there and in almost every community, where we live, where we work, and where we belong to. We are 17 million volunteers. And it is such a privilege to be a part of this Movement.
And every time we witness such a hardship, it is always the young volunteers who come forward and make a very simple but profound statement: “If we don’t do it, who is going to do it?”
Now when we met young volunteers in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, when people died of Ebola and then they had been abandoned in mortuaries, they came forward and asked: “If we don’t bury them, who will?”
When Homs became ruins, and we already lost more than 42 volunteers of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, it was again a young volunteer who came forward: “We have to be here because if we don’t do it, who will?”
When we witnessed the Typhoon of Haiyan in this country of the Philippines, it was you here who came forward with a simple plain statement: “If we don’t do it, who will?”
When Nepal is, today, affected by an earthquake is not over, because there was another shock registered today, who was there first: that was again our volunteers.
I was so thrilled to meet just outside to meet the Filipino team who was there. Motivated and moved by the same slogan: “If it is not us, who will?”
And for the same reason today, when people ask us “Why are you working on migration?” I can give the same, simple answer: “If we don’t do it who will?” We do it because it is not about migration. We do it simply because it is about people. It is about people that remind us our shared humanity. It is about people like you and me: about fathers and mothers and daughters and sons, who put themselves on the move in the search of a better life to care for their families, care for their children.
Where they are coming from, the many countries they travel through, until their point of destination, in each of those places there is a Red Cross, there is a Red Crescent society. So we are better placed than everybody, then, to prepare them, to accompany them, and to welcome them to where they are.
So if we don’t do it, then who will?
I think that is what is uniting us here today, to show that humanity, to show that universality. Again: it is no matter where it is happening. Whatever touches on one part of our fellow human being touches us all, no matter where. And we are here to show that unity, to show that commitment, to show that we care, to show that compassion. And then to show that we have the knowledge, we have the expertise, we have the resources, we have the means to do that, because we are this formidable Movement that is anchored in the values of our Principles, but also in the values of the community, the societies where we live and where we work.
But we are here today to pay tribute to partnership. This conference is not the first one, it will not be the last. It started already in many other places like in Doha. The issues have been discussed in many other forums like in our Governing Board, in many other meetings where our technical people never stop drawing attention to this issue, never stop also searching for solutions to respond to the needs of the people.
But we are also here tonight to pay tribute to the Philippines. To you volunteers, to you staff of the Philippines Red Cross who make us so proud. You cannot imagine how many times I go to meetings and get congratulated for the work that was done in Haiyan. I had not joined the Red Cross at that time. But I am still reaping the benefit of being congratulated. You cannot imagine how many times, when the next Typhoon season came, and because of preparedness we did not have the same catastrophic situation that we had before, I was still the one being congratulated for the wonderful work the Red Cross is doing, without ever having been in the Philippines myself.
Tonight let me tell to you, to you who deserve all the thanks and congratulations for which so many of us are being thanked and congratulated for: to say thank you, and to say congratulations for the wonderful work you are doing.
And we are here also to pay tribute to leadership. To your leadership, Chairman Gordon, I would say, Governor Gordon because to me you are a member of our board, you are known to be the Chairman of the Philippines Red Cross, and I have nothing to tell you about that you know that much better than I do. But I can tell you something about Governor Gordon on the Board of the IFRC. The same voice of reason, the voice of compassion, the voice of commitment that reminds us that we should not be complacent, we have to be angry when we have to be, we have to be sad when we have to be, we have to shout when we have to, but also, you have to share love, solidarity, hope, and remind ourselves that we are not helpless in the face of the many challenges that we have.
So, sir you are a son of the Philippines but you no longer belong to the Philippines alone, because of the message you carry which is a universal message, a universal message, the message of the Red Cross. So let me salute you and thank you for your leadership. Thank you, Sir.
Indeed many of us come here today to say: let’s for one moment try to give back a little bit to you who give so much, travelling across oceans on the other side of the world. So then if you call, and maybe if the small just return that we travel the way back to be together with you.
When we talk about this issue of course, we can see the best in human beings as we can see the worst in human beings. We see stigma, we see discrimination, we see xenophobia, we see abuse, we see racism, and we cannot deny that, because so many of our fellow human beings suffer from that. On the other hand, we can also see the best in human beings. Care, compassion, respect, trust. What is more trustful than taking your own family and entrusting them to a so-called domestic worker to care for your children, to care for your sick mother, and then to take care of your full house when no one is around. What is also more about care and compassion than to have a domestic worker to love a child more than her own child who she left behind in her home country. To care for an elderly woman like she would care for her own mother. And if we do not see there a lesson for humanity, if we do not see there a message of the best in us, then we are missing something.
We are the Red Cross and Red Crescent. We are here to fight the worst and we are here to support the best. And we are so glad and privileged to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. And that is what commitment and leadership is about at the end of the day, leadership is nothing if it is not leading to the solution. And to you, many of the leaders coming here joining Chairman Gordon on that same journey, and to you the young people who are taking us through a leadership journey into the future, for leaders, and let me assure you that as an IFRC; we will always be on your side to accompany you to that journey of humanity.
Thank you.

Oscar Saddul
Oscar Saddul LET US ALL PUT OUR APPRECIATION OF PNR CHAIRMAN DICK GORDON INTO ACTION by putting him NO. 1 / numero UNO in our senator voting list. .

Oscar Saddul
Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Bakit 2014 ang larawan, Oscar?

Oscar Saddul
Oscar Saddul Oscar Saddul LET US ALL PUT OUR APPRECIATION OF PNR CHAIRMAN DICK GORDON INTO ACTION by putting him NO. 1 / numero UNO in our voting list. / Dr OAS MD.
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Hill de Roberts
Hill de Roberts Marcial Bonifacio, please untag me now. Thank you.

Mary Ann Del Mundo
Mary Ann Del Mundo @Ms. Hill Roberts, just so you know, no one deletes replies here. This discussion encourages everyone to freely voice out his opinion and make a stand but within the confines of truth and respect. But this does not mean that your allegations will be disrespected. In fact we are trying to shed light to it. Your allegation will remain as such until you show proof.

Here, we deal with issues and not with heresays. Not even emotions. We aim to promote the truth and equip the people with sustainable knowledge and awareness based on facts. We don’t attack individuals, we simply align their acts and concepts to conform with veracity and accuracy, if we deem necessary.

Sen. Gordon is our leader and our only hope. Whoever disrespects and dishonors him will be on the same hotseat that you’re currently in. We aim to impact change in our land, influence the people’s voting behaviors by empowering them with the truth. This is for our children and yours too…we just cannot afford that HOPE be dampened with lies, indifference and selfish intentions.