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Barack Obama’s Re-Election: The Peak of Tyranny and Beginning of Its Destruction

By Marcial Bonifacio

My friends and countrymen in the U.S., the re-election of Barack Obama on November 6, 2012 and his upcoming inauguration are, indeed, occasions to lament.  However, there are a few things for which we should rejoice and ponder, which I hope will ease the psychological (and perhaps later, economic) depression from which we all may suffer.

First, aside from the GOP retaining the House, Congress has gained more conservative representatives in 2012.  Two most distinguished senators include the champion of the Constitution, Ted Cruz from Texas and Tim Scott (the first black senator in South Carolina since 1881).   In the House, eight fiscal conservatives are noteworthy.  They include Justin Amash (from Michigan), Thomas Massie (from Kentucky), Kerry Bentivolio (from Michigan), Steve Stockman (from Texas), Randy Weber (from Texas), Ted Yoho (from Florida), David Schweikert (from Arizona), and Walter Jones (from North Carolina).

Bear in mind that the congressional midterm elections are approaching—after just one short year.  Once the GOP recaptures the Senate, even a second term of Obama would not guarantee the advancement of his liberal agenda.  All the Republicans need to do is block his and the Democrats’ proposals.

Second, the number of Republican governors has soared from twenty-two (when Obama assumed the presidency in 2009) to thirty in 2012 (when Pat Mc Crory became the first Republican governor in twenty-four years in North Carolina).  Just as the 2014 congressional midterm elections are another opportunity to increase our numbers in Congress, the 2014 gubernatorial elections allow us the same opportunity on a state level.

Third, Michigan has become a “right to work” state last year in the midst of a prevalent labor union climate.  This echoes the victory of Wisconsin, wherein even in Governor Scott Walker’s recall election (precipitated by staunch union supporters), he won with a greater number of voters.

Fourth, in an effort to exercise state sovereignty as protected by the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution, three states have nullified Obamacare. Indeed, Montana, Alabama, and Wyoming have amended their state constitutions, rendering the unconstitutional law obsolete.

Indeed, such actions by state officials were precisely what our founding fathers envisioned they utilize as a check against a tyrannical government.  To learn more about the origin and application of state nullification of federal law, I recommend you all read Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century by Thomas Woods.  It is precisely on the state level that our war against the tyranny of the federal government may be won.  Perhaps this is as it should be in order to establish a deeply rooted foundation for a more perfect Union.   “All of us need to be reminded,” declared Ronald Reagan, “that the federal government did not create the states.  The states created the federal government.”

In conclusion, my friends and countrymen in the U.S., do not be disheartened and surrender the perpetual fight for liberty, for that would not do justice to the military and political victories of our founding fathers, not to mention the colossal national debt and tyrannical federal government  our children and grandchildren would inherit.  Therefore, I strongly encourage all of you patriots to vote for conservatives in the 2014 midterm elections, read Nullification, contact your elected representatives, and demand they nullify or promote the nullification of any and all unconstitutional federal laws.  Should they be doubtful, you need only present the historical cases of the founding fathers, themselves (from the book) or the current cases, which I, myself, have presented to all of you in this blog.  Indeed, we must choose to nullify federal tyranny before such tyranny completely nullifies our individual liberty.  Let this be a lesson in federalism not just for Americans, but of federalists all over the world.

Long live liberty!  Long live federalism!  Long live the U.S.A.!