10 Reasons Filipinos Need a Taste of More Dick . . . for the Senate, that is

By Marcial Bonifacio


(Sumusunod ang Tagalog version)

My friends and countrymen, as we commemorate the 125th anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal’s martyrdom today, it is incumbent upon us to create a better future for our youth and improve our country.  That includes electing good public servants to the Senate.  The purpose of this article is not to persuade you all to vote for Senator Richard Gordon against or over another senatoriable, although perhaps, that debate can be made. On the contrary, I wish to persuade you all to simply add an indispensable man of great learning and historical achievements to your current list of senatoriables. Please allow me to present my case.

1. He is a crusader against corruption.

As chairman of the Senate Committee on Accountability of Public Officers and Investigations (Blue Ribbon), Gordon has been the nemesis of malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance.  Presiding over the ongoing Pharmally probe, he has exposed corruption in the collusion of Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corp. directors and officers, former DBM (Department of Budget and Management) officials, a former advisor to President Duterte, and potentially even President Duterte himself.  Some of the recommended charges by the Blue Ribbon Committee include violating the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, fraud against the public treasury, perjury, falsification of public documents, and disobedience to summons issued by Congress.

Other high-profile probes over which Gordon presided as chairman include the Dengvaxia scandal, the P728 million fertilizer fund scam, and the $329 million ZTE National Broadband scandal.  Furthermore, a man, such as Gordon, who will impartially uphold justice and follow the rule of law as senator is invaluable for our country which was ranked 115th place according to the 2020 Corruption Perceptions Index of Transparency International.

2. He has political will.

Gordon has been perceived to be allies with Duterte since the beginning of his presidency, which would be politically expedient, since Duterte remains popular to this day.  However on several fronts (as I have elucidated in “Digong is no Dick . . . Dick Gordon, that is”), he has courageously opposed Duterte’s questionable or unconstitutional proposals and policies, such as acquiescing to China on Panatag Shoal in the West Philippine Sea, running for the vice-presidency, and appointing former military officials to civilian posts in his Cabinet (which I addressed in “Is Dick Hindering Digong or Is Digong Suffering from Dick Envy?”).  When Duterte responded with sophomoric ad hominem comments, Gordon never responded in like fashion with personal insults.  On the contrary, he has challenged Duterte’s proposals and policies exclusively on their merits, even providing historical and constitutional context to support his positions.  However, in spite of his civility, Gordon has not been bashful in condemning Duterte as a “bully” and a “cheap politician,” whose acts could be construed as a “betrayal of public trust” and a “culpable violation of the Constitution.”

When President Gloria Arroyo declared martial law in Maguindanao, Gordon opposed it challenging its constitutional validity.  In the fertilizer scam, Gordon recommended charges be filed against Arroyo appointee Jocelyn Bolante (Undersecretary of Agriculture for Finance and Administration), in spite of Gordon’s own appointment by Arroyo (as Secretary of Tourism); such a maverick tendency indicates he is not a trapo (traditional politician).

3. He is a pious public servant.

In 2016, Gordon could easily have filed a lawsuit against Sen. Grace Poe to disqualify her from running for the presidency on the grounds of her citizenship and residence. That was precisely what his UP college mates (also members of UNA and LP) urged him to do. However, rather than pursue the matter to advance his political ambitions, he exercised restraint. He stated:

I believe that the matter of Sen. Poe’s qualifications for national office has already been referred to the proper legal venues, and I deem it counter-productive to say anything more about this issue, aside from the statements I have already made.

In spite of Gordon’s preoccupation with public office duties, he has been a Red Cross volunteer since he was 17 years old.  With time and dedication, he became chairman and CEO of the Red Cross, serving even to this day.  The fact that Gordon holds a responsibility-laden post without receiving a salary, is a display of his altruistic and charitable nature.

4. He strongly opposes China’s illegal incursions in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

Gordon has been tenaciously vocal in condemning China’s violation of UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) and the ruling of the PCA (Permanent Court of Arbitration) in favor of the Philippines.  His foresight into China’s intrusive potential (while presiding as Olongapo mayor) led him to defend the renewal of the U.S. Bases Treaty in 1991.  He advocates for the implementation of the Visiting Forces Agreement and Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, which make Philippine military bases accessible to American troops, while providing for training and intelligence to Philippine troops.  They also regulate joint military exercises and patrolling of the WPS and give “teeth” to the U.S.-Philippine Mutual Defense Treaty, which Gordon reiterated could be triggered in “an armed attack against the Philippines’ armed forces, public vessels, or aircraft in the Pacific, including in the South China Sea.”

In addition to collaborating with our oldest and most loyal ally, Gordon also encourages forging alliances with other countries, which are wary of China’s encroaching inclination, while the Philippines build its own military strength.  In order to protect our fishermen in the WPS, he proposes the stationing of coast guard assets therein.  Incidentally, he and 10 other senators recently filed a resolution to “condemn in the strongest possible terms the illegal activities” of China.

5. He has a practicable vision for a prosperous Philippines.

Gordon supports measures which would create domestic jobs and render the Philippine economy less dependent on remittances of OFWs (overseas Filipino workers). He favors competition to lower energy costs; this would lower production costs and prices for consumer goods. In turn, living standards of all our countrymen would be raised and the destitute would be lifted out of poverty, rendering the culture of government handout dependency obsolete.

Gordon’s transformational vision of a prosperous Philippines is not one of mere wishful thinking or political rhetoric. On the contrary, it is a goal, which has already been partially implemented in Subic Bay with outstanding success.  As its first Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) chairman, Gordon directed a successful effort to convert a desolate, abandoned American naval base (Subic Bay) into a prosperous economic trade zone. Before the conversion, Subic Bay was reduced to a heap of ash caused by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. After Gordon inspired thousands of volunteers to clean and renovate the area, hundreds of companies (including Acer and FedEx) created approximately 40,000 jobs with their US $1billion of foreign investments. The success was such that several world leaders (including Pres. Clinton) lauded it as a model for economic development.

President Fidel Ramos considered Subic Bay such a success, he designated it (instead of Manila) as the location for the 1996 APEC summit, in which 18 heads of state met. Among them were Chinese president Jiang Zemin, Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, and US President Bill Clinton (at the far right).

Aside from stimulating the economy on a local level in Subic Bay, Gordon has done no less on a national level as secretary of the Department of Tourism. At a time of declining tourism, he managed to increase the number of tourists from one million to two million within a single year, thereby creating numerous jobs. Against overwhelming odds, all this occurred in the midst of terrorist threats, civil war in Mindanao, coup attempts, and SARS.  Indeed, with successful experience in reviving the economy on a local and national level, Gordon envisions a Third World Philippines ascending into First World status.

Department of Tourism Sec. Gordon’s signature logo for boosting the economy.

6. He is a learned law maker.

As senator, he authored several important laws (e.g., New Automated Elections System Law, Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act, Filipino World War II Veterans Pensions and Benefits Act of 2008) and was a member of more than twenty committees (most notably the Blue Ribbon, Economic Affairs, Trade and Commerce, Education, Energy, Foreign Relations, National Defense and Security, and Ways and Means). He also served as a member of the JBC (Judicial and Bar Council), chairman of the Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Laws Committee, and was the youngest delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention. That makes him an exceptional lawyer and senator, since he took part in framing the supreme law of the land, namely the Constitution.

As the youngest delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention, Gordon swears in.

7. He has diverse executive experience.

In my article entitled “Of Scooters, Jeepneys, Buses, and Airplanes,” I make the case that Gordon’s executive experience of private and public policy implementation would serve him well as president of the Republic of the Philippines in 2010.  However, I contend here that such experience gives him the hindsight of working with other policy makers as chief executive himself, which subjected him to conflicts of interest, compromise, resolutions, and collaboration with them. For example, as mayor (an executive position) of Olongapo City, he worked with the sangguniang panglungsod (local legislature) in ratifying or vetoing bills as a local public executive. This gave Gordon the perspective and savvy to craft good laws and pass them effectively through the often long drawn out legislative process and conflicts of interest between the national executive (the president) and the national legislature (Congress). Being mayor has also given him a stricter sense of public accountability, since the small bureaucratic structure of local officials tends to be more transparent (as opposed to the national level), thus making it more difficult for them to conceal their potential violation of the law.

8. He is a crisis manager.

As chairman and CEO (an executive position) of the Philippine Red Cross, Gordon traveled all over the Philippines, undertaking numerous drastic measures. As a crisis manager, he directed many disaster/rescue operations involving aid in man-made and natural catastrophe victims.  In the Covid-19 pandemic, the Red Cross has been the leading agency for testing.  According to Gordon, 5 million Filipinos have been tested as of early December, 2021.

In Gordon’s nearly 60 years of charitable service, his intervention has saved millions of lives and restored over 133,000 homes of Typhoon Yolanda victims and other calamities. (View this video for firsthand accounts, including a successful hostage rescue operation from Abu Sayyaf without ransom.) He has also directed operations that involve prevention and safety in order to better prepare our countrymen for any disaster. Only a crisis manager or executive (not just a legislator) would know precisely what resources and in what quantity need to be allocated to each disaster area, knowledge which is indispensable for a country prone to such disasters.

Red Cross Chairman Gordon provides aid during a rescue operation.

9. He was a radio show host.

As a radio show host on Radyo5 92.3 News FM on a program called “Aksyon Solusyon”, Gordon was exposed to people of diverse economic, provincial backgrounds. Such a constant daily inflow of various feedback directly from the people kept Gordon informed on the state of the nation and provided him with fresh ideas on what can and must be done. As senator, he will be in a better position to accommodate such ideas via legislation.

10. He is an ordinary Filipino.

Apart from Gordon’s apparent devotion and service to our country, on the lighter side, he is an ordinary Filipino, which makes him a likable politician with a human face. For example, here is a clip in which he performs a song and dance routine with the renowned entertainers Moymoy Palaboy. 

In another video, he dances the Harlem Shake with his grandchildren. Apparently, Gordon is not the typical “out of touch” career politician without a good sense of humor.

In summary, my friends and countrymen, you should all vote for Gordon because he is an accomplished public servant with political will, who has opposed corruption, created thousands of jobs, and saved lives. Aside from serving our country for nearly 60 years, he also knows how to do the Harlem Shake. Who would not want all those qualities in a senator?  That is precisely why Filipinos need a taste of more Dick . . . Dick Gordon, that is.

Long live Sen. Dick Gordon!  Long live the Philippines!

Tagalog Version:

10 Dahilan  Kung Bakit Mas Kailangan ng Pinoy ang Isang Dick . . . sa Senado

Mga kaibigan at kababayan ko, sa paggunita natin sa ika-125 anibersaryo ng pagiging martir ni Dr. Jose Rizal ngayon, tungkulin nating lumikha ng magandang kinabukasan para sa ating mga kabataan at mapabuti ang ating bansa. Kabilang doon ay ang mahusay na pagpili ng mabubuting lingkod-bayan sa Senado. Ang layunin ng artikulong ito ay hindi para hikayatin kayong lahat na iboto si Senador Richard Gordon laban o
kapalit ng iba pang senatoriable, bagaman marahil, ang debateng iyon maaaring gawin. Sa kabilang banda, nais kong hikayatin kayong lahat na magdagdag lamang ng isa pang kandidato. Iminumungkahi kong isama ninyo sa inyong talaan ng mga senador ang isang taong kailangan ng ating bayan dahil sa kanyang angking kaalaman at makasaysayang tagumpay. Hayaan ninyong ilahad ko kung bakit:

1. Siya ay matapang na lumalaban sa katiwalian.

Bilang isang tagapangulo ng Senate Committee on Accountability of Public Officers and Investigations (Blue Ribbon), si Gordon ay isang mabagsik na kaaway ng kabuktutan sa pamamahala, ng pangaaabuso sa apangyarihan, at sadyang di pagganap sa tungkulin. Sa pamumuno sa kasalukuyang imbestigasyon sa kaso ng Pharmally, ibinunyag niya ang lantaran at malawakang katiwalian sa sabwatan ng director at ilang opisyales ng Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corp., ng dating pamunuan ng DBM
(Department of Budget and Management), ng dating tagapagpayo ng Pangulong Duterte, at malamang, kahit ang Pangulong Duterte mismo. Ilan sa mga inihaing kaso ng Blue Ribbon Committee ay ang paglabag sa Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, panloloko laban sa kaban ng bayan, pagsisinungaling, palsipikasyon ng mga pampublikong dokumento, at pagsuway sa patawag na inisyu ng Kongreso.

Ang ilan pang bantog at malawakang pagsisiyasat na pinangunahan ni Gordon bilang chairman ay ang Dengvaxia scandal, ang P728 million fertilizer fund scam, at ang $329 million ZTE National Broadband scandal. Higit pa rito, ang isang taong katulad ni Gordon, na patas manindigan sa katarungan at sumusunod at nagpapasakop sa kapangyarihan ng batas, ay napaka halaga para sa ating bayan lalo pa’t tayo ay nasa pang 115 pwesto sa  Corruption Perceptions Index of Transparency International

2. Siya ay may political will.

Marami ang naniwalang si Gordon ay masugid na kaalyado ni Duterte mula pa noong umpisa ng kanyang pagkapangulo, na siya namang kapakipakinabang dahil si  Duterte ay nanatiling bantog hanggang ngayon.  Subalit sa ilang pagkakataon,  (gaya ng sinabi ko sa “Digong is no Dick . . . Dick Gordon, that is”), may lakas ng loob syang salungatin si Duterte at ang mga kahinahinala at labag sa Saligang Batas nitong panukala at pamamalakad, halimbawa ay ang lantaran nitong pagpapahintulot sa China sa Panatag Shoal ng West Philippine Sea, ang pagtakbo sa pagka pangalawang pangulo, at ang pagtatalaga sa mga dating opisyales ng militar  sa mga puwestong pang sibilyan sa kanyang gabiniete, (na siya ko namang tinukoy sa “Is Dick Hindering Digong or Is Digong Suffering from Dick Envy?”).  Nang nagbigay ng pahayag si Duterte puno ng pangungutya at atakeng personal, hindi sumagot si Gordon sa ganoong pamamaraan, bagkus ay hinamon nya kabutihang dulot, kung mayroon man, ang mga panukala at pamamalakad ni Duterte.   Naglatag pa nga siya ng mga halimbawang hango sa kasaysayan at nilalaman ng konstitusyon para itaguyod ang kanyang posisyon. Subalit,sa kabila ng kanyang pagiging magalang ay hindi nahiyang ikondena ni Gordon si Duterte bilang isang “bully” at isang “cheap politician,” na isang asal na pwedeng ipakahulugang pagtataksil sa tiwala ng  taong bayan  at lantarang paglabag sa Saligang Batas.

Noong mag deklara ng batas militar si Pangulong Gloria Arroyo sa Maguindanao, tinutulan ito ni Gordon at hinamon kung alinsunod ito sa Saligang Batas. Sa fertilizer scam, iminungkahi ni Gordon na magsampa ng kaso laban sa itinalaga ni  Arroyo na si Jocelyn Bolante (Undersecretary of Agriculture for Finance and Administration), sa kabila ng pag hirang ni Arroyo kay  Gordon (bilang Kalihim ng Turismo); patunay na siya ay isang maverick, at lalong hindi trapo (traditional politician).

3. Siya ay tapat na public servant.

Noong 2016, napakadali kay Gordon  na magsampa ng kaso laban kay Sen. Grace Poe para ma diskuwalipika sya pagtakbo sa pagka pangulo sa usapin ng kanyang pagkamamamayan at paninirahan. Na siya ring iminumungkahi ng mga UP college mates (also members of UNA and LP) ni Gordon na gawin niya. Subalit, sa halip na isipin niya nag pagsulong ng kanyang political ambitions, minabuti niyang huwag makinig sa udyok ng iba. Sinabi niya:

“I believe that the matter of Sen. Poe’s qualifications for national office has already been referred to the proper legal venues, and I deem it counter-productive to say anything more about this issue, aside from the statements I have already made.”

Sa kabila ng pagiging abala ni Gordon sa kanyang pampublikong tungkulin, nanatili siyang Red Cross volunteer mula pa noong siya ay 17 taong gulang pa lamang.  At sa tamang panahon at dedikasyon, hinirang siyang chairman at CEO ng Red Cross, at nagsisilbi hanggang sa ngayon.  Sa totoo lang, si Gordon ay hindi tumatanggap ng sweldo sa mga posisyong ginagampanan niya, ito ay patunay ng kanyang katapatan at pagiging bukas palad.

4. Mariin niyang tinutulan ang ilegal na pagkamkam at pananatili ng China sa West Philippine Sea (WPS).

Mariing nagpapahayag si Gordon ng kanyang pagkondena sa China’s violation of UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) at ang ruling ng PCA (Permanent Court of Arbitration) na pumabor sa Pilipinas.  Noon pa man ay nakita na ni Gordon ang panghihimasok ng China (habang siya ay namumuno bilang  Olongapo mayor) na siyang nag udyok sa kanyang ipagtanggol ang renewal ng U.S. Bases Treaty noong 1991.  Pinangunahan nya ang pagpapatupad ng Visiting Forces Agreement at Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, na magbibigay daan  sa mga American troops na ma access ang Philippine military bases, habang nagbibigay ng kasnayan at kaalaman sa Philippine troops.  Ang mga kasunduang ito rin ang mag reregulate ng  joint military exercises and pagpapatrol ng WPS and siyang magbibigay “ngipin” sa U.S.-Philippine Mutual Defense Treaty, ni reiterate ni Gordon kung sakaling may mag umpisa ng “an armed attack against the Philippines’ armed forces, public vessels, or aircraft in the Pacific, including in the South China Sea.”

Bukod sa pakikipagtulungan sa ating pinakamatagal at pinaka mabuting kakampi, hinihimok din ni Gordon ang pakikipagkasundo sa ibang bansa, upang magsilbing babala sa China’s encroaching inclination, habang pinagtitibay ng Pilipinas ang sarili nitong pwersang militar.  Para protektahan ang ating mga mangingisda sa WPS, iminungkahi ni Gordon na mag istasyon ng coast guard dito.  Kaugnay dito, siya ta nag 10 pang senador ay kamakailan lamang  nag filed ng resolusyon para “ikondena ang malawakang illegal activities” ng China.

5. Siya ay may makatotohanang pananaw sa isang maunlad na Pilipinas. 

Sinusuportahan ni Gordon ang lahat ng gawaing makakalikha ng domestic jobs na siyang makapagbibigay sa Pilipinas ng isang ekonomiyang hindi umaasa sa remittances ng mga OFWs (overseas Filipino workers). Hinihikayat niya nag kompetisyon na makapgapapababa ng energy costs; na siyang magdudulot ng mas mababang production costs at presyo ng consumer goods. Sa kabilang banda, tataas ang kalidad ng pamumuhay ng ating mga kababayan at ang mga mahihirap ay maiaangat mula sa kahirapan, na siyang nagtatapos sa kulturang ayuda o lubusang umaasa sa tulong ng pamahalaan.

Ang makapagpapabagong pananaw ni Gordon ng isang maunlad na Pilipinas ay hindi isang pangarap lamang o isang gasgas na political rhetoric. Ito ay isang adhikain na matagumpay na naipatupad  sa Subic Bay Bilang kauna-unahang Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) chairman, pinamunuan ni Gordon matagumpay at mahusay  na na-convert  ang dating abandonadong base military ng America (Subic Bay) para maging isang maunlad na economic trade zone. Bago ang conversion, ang Subic Bay nag mistulang  tambak ng abo mula sa pagputok ng Mt. Pinatubo. Matapos hikayatin at pasiglahin ni Gordon ang libo-libong volunteers na maglinis at ayusin ang lugar, daan-daang kumpanya (katulad ng Acer and FedEx) ang lumikha ng humigit kumulang na 40,000 hanapbuhay na may katumbas na US $1 bilyong foreign investments. Hindi maikakaila ang tagumpay na ito kung kaya nga at may ilang world leaders (kasama na ditto si Pres. Clinton) ang humanga sa modelong ito ng economic development.

Itinuring ni Pangulong Fidel Ramos na isang tagumpay ang Subic Bay, itinalaga niya ito (sa halip na Maynila) bilang lokasyon para sa 1996 APEC summit, kung saan nagpulong ang 18 pinuno ng estado. Kabilang sa mga ito ay ang pangulo ng Tsina na si Jiang Zemin, ang punong ministro ng Malaysia na si Mahathir Mohamad, ang Sultan ng Brunei, si Hassanal Bolkiah, at ang Pangulo ng Estados Unidos na si Bill Clinton (sa dulong kanan).

Maliban sa muling pagpapasigla ng lokal na ekonomiya ng Subic Bay, Hindi biro ang nagawa ni Gordon sa pambansang antas bilang kalihim ng Department of Tourism. Sa panahon nang panghihina ng turismo, nagawa niyang pataasin ang bilang ng mga turista mula sa isang milyon hanggang dalawang milyon sa loob lamang ng isang taon. Nang sa gayon ay makalikha ng maraming trabaho. Laban sa napakaraming pagsubok, ang lahat ng ito ay nangyari sa gitna ng mga banta ng terorista, digmaang sibil sa Mindanao, mga pagtatangka ng kudeta, at SARS. Sa katunayan, sa matagumpay na karanasan sa pagpapasigla ng ekonomiya sa lokal at pambansang antas, naiisip ni Gordon ang isang Third World Philippines na umakyat sa First World status.

Department of Tourism Sec. Gordon’s signature logo for boosting the economy.

6. Siya ay maalam na mambabatas.

Bilang senador, gumawa siya ng ilang mahahalagang batas (halimbawa, New Automated Elections System Law, Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act, Filipino World War II Veterans Pensions and Benefits Act of 2008) at naging miyembro ng mahigit dalawampung komite (lalo na ang Blue Ribbon, Economic Affairs, Trade and Commerce, Education, Energy, Foreign Relations, National Defense and Security, at Ways and Means). Nagsilbi rin siyang miyembro ng JBC (Judicial and Bar Council), chairman ng Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Laws Committee, at siya ang pinakabatang delegado sa 1971 Constitutional Convention. Iyon ang dahilan kung bakit siya ay isang natatanging abogado at senador, dahil sa Karanasan niyang makibahagi sa pagbalangkas ng pinakamataas na batas ng lupain, ang Saligang Batas.

As the youngest delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention, Gordon swears in.

7. Siya ay may iba’t-ibang karanasan sa ehekutibo.

Sa aking artikulong pinamagatang “Of Scooter, Jeepneys, Buses, and Airplanes,” ginawa kong kaso  ang karanasang pang ehekutibo ni Gordon sa pribado at pampublikong pagpapatupad ng patakaran upang  patunayan na siya ay magiging mahusay na presidente ng Republika ng Pilipinas noong 2010. Gayunpaman, ipinaglaban ko dito na ang karanasan iyon ay nagbibigay sa kanya ng hindsight sa pakikipagtulungan sa iba pang mambabatas bilang punong ehekutibo mismo, at naranasan niyang magkaroon nga magkatungggaling interes, kompromiso, mga resolusyon, at pakikipagtulungan sa kanila. Halimbawa, bilang alkalde (isang ehekutibong posisyon) ng Lungsod ng Olongapo, nakipagtulungan siya sa sangguniang panglungsod (lokal na lehislatura) sa pagratipika o pag-veto ng mga panukalang batas bilang isang lokal na pampublikong ehekutibo.  Nagbigay ito kay Gordon ng pananaw at kasanayan sa paggawa ng mabubuting batas at epektibong maipasa ang mga ito sa kabila nang madalas ay mahabang proseso ng pambatasan at mga salungatan ng interes sa pagitan ng pambansang tagapagpaganap (ang pangulo) at ng pambansang lehislatura (Kongreso). Ang pagiging alkalde ay nagbigay din sa kanya ng mas mahigpit na angking pampublikong pananagutan, dahil ang small bureaucratic structure ng mga lokal na opisyal ay may posibilidad na maging mas transparent (kumpara sa pambansang antas), kaya nagiging mas mahirap para sa kanila na itago ang kanilang potensyal na paglabag sa batas.

8. Siya ay isang crisis manager.

Bilang chairman at CEO (isang executive position) ng Philippine Red Cross, naglakbay si Gordon sa buong Pilipinas, na nagsagawa ng maraming mabilisang hakbang tugon sa krisis. Bilang isang tagapamahala ng krisis, pinamunuan niya ang maraming operasyon ng sakuna/pagsagip sa mga biktima ng sakunang gawa ng tao at natural na kalamidad. Sa pandemyang Covid-19, ang Red Cross ang nangungunang ahensya para sa testing. Ayon kay Gordon, 5 milyong Pilipino na ang nasuri noong unang bahagi pa lamang ng Disyembre, 2021.

Sa loob halos ng 60 taong serbisyong pangkawanggawa ni Gordon, ang kanyang interbensyon ay nagligtas ng milyun-milyong buhay at naibalik ang mahigit 133,000 tahanan ng mga biktima ng Bagyong Yolanda at iba pang kalamidad. (Panoorin ang video na ito para sa mga personal na account, kabilang ang isang matagumpay na hostage rescue operation mula sa Abu Sayyaf nang walang ransom.) Siya rin ay nagdirekta ng mga operasyon na may kinalaman sa pag-iwas at kaligtasan upang mas maihanda ang ating mga kababayan sa anumang sakuna. Tanging ang isang tagapamahala ng krisis o ehekutibo (hindi lamang isang mambabatas) ang tiyak na makakaalam kung anong mga mapagkukunan at kung anong dami ang kailangang ilaan sa bawat lugar ng sakuna, kaalaman na kailangang-kailangan para sa isang bansang laging dumaranas ng mga sakuna.

Red Cross Chairman Gordon provides aid during a rescue operation.

9. Siya ay isang radio show host.

Bilang isang host ng radio show na Radyo5 92.3 News FM sa isang programang tinatawag na “Aksyon Solusyon”, na-expose si Gordon sa mga taong may iba’t ibang economic at provincial background. Ang araw araw na pagpasok nang iba’t ibang feedback na nagmumula mismo sa mga tao ang nagpapanatili kay Gordon na mulat sa totoong estado ng bansa at nagbibigay sa kanya ng mga sariwang ideya kung ano ang dapat gawin. Bilang senador, siya ay nasa isang mas mahusay na posisyon upang ma-accommodate ang mga naturang ideya sa pamamagitan ng batas.

10. Siya ay isang ordinaryong Pilipino.

Bukod sa maliwanag na debosyon at paglilingkod ni Gordon sa ating bansa, on the lighter side, siya ay isang ordinaryong Pilipino, at isang kagiliw-giliw na pulitiko at tao. Halimbawa, narito ang isang clip kung saan nagpe-perform siya ng song and dance routine kasama ang mga kilalang entertainers na si Moymoy Palaboy.

Sa isa pang video, sinasayaw niya ang Harlem Shake kasama ang kanyang mga apo. Si Gordon ay hindi isang tipikal na “out of touch”  politician na walang magandang sense of humor.

Sa pagwawakas, mga kaibigan at kababayan ko, iboto ninyong lahat si Gordon dahil isa siyang accomplished public servant na may political will, na lumaban sa katiwalian, lumikha ng libu-libong trabaho, at nagligtas ng maraming buhay. Bukod sa halos 60 taon niyang paglilingkod sa ating bansa, alam din niya kung paano gawin ang Harlem Shake. Sino ba naman ang hindi maghahangad ng lahat ng katangiang iyon sa isang senador? Iyon ang dahilan kung bakit kailangan ng mga Pilipino ang mas maraming Dick. . . Dick Gordon.

Mabuhay si Sen. Dick Gordon! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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