ANOTHER BIG BLOW TO OBAMA'S TYRANNY: Historic Midterm Wins for GOP and America in 2014

By Marcial Bonifacio

My friends and American countrymen, many say that the Republican victory in the 2010 midterm election was a referendum on the unconstitutional healthcare bill commonly referred to as “Obamacare”, which Obama signed into law in March of the same year.  As a result, Obama himself admitted the Democrats took a “shellacking” (  The following midterm election on the 4th of November of 2014 yielded results no less impressive for the GOP.

In their unseating of Democrats in North Carolina, Colorado, Iowa, West Virginia, Arkansas, Montana and South Dakota, the American people have clearly repudiated the policies of Obama (which he himself said were on the ballot) and his management (or mismanagement) of various controversial issues.  Among them are Obamacare, the Middle East crisis (ISIS in Iraq, Iran’s development of nuclear weapons, Syria’s civil war), the nearly 50 million people receiving food stamps, the pending scandals (IRS, Fast and Furious, VA), and immigration reform.  Also, it was just discovered that the chief architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, admitted to the necessity for a “lack of transparency” in passing the bill.  “Call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever,” stated Gruber, “but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass…”  That only adds insult to Obama’s disingenuous promise (made at least 36 times) that anyone can keep their current doctor, healthcare plan, or insurance, if they so choose (

Anyway, here are some noteworthy observations pertaining to the midterm election results.  In the House, the Republicans have gained twelve net seats, putting them in control of at least 246 seats.  They also won nine net seats in the Senate, which puts them at a total of 54.  Noteworthy is the Louisiana Senate run-off election, whereby Rep. Bill Cassidy defeated three-term Senator Mary Landrieu by a wide margin (56-44 percent).  Although such wins do not give Republicans the 60 votes to quash a filibuster or a two-thirds majority (67) to override Obama’s veto power, they do coerce the Democrats into a position to work in bipartisanship with Republicans, since the obstructionist Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (who has effectively stifled about 300 Republican bills from coming to a vote on the Senate floor) will be replaced by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.  Some Democrats may even become Republicans as my colleague at predicts Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia will do (

Aside from their victory in both houses of the U.S. Congress, the Republicans have also gained more than 330 seats out of 649 up for election in the state legislatures throughout the country, a number not seen since the 1920s (  Among the ten newly GOP-dominated chambers are the Colorado Senate, the Maine Senate, the Maine House, the Nevada Assembly, the Nevada Senate, the New Hampshire House, the New York Senate, the New Mexico House, the Washington Senate and the West Virginia House of Delegates (the first time in eighty years).  This places them in control of 68 of 98 chambers in all 50 states, which is a record high in the history of the Republican Party (

The gubernatorial races yielded Republican gains in the bluest of states in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Illinois (Obama’s home state), while retaining Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Maine, and Kansas. Also noteworthy is Scott Walker’s re-election as governor in Wisconsin. Indeed, he has proven to be a formidable candidate, since his first gubernatorial win resulted in a recall election, which won him even more votes.  In Michigan, despite Gov. Rick Synder’s passing of a “Right to Work” law and staunch union opposition, Synder retained his position.  In Maryland (wherein Democrats outnumber Republicans and Independents combined), Larry Hogan beat the incumbent Democrat Martin O’ Malley.  In Texas, Greg Abbott beat Wendy Davis by nearly one million votes, while Davis’ state senate seat was won by a conservative female.  Such gubernatorial wins puts the GOP at 31 governorships.  However in 24 states, they control the governorship and both chambers of the state legislatures, while the Democrats dominate only 7 states (

In terms of the minority vote, Tim Scott was elected to the Senate in South Carolina, the first black American elected in a southern state since Reconstruction.  In Utah, Mia Love became the first black Republican female to serve in Congress.  In West Virginia, Shelly Moore Capito became the first female Senator, while Saira Blair was elected to the state house as the youngest female representative at the age of 18 years-old (  Joni Ernst became the first female Senator to win any public office in Iowa for governor, Senate, or House.  In New York, Elise Stefanik won in the House, becoming the youngest Congresswoman (30 years-old) ever to serve.  Has there been any acknowledgement by the Rev. Al Sharpton or the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) or Sandra Fluke or the NOW (National Organization for Women) of such racial or gender progress?  It seems they only represent blacks and women, who are Democrats or leftists.  So much for the fallacy of the “War on Women and Blacks.”

Finally, in spite of such wins for the GOP, the Tea Party has also made some notable gains.  Among them are Tom Cotton in Arkansas and Ben Sasse in Nebraska for the Senate.  In the House, David Brat of Virginia, Ken Buck of Colorado, Tom Emmer of Minnesota, Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin, Jody Hice and Barry Loudermilk of Georgia, Alex Mooney of West Virginia, Gary Palmer of Alabama, and John Ratcliffe of Texas.  The reason these particular public servants are significant is because they are the ones who will keep the Republican Party in line with the principles of the Constitution and the vision of our founding fathers.

Anyway, give yourselves a big round of applause for such a historical victory.  All this goes to show that even under a tyrannical government as the Obama administration, the spirit of liberty and the will of the American people cannot be easily subdued. However, remember that this is only one step among several to restore our constitutionally limited government and the vision of our founding fathers.  Our focus now should be to ensure that our elected Republicans represent our conservative principles in legislation and resolve the current issues (e.g., Obamacare, immigration reform, tax reform, energy independence, unemployment).  If not, we should hold them accountable in the town hall meetings, on the telephone, and at the polls.  Let us all always remember what the wise President Ronald Reagan has said, “Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction.  It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people.”  Therefore, my friends and countrymen, let us all take full advantage of the opportunity that this momentous occasion has brought forth.

Long live liberty!  Long live the U.S.A.!




Jen Baloloy
Jen Baloloy Looks like it went really well. Great to know people in the US used their heads in choosing the right people to run for the government. Heads up sa mga kababayan nating Pinoy hope we can do the same. I think it’s about time. Thanks for the info Marcial.
Jose Camano
Jose Camano I see it more as a rejection of his being soft against terrorists.
Isabel Juico
Isabel Juico Yes OBAMA!s true color has been seen from all the above mentioned … OBAMAdontCARE ESP for me in healthcare has been detrimental to the middle class & elderly… I worked w geriatric population recently for a month & majority were complaining that what used to be covered before no longer exists; END OF LIFE option is part of the plan offered & now the rest of the crisis we cannot pull out of … I voted straight Republican … REPEAL OR for me Replace OBAMACARE

Isabel Juico's photo.

Jose Camano
Jose Camano I have talked to an eye doctor who is not partisan and said that the Obama care has helped some of his uninsured patients avail of treatment because of this program. But I refused to join this debate on Obama care because frankly I have no time reading tons of documents about the program so I cannot make a judgment whether it is bad or good for the majority of Americans. So far, our medical expenses whether under the previous dispensation or under Obama did not change.
Noemi Montenegro
Noemi Montenegro · 11 mutual friends

RE: The Republican Party taking over the Senate & Congress ?? I think this kind of scenario is not something new. It has been happening since the time of Pres.RONALD REAGAN ??

This is not new. Look at this:

How often has the United States shifted back and forth between political parties? How long has one party held office? To gain some historic…
Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Jen, America is certainly moving in the right direction, but there is still much work that needs to be done. For instance, the Republican Party needs to adhere to their conservative principles from which they have strayed.

In terms of Philippine politics, there is even more that must be done before Pilipinos can reap the fruits of progress. For example, they need an entire cultural revolution, which emphasizes personal responsibility, self-determination, long-term vision, and financial literacy. Education can resolve this, but also necessary is the adoption of an electoral college, which will help prevent the less competent, less qualified people like Manny Pacquiao and Benigno Aquino III from getting elected to high public office.

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Isabel, it is certainly a sad state of affairs when the people who most need adequate healthcare or medical attention must suffer the most. The “End of Life” option you spoke of reminded me of the “death panels” for which Sarah Palin was often mocked. It seems she knew more than liberals gave her credit for.

I completely support the repeal of the unconstitutional Obamacare law and replacing it with alternatives which conform to the free market system. However, I think it would be politically expedient for Republicans to dismantle it piecemeal. For instance, they can start by lifting the “medical device tax” or the individual mandate. When a Republican president is seated in the White House in 2016, then they can repeal the whole law, while putting all the alternatives immediately in place.

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Jose, notwithstanding the consistency of your personal situation, many have not been so fortunate. The Washington Times recently reported that some will see their premiums rise by as much as 78% :…/obamacare-sends…/…

Even the chief architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber (who is currently under fire for his remarks calling the American voters “stupid”), admitted costs would rise for policyholders due to the “Cadillac tax” when he said, “We just tax the insurance companies, they pass on higher prices that offsets the tax break we get, it ends up being the same thing. It’s a very clever, you know, basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the
American voter.”…/pelosi-cited-obamacare…/

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Noemi, the reference you provided was quite informative, and I cannot dispute such turnovers throughout the history of America. However, what makes this historical moment so unique is not just due to it being the largest Republican takeover of Congress since World War II. It was also the repudiation of the ostensibly ineffective and unconstitutional policies of the Obama administration. Although overreach and abuse of federal power existed in previous administrations, such a large degree of it is unprecedented. Also let us not forget that this is a historical moment for blacks and women in politics, which betokens America’s cultural advancement.
Marlene Damolo Howe
Marlene Damolo Howe Just reposting my post here to voice out my opinion. Thanks! 🙂

As usual, the liberal media did not cover the “unintentional” revelation of the Obamacare deception by its architect, Jonathan Gruber. Gruber has said in several occasions (5 videos so far have surfaced) that THE STUPIDITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE LED THEM TO HIDE THE TRUE COST OF OBAMACARE AND PASSED IT THROUGH DECEPTION. As usual, Fox News is the only news channel that reports news as it happens. CBS aired it for only a minute while others are silent. The liberal media have been complicit in this deception of Obamacare from the beginning as they have been promoting this sham of a health care act. Obama’s signature bill is a HOAX from the get-go and now that the truth has been exposed, the media and the White House have been silent.

Prompted by his ego, Obama wants to leave a legacy where Hillary failed with her own Hillarycare, by hook or by crook! It was shoved down in people’s throats though polls after polls showed that people DID NOT and still DO NOT want it. Obama’s many lies eventually surfaced and KARMA gave him a severe and humiliating beating with the recent ignominious and historic defeat of the Liberal party. But Obama HAS NOT LEARNED HUMILITY because he is once again, going against his own rhetoric of upholding and protecting the constitution bypassing congress using an “illegal” executive power for mass amnesty for over 5 million illegal aliens. Obama refuses to follow and enforce the current immigration laws. Obama became a lawbreaker instead of a law enforcer with his wanton disregard of the constitution. TRUTH IS BUOYANT!…/obamacare-architect-grubers…

Marlene Damolo Howe
Marlene Damolo Howe Rodolfo Panizales, poverty is at the highest under Obama’s watch and labor participation is at the lowest because of his FAILED policies. People are struggling because there are not enough jobs to go around so they dropped out of the work force and collect ‘welfare” money though some don’t want to work by choice.

Obama touted the low unemployment rate counting on the naiveté of some people. What Obama does not tell the public is that low unemployment is a result when people stopped looking for a job because they are no longer counted in. Labor participation is the true gauge of how healthy or bad the economy is. One factor that contributes to low job participation is big companies are moving overseas because USA has the highest corporate tax in the world under Obama. Another factor is the Obamacare mandates that are stifling business growth. Businesses are cutting jobs and cutting hours because they cannot afford to pay all the mandates. Raising taxes in those who are working hard to make a living to pay for those who could not or don’t want to work is FAILED Socialism Obama policy. Obama imposes WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION by taking money from haves and gives to the have nots. This is part of his promise to “fundamentally” change America. Meaning, from CAPITALISM or FREE ENTERPRISE where DREAMS CAN COME TRUE into SOCIALISM where people are dependent on government hand out. This promotes laziness and mendicancy while those in power like Obama live the high life and enjoy the power they have on people. This is Obama’s ideology, same as his Kenyan father who hated America. And Obama followed the same path of racism and racial divide to “punish and humble” America for her past sins; slavery and colonialism.

Marlene Damolo Howe
Marlene Damolo Howe Slavery and colonialism were common practices since time immemorial. The Romans made slaves out of the Jews before the Biblical era. Conquest was a way of expansionism. The stronger tribes, kingdom or imperial countries, took control of certain countries and its people. Even the Native Americans had slaves in the past by conquering the weaker tribes. Before Anerica was formed, there were NOT ONLY black slaves but also white slaves of mostly Irish people called “indentured servants.” They also suffered discrimination like the black slaves. But while the rest of the world moved on, Obama has not! He is the most divisive president in the American history ever because he is RACIST and uses the “race card” to get what he wants. But people are now aware of Obama’s policies and therefore, sent him a clear message this past election. The ignominious and historic defeat of his party is a big time repudiation of Obama’s policies.
Shahnaaz Sayani
Shahnaaz Sayani Nice blog Marcial,very informative.Stupendous job!!
Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Marlene, the revelation of the Gruber videos reminds me of the videos clandestinely taken by two young aspiring journalists. They revealed ACORN employees advising them on how to commit tax fraud by concealing their brothel business, of which the mainstream media seemed oblivious:

It looks like you saw Dinesh D’ Souza’s film, “America”, which I highly recommend to all Americans, especially liberals. I have read the blog of our friend, Perry Diaz, and am perplexed as to why he supported Ronald Reagan before and has supported Obama now ( However, I am also curious to know why such an informed American as yourself voted for an incompetent leftist as Obama. Did you simply underestimate his tyrannical intentions as president?

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Shahnaaz, I appreciate your kind words. Which part did you find the most interesting?
Shahnaaz Sayani
Shahnaaz Sayani Marcial I liked president Ronald Reagan’s words on freedom and your suggestion to see that our elected representatives resolve the current issues if not, they could be held responsible.
Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Updates: This past Saturday (December 6), Rep. Bill Cassidy defeated three-term Senator Mary Landrieu by a wide margin (56-44 percent) in the Louisiana Senate run-off election. This not only yields one more Republican seat (now totaling 54), it will effectively deprive the Democrats of all U.S. senatorial seats (not to mention governorships) in all nine southern states in January of 2015.

On the issue of Gruber, he finally appeared before the House Oversight Committee to address his erroneous and deceptive comments about Obamacare. Here is the first part of the three-hour arraignment:

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