Leni or Bongbong?

By Marcial Bonifacio


My friends and countrymen, for your convenience, I have compiled some information in order for you to vote wisely within the last few hours of the 2022 presidential election. They will show contrasts between Leonora Robredo and Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

  1. Robredo does not come from a political dynasty or privileged nepotism.  Marcos Jr. does.
  2. Robredo’s last name plays minimal, if any, role in her success.  Marcos Jr.’s last name plays a significant role in his success.
  3. Robredo has no relatives in government which could potentially pose conflicts of interest.  Marcos Jr. has relatives in the Senate, House, province, and city.
  4. Robredo has no tax liabilities.  Marcos Jr. has a pending estate tax of P203 billion, which even President Rodrigo Duterte acknowledges.
  5. Robredo’s relevant educational achievements include Doctor of Laws from the University of the Cordilleras, Juris Doctor from the University of Nueva Caceres, Doctor in Public Administration from PUP, and B.A. in Economics from UP Diliman.  Since Marcos Jr. did not complete his preliminary examinations, he was unable to attain a B.A. in politics, philosophy, and economics.  Instead, he obtained a Special Diploma (not equivalent to a degree) in Social Studies.  Likewise, Marcos Jr. did not acquire a master’s degree from Wharton School of Business, since he could not finish his studies (due to his election as vice governor of Ilocos Norte in 1980).
  6. Robredo has the endorsements of 162 economists. Marcos Jr. does not, and many predict the peso as well as the economy will decline under his tenure as president.
  7. Robredo will defend the West Philippine Sea at all costs, including invoking the US-Philippine Mutual Defense Treaty, and will leverage the arbitral award before making any oil exploratory agreement with China.  Marcos Jr. opposes US involvement in the WPS dispute and will unconditionally enter an oil exploratory agreement with China.
  8. Robredo is poised to govern for all Filipinos, which is why she has attended all major presidential forums in order to maximize her exposure.  Marcos Jr. is likely to govern only for his political base, which is why he has foregone all major presidential forums in spite of the clamor of Filipinos to face them and other presidentiables—in a word—accountability.

Remember, my friends and countrymen, there is no shame in changing your vote even at the last hour.  However, it is shameful to vote blindly, so vote wisely.

Long live the Philippines!

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