P-Noy’s Inexperience Begins to Shine sa Wang-Wang Issue

July 26, 2010 at 3:21 am

Ni Marcial Bonifacio

Mga Kaibigan Ko, Aquino’s insistence on traveling without his security convoy using sirens (para he can express solidarity with the masses), seems not only idealistic, ngunit childish. Why does he not simply travel sa pamamagitan ng jeepney? Would that not be more accurately representative of our kababayans?

Aquino’s own acknowledgement of potential tardiness due to traffic is sufficient reason to use a wang-wang. In delaying meeting with officials or foreign diplomats, who have little patience to wait or appreciate Aquino’s so-called sympathy for the masses, he risks insulting less sympathetic diplomatic nationals, and thus, international relations.

Even if Aquino must sleep or awaken earlier, para he can be punctual, less time would be devoted to presidential matters and more to his personal needs. This is not only a wasteful use of his time, ngunit a wasteful use of taxpayers’ money. Cebu City Rep. Tomas Osmena, who campaigned for Aquino, has estimated that Aquino would lose a minimum of two hours a day or approximately 1,000 hours a year.

Furthermore, by trying to express his concern for the people in one way, he ironically shows his lack of concern in another way. However, if, in Aquino’s first SONA, he announces his reversal of such an impractical policy, then I am willing to reverse my conclusion of his cumbersome idealism and immaturity.


Alwyn Balingit I thought that he’s going to stop corruption that “robs this nation of money”, Not smaller-scale issues like “wang wang”.

Besides, with what he’s doing, he’s wasting time that should be spent to on work corruption, work that was needed yesterday!

Isa Lan

Isa Lan I didn’t watch the SONA purposely… I, like many of our kababayans am just sick and tired of all the TALK… which mainly consists of words, phrases and sentences which can or may not be attained… I WANT TO SEE PNOY WALK HIS TALK WITH ACTIONS NOT WORDS… ;D

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Mga Kaibigan Ko, kahit I was not so impressed with Aquino’s SONA, nor did I actually expect him to revoke his “Walang Wang-Wang” policy, I was merely being fair to the man, dahil sometimes such people may exceed our expectations, if given the chance. In spite of my negative preconceptions about U.S. Pres. Barrack Obama (when he first took office), for the sake of fairness, I kept my mind open to the possibility that he would make a positive difference. Unfortunately, my negative suspicions were correct. Sa bagay, many of Obama’s opponents and I continue to be vigilant and hold him accountable for his actions, para we do not make the same mistake of re-electing him sa 2012. We should do the same with Aquino, para he will get the credit or demerit which he deserves.

Din Laviste

Din Laviste With the issues surrounding his running for the presidency, it’s sort of a desperate way for him to get the people to be with him by being “one with them” in the hardships they face, such as the traffic. It’s clever because the usual reaction of common people is positive, yet starting his term with a “no wang wang policy” just shows how inexperienced he is for the presidency by not occupying himself instead with more important issues that the country is facing. He still hasn’t won me.

Teci Pulido

Teci Pulido Hi guys… Din, should he still “win” us? Campaign season is over. I didn’t vote for him, but he’s already the president of us all. Bashing the leader won’t help him help the country. If we know better, we should suggest and support. Bayan nating lahat ito.

Alwyn and Marissa: In fairness to PNoy, obviously we’re seeing more talk (inaugural speech and his first SONA) and less action because he’s been president for less than a month. But when was the last time that a SONA was realistic (acknowledging that we lost money, and pointed specific departments and amounts of money being stolen)? GMA’s SONA’s were full of wonderful things that most Filipinos were not experiencing.

This SONA sounded like a Blue Ribbon Committee or a criminal trial. Like Marissa said, Noy should walk his talk and we should make sure justice is done. But I don’t think we should hold that “against” him now (as if he failed already) because that’s next on the agenda…Note that he’s already accomplished much (pointing out specific acts of corruption) in such a short time. At this rate, so far so good.

Adrian Solis

Adrian Solis · Friends with Teci Pulido

Geez, it’s not like he drives his own car and needs to focus on driving. He can use his commute to do work or catch up on his beauty rest. The man’s only been President for 28 days — give him a break.
Din Laviste

Din Laviste I agree with you, Ms. Teresa, he is already my president, and the next thing I am supposed to do is give him my support. It’s just that he is still incomparable to Richard Gordon, who has become my standard for a leader of the Filipinos. I admit I don’t believe in him as much, and actions speak louder than words. I am giving him a chance, though, and just waiting for him to prove himself capable as well. smile emoticon

Alwyn Balingit

Alwyn Balingit Ok, fair enough. Let’s give Noynoy 1 Year, and then let’s re-assess, re-evaluate. Within this 1 Year, I expect a clear cut plan on:

* Stopping corruption within the 2nd and 3rd Years
* Eradicate the “Bad System” that makes corrution easy (4th and 5th years)
* Seal the no-corruption system on the 6th year. At this time we should be at par with Singapore.

You people voted him because you want him to take lead on stopping corruption, so we all better make sure it happens. Also, avoid excuses like, “We all must take part in stopping corruption, and leave the president alone” because that’s BS. He has set this expectation in his campaign ads and won because of it, so he should deliver — Who here isn’t tired of corruption?

Isa Lan

Isa Lan With EVERYTHING PNoy inherited from the past Administrations, I am not expecting him to work Miracles to address matters. I would not be fair to say he can’t, since as Adrian says, ‘The man’s been only president for 28 days..’ All I’m saying here is, it would be great if he could pave the way even if by slowly inching on the matters he has discussed in the SONA. Not anyone of those candidates would have had an ‘easy’ task however much they do/give their best.

We have been spectators/witnesses and victims as to how ‘the political system’ here in our country works… I hope PNoy, would at the very least try to MAKE THE DIFFERENCE FOR THE PEOPLE… during his term… and instill a sincere check and balance among his cabinet. ;D

Teci Pulido

Teci Pulido Agree, especially with Din: Gordon has dramatically raised my standards too, of effective and compassionate leadership. Let’s just remember that Gordon is also a longtime volunteer… Aside from being vigilant with our leaders, we also need to do our part as citizens — in following laws, in serving others (even without pay)… smile emoticon

Isa Lan

Isa Lan @Ms. Teresa: Glad for you to have realized and appreciated Gordon’s Mission and Vision. I, together with the rest of the still active members of Bagumbayan-VNP, the campaign team of then Sen. Gordon, have not ceased from VOLUNTEERING our time and effort for our cause. Elections may have been over for 81 days now but our group has continued engaging ourselves with SAFETY/RESCUE trainings which may be of use within our immediate communities initially. But more useful in times of calamities of a national proportion. We also have other projects lined up for community based levels, in the effort to teach them to make/earn their own livelihood programs, so they can be self-sufficient…

Our group, and I’m quite glad to have chosen it, goes deeper than just the motions of politics. We stand to make ‘THE DIFFERENCE’ or ‘THE CHANGE’ towards the mindset of our grass roots level and hopefully the rest. That’s IF, this, our country was to succeed in becoming better, We, should start caring for the Philippines within ourselves. We, cannot solely rely on the government to make it happen, when all they try to do for our brothers within the poverty line is to almost always HAND THE DOLE OUTS. How long can our country sustain dole outs and corruption at the same time? Notwithstanding our other problems….

Teci Pulido

Teci Pulido Alwyn: The signal I’m getting from other people here is: “Since I didn’t vote for Noynoy but he won, I can’t wait to criticize him.” Yes we are vigilant, but it’s just been a month, and the SONA pointing specific acts of corruption is actually a progressive step fulfilling his promise of stopping corruption. In one month, take note.

Marissa: You might be surprised to know that I voted for Gordon and I volunteer in my own ways too. I am just saying, support our leader (whoever he is, and whether we voted for him or not). An effective way for volunteers to help the country is by supporting the progressive actions of their leaders.

Alwyn Balingit

Alwyn Balingit Don’t get us wrong — we simply make sure that a President and his team get the job done and do No wrong. We did that to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Noynoy may be the son of 2 reputable Filipinos, but that doesn’t excuse him from undergoing sc…rutiny. I know this sucks, but it’s fair, and necessary. We don’t need petiks leaders.

*** I am aware his SONA is based 1 month of “work” — But at this rate, I am Not impressed. Solving “Wang Wang” issue should be delegated to MMDA, and he should stop wasting time traveling from Times Street to Malacanang. No wonder that all he did in 30 days is to list down forms of corruption we already know about. Ok, let’s give Noynoy more time — so see you all in the next SONA!

Bern Yu Jeco

Bern Yu Jeco masyado na kasing overpopularized yang mga ginagawa ni noynoy kahit walang kwenta. imagine, magkakaroon ng book about his first 100 days as the president??? wtf? sorry, kakabadtrip lang. ganda2 ng araw ko tapos mapapadaan ako sa mall at un ang makikita kong pinagkakaablahan ng mga writer ngaun? ridiculous… if i were i writer, i’d rather write about ramon magsaysay, ferdinand marcos and gma.

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